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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And the Corruption continues.....

Did everybody get the letter announcing the chief's new private slush fund?

Well it appears there are a few problems with it, surprise, surprise!

First and foremost, the arrogant egoist, signed it Phil Consentino, police Chief, Director Elderly Affairs! hey Phil, guess what? this is no longer a town fund! You wanted a private slush fund that you and you alone controlled, well, pal, you got it! That means you HAVE TO SEPARATE YOUR OFFICIAL POSITION FROM YOUR SLUSH FUND RAISING!!

You can not sign it police chief, that is not separation! Why is it always up to the people to explain the law to the police chief?

Next, the "police dept. equipment/senior fund" is NOT operating under a new name! That is a lie! It is STILL operating under the Trustees of the Trust funds, open and accountable to the people, the town, and the state!

Phil's fund is private, for his eyes only, and unaccountable to anyone!

Why would anyone donate to a fund that one man controls with no oversight, and can do anything he wants with it? Especially when you can easily donate to the Town's fund, and the money will be spent for the same purposes, in public, with accountability to everyone?

Hey, Phil, if your "fund" can not withstand the light of public scrutiny, it must be bad! This is what got you into trouble over the last fund, dont you ever learn?


Anonymous said...

I got the letter and I was stunned that he could actually send that out from his Charity, signing it THAT WAY and promoting town taxpayer funded events.

He is using both town positions to solicit money and to prevent the clear separation the AGO has demanded.

What the heck is going on here? If the BOS doesn't act on this immediately, this will fall back in their laps. There has been talk about class action lawsuits against the BOS and PC and I'm all for it now.

Anonymous said...

Of course he doesn't learn.

It's more important for him to thumb his nose at his enemies than to do it right because it's not about seniors, it's about Consentino, the center of the universe...

If he cared about seniors he wouldn't put an organization that serves them in the position of being scrutinized as being deceptive; he would have satisfied reasonable critics and put everything on the up-and-up. But he cares more about HIM winning than SENIORS winning.

Pure ego driven arrogance, an old man's body with the mind of a petulant child...

Anonymous said...

why would he fight so hard to hide all the details about elderly affairs, unless it is not what all he says it is.

Anonymous said...

I never got a copy of the letter.

Anonymous said...

And when did Elderly Affairs become a "Division" of the Atkinson PD.

Why is it so damn hard for the officials of this town (PD, BOS, Planning Board, Moderator) to do the right thing????

Anonymous said...

They are like the old Soviet Union, afraid of losing their power over people.

Anonymous said...

I got one in the mail. I can't figure out if Consentino is a complete moron and takes absolute stupidity to a new level, or is he king of all narcissists?

What is wrong with this man? I used to think he was very creative in avoiding the law. Now I am beginning to think he has a serious mental illness. There is just no logic going on there.

Anonymous said...

RE: October 23, 2008 9:39 AM

I take back at least a portion of "Do the right thing". Just learned the BOS actually said no to Harold "give me the money" Morse and HAWC. Don't stop now guys.

Atkinson-Factor said...

You have got to be kidding me? Oh i see there are only select people that get this letter also. Why didn't i get this letter? Oh yeah i know why, im not on his "special list". Hey Ed Naile, are you reading this? Reminds me of a quote from a movie, "stupid is what stupid does". Chiefo Bigumheado is at it again.

Fishgutz said...

Remember that a citizen took the Chief all the way to the state supreme court for his failure to obey the law. The citizen won. The Chief Lost. The Chief still disobeyed the law even after that state supreme court told him to obey the law.
Does anyone think he is going to what one little attorney general tell him to do? Even if the Chief was arrested he would still claim he is innocent because he is "too old" to be a criminal. That this behavior has gone on for decades is not significant. If that doesn't work, he'll find a shrink to say he has some megalomaniac mental disorder that prevent him from following the law but does not make him incapable of discharging his duties as chief law enforcement officer in Atkinson.

Anonymous said...

The Town website has a link to the letter from the new PRIVATE fund, right on the front page.