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Thursday, October 9, 2008


From a new Contributor;

Article Submission:


Many people can't be a the workshop due to schedule conflicts or perhaps don't want to confront PC. Why not create a written petition that demands exactly what us taxpayers want, within the next 30 days:

1) A detailed financial explanation from the Selectmen and Director of Elderly Affairs explaining how, in 2007, the town paid for 1,644 senior transports on a budget of $19,000, showing all budget expenditures for community officers labor, training and uniforms, vehicles, maintenance, gas, etc etc.

2) Demand the selectman follow the direction from the Attorney General's office separating the Dept of Elderly Affairs from the police dept, both physically and administratively and any other form.

3) Going forward, a detailed accounting shall be maintained for selectman to know: WHO gets rides, when, where, mileage, labor costs, vehicle costs, all other costs. This shall be a monthly report provided to the Selectmen.

4) A complete inventory of assets that are considered "owned" by the dept of Elderly Affairs.

5) A concerted and proactive effort through multiple forms of media asking the town for volunteers to staff and run the EA and run it out of the community center. Proposals from residents on how this can be done should be solicited as part of it.

Present this at the workshop to the selectman and don't forget to make copies! Only one person has to go and get on the agenda to read it. And I would cc the Attorney General's office.

If written correctly, you should be able to go door to door and get any taxpayer to sign off on this request because it is something we ALL HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW.

So what if PC shows up with a 100 people. All we need is signatures. Wouldn't that rain on his big show? He thinks if he can show up with a lot of voters at a workshop, that means the whole town wants it. This can be neutralized with one petition. It's not like deliberative session where you have to be present.

We also have to build on the momentum from the AG's investigation and now is the time to strike.

Where do I sign?


Anonymous said...

Is there a reason that the blog didn't post the article about the new Lewis Homes article?

Anonymous said...

What article? I just looked for it and couldn't find it. Do you have the web address?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you write the petition?

Atkinson-Factor said...

My signature will be on the letter in a place that all can sign...

Anonymous said...

The article I'm referring to was posted by a reader here a few topics ago; it's about a posting for a hearing at town hall for Lewis Builders project. They want to build another golf course in town! Just to make sure that they drain every bit of water from town wells and make everyone dependent on HAWC. AF, why haven't you featured it as an article?

Also, please watch Harold Morse's extremely bullying performance at the last zoning board meeting. It was beyond over the top, and if anyone had any doubts about who owns this town, that video will clear the issue right up! He treated Frank as if he was a laborer at Lewis construction, and scared him into submission with brute force via intimidation...

Anonymous said...

RE: October 9, 2008 7:09 PM

I mean it. I got ripped a new one by a certain person with a hard on for abatements for suggesting it might be a risky venture drafting a petition against chief. Of course, he did not volunteer himself to do it.

It's easy to call for petitions and warrants. It has been done in the forum countless times. But, no one does it. I gave a suggestion of why that is, but I got reamed for stating it like it is.

So, if you are calling for a petition or a warrant article, do it yourself, because no one else will. If it were so easy, it would have been numerous times in the past.

Atkinson Reporter said...

It IS posted as an Article, and has been since this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could ask Ed Naile at CNHT to post any warrant article you want on the Taxpayers website. We could download it, fill it out and return it to Ed. You could even have your friends and family do the same.

He could then present it to our Selectmen and it would go to Town Meeting.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what a wonderful idea. Mr. Naile could present it to the Selectmen, and the Chief couldn't bully any town taxpayers.

I DON'T believe Mr. Chiefo would DARE bully Mr. Naile, cause Mr. Naile is connected enough to fight back. Chiefo only likes to bully Atkinson Taxpayers that can't or won't fight back.

Anyone want to bet Mr. Naile would CLEAN CHIEFO'S CLOCK?

Anonymous said...

Don't you have to be a registered voter in Atkinson to sponsor a warrant article?

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about a warrant article? This is simply a petition signed by Atkinson voters demanding accountability.

PC will show up with his obligated elderly and will try and make it look like they represent all of Atkinson. If you don't have something to counter his manipulative tactics, since he has everyone sufficiently frightened against showing up and opposing him, then he will bully his way again.

The petition idea at least gets a message to the selectmen without asking people to go in person and endure the confrontation (THAT BLOG!!!). Since it is a workshop and not a deliberative session, the petition should have some effect of countering the bully's tactics.

Anonymous said...

TO Anonymous October 10, 2008 11:10 AM

Sponsor YES....DELIVER.........NO.

Anonymous said...

To October 10, 2008 12:28 PM

October 9, 2008 9:40 PM Did.

Both have been mentioned.