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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Mystery is Solved: Why Hampstead Water REALLY Drilled Those New Wells

From a Contributor;

Anonymous said...

Please accept this submission as a new article:

The Mystery is Solved: Why Hampstead Water REALLY Drilled Those New Wells

Posted at Atkinson Town Hall:

Atkinson Farm Inc. (Lewis Builders) submission of an Application for Formal Consideration and Approval for Site Plan for proposed 9 HOLE EXECUTIVE PAR 3 GOLD COURSE adjacent to Clubhouse Drive, Atkinson Resort & Country Club

Yep, here it is folks! You thought that sneaky old Harold Morse (of the SAME Atkinson planning board) was sneaky when they revealed the day AFTER the vote on the water ordinances that they were applying for a $1 MILLION dollar loan from the state (you own money!) to connect up to Hampstead and possibly run our water our of town? That was NOTHING!!!

It turns out that two town golf courses we already have just aren't enough to pump the water out from our wells; Lewis Builders/Hampstead Water/East Coast Lumber isn't rich enough yet, so they want to build ANOTHER golf course!

Did Harold Morse know the whole time this was what he was drilling extra wells for? Sure he did! Was he honest with the townspeople as to his motives? No he wasn't!

There looks to be 50-100 abutters to this project; a golf course if preferrable to a sewage treatment plant (which, by the way, Sue Killiam proposed for Atkinson when discussing possible grant projects, and she proposed it for a section of conservation land right on Big Island Pond!), but Atkinson has enough water issues as it is, and a project like this needs to be carefully considered. Can they even propose this without knowing they will recieve the new water permits, or is the "fix" already in?

Now, usually, a town might be protected by its Planning Board; unfortunately, our planning board is loaded up with fellow and former developers (Sue Killiam, Paul Dimaggio, etc.), those that derive their income from construction companies (Teddy Stewart, the town engineer), and those that were likely "approved" by the powers that be to be appointed to the board. Our board doesn't so much adovcate for the town as much as they advocate for their pocket books; Atkinson is "for sale" to big business, and has been for a long time. So long rural character, so long farms, hello development!!!

You couldn't make this stuff up folks; are you supporting Hampstead Water and Lewis' Builders attempts to take over the town by spending your money at East Coast Lumber, when a Home Depot is right down the road (and cheaper)?


Anonymous said...

If there is now an application to build a par 3 course then why is there a almost complete par three course in that location. Realize that business in Atkinson sometimes finds it easier to ask for forgivness than realy ask for permission.

Curt Springer said...

Just wondering, have you considered switching to an elected PB? We voted that in Danville several years ago. It wasn't that we were unhappy with the current PB members. Rather it was that the BOS removed one or two people who people thought were contributors, including one guy who literally knew every inch of town land. So the impetus was to take the appointment power away from the BOS.

We voted to have each seat come up for election as the current appointment expired. But I think there is an option to end all appointed terms and make everybody run, the year after the vote.

But I also wonder if other people would step up to run. The change didn't really make any difference in our town. The appointed people were the only people willing to do it, and now they are the same people and the only ones willing to run.

Anonymous said...

I take issue with anyone calling Sue Killam a developer. I have known her since she moved into town and the only land development deal I know of was selling some house lots that belonged to her husband? Is that what makes you a developer in Atkinson? This blog sounds more and more like an O'Bama ad every day. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

And from the same folks that will dump human sewage onto their fields yet the DES thought they have not done it in three years! Yes they have been doing for over the last 11 or so years that I have been here. Yes, it is also where the infamous corn was, same place they dumped last year. Who cares about those surrounding the area that have wells; thats their attitude. So do you really think they care about pumping the last ounce of water from the area? And do you really think anyone will be able to govern this when they cannot even govern the dumping of waste?

Anonymous said...

When the old guy across the street died, Ms. Killam bought his property from the heirs, and developed hitchcock ln, off Mill Stream dr.

When you DEVELOP a Neighborhood, You ARE a DEVELOPER!

Anonymous said...

6:03PM :

I hope the scales fall from your eyes and you are able to see things as they are; Sue Killiam is hostile against conservation efforts, business friendly, and has a pro-development attitude that overwhelms any instinct she may have for the preservation of Atkinson's rural character. She constantly kisses up to Harold Morse in an embarassing manner, which should be enough to turn your stomach alone.

Harold Morse is nothing short of a bully on the planning board; watch and learn for yourself. Your beloved Sue Killiam should step down if she doesn't have the moral strength to reign in someone like Mr. Morse who isn't able to see past his own company's interests, yet dares to sit on a board that is supposed to work for the town. Much of Atkinson's government is an embarassment to anyone educated enough to know what's going on, and Mrs. Killiam's gutless performance on that board is one of the prime examples of the lack of character in our supposed "leaders".