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This Blog will not fall to outside hacks from anyone, especially insecure public officials afraid of their constituents criticism.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Crime Wave Hits Atkinson?

It has been noted by many residents that this past week has seen many advertisements placed upon mailboxes around town. There have been the fliers for plowing, a landscapers ad, and a BSA food drive which hung shopping bags from mailbox flags. And even worse the food drive involves Shaw's and Market Basket supermarkets! Two Large corporations, and a non-profit organization, attacked, not just a few mailboxes, but THE ENTIRE TOWN! This TOWN WIDE CRIME WAVE can not be tolerated!

Many of us will remember chief Consentino's exhaustive investigation into, Carol Grant's placing of fliers on mailbox posts, prior to the 2007 special town meeting, wasting taxpayer time and money. Many of us remember how he came into the selectmen's meeting, on camera, over the cautioning instructions of selectman Sullivan, and laid out his case against Mrs. Grant.

Many of us will remember his admitting that he followed her for two days, as she did this, painstakingly documenting his surveillance, with photographic evidence, his interviews with the Atkinson Postmaster, and his request for back up to the United States Postal Inspectors Service! His accusation that Mrs. Grant was violating FEDERAL LAW! His implication placing her somewhere between John Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde.

We also remember that although it has been pointed out to him and the Atkinson PD, at least 7 separate times that this Blog knows of since that time, he has never treated another violator in a similar manner. When the suspect was Mrs. Grant He went all out to besmirch her reputation, stating in a high dudgeon that "THE LAW IS THE LAW"!

We wonder if with this new crime wave sweeping our sleepy little town, can we expect another dramatic performance by our keystone Coppish police chief? We will, as always, be watching.


Anonymous said...

I am SO GLAD Phil is not vindictive!

We are SOOO Lucky!

Anonymous said...

I for one don't want to be committing a FEDERAL OFFENSE, so won't be leaving my usual Christmas gift for the postal worker in my mail box this year. With the price of stamps, I will not be putting one on the gift - what a waste - and am just putting stamps on my mail. Anyone else agree, or are gifts for postal carriers exempt from the law?

Anonymous said...

I want to hear from Phil and the BOS Monday night, to see how they intend to handle this crime wave. I want to see the Chief in his FULL DRESS UNIFORM and hear him describe what measures he intends to use, to get to the bottom of this.

Come on PHIL! We are with you! Let's see you get mad, bang the table, buy two more Police Cars, and put on extra patrols, to catch these crooks!

Come on PHIL where are you when we need you! Show us what you are made of!

Atkinson-Factor said...

Holy cow! funny, i personaly saw a blue truck driving around all day sunday....where was the chiefo? God help us!

Anonymous said...

This is INCREDIBLE!! They hit the WHOLE TOWN!!

Oh Chief, where are you in our time of need?

Anonymous said...

He's not around in our time of need. Only HIS time of need. He was probably in the same place he was the day the girl was almost abducted. (Imagine taking 4 days to know that happened) (then again, what do you expect from a part time Chief) I know where his officer was that day, and it wasn't fighting crime or protecting that girl.

We need a full time Chief, if you want REAL (not pretend) police coverage.

Anonymous said...

NO! His Officer was delivering mail from Dale Childs! ROFL!

hey maybe that ties in with chief's role as unofficial US Postal Inspector!

Anonymous said...

A local issue featured here? What's the matter, weren't liberals somewhere trying to waste tax dollars feeding homeless children or making the rich pay some taxes?

Anonymous said...

What? you bitch when local issues aren't here, you bitch when they are?

never happy!

Anonymous said...

I read most of the local town blogs; Plaistow, Atkinson, Raymond, Epping, Danville.

All of them discuss both national issues and town issues.

Why is Atkinson's blog supposed to be purely about Atkinson?

Anonymous said...

Can we get black letters on a white background? This thing is almost impossible to read what with the purple and green. Function over form please.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Didn't see Phil scream about Landscapers or the Boy Scouts at last night's meeting.

I guess it is only a crime, if you are on Phil's Enemies list.

Anonymous said...

RE: November 17, 2008 10:08 PM

Because there ARE other places to discuss these issues. Atkinson needs one forum dedicated to Atkinson issues. You want to talk about something else, go to one of those other forums.

Anonymous said...

We couldn't help but notice that the Selectmen never discussed this issue at last nights meeting.

You suppose that was because THEY SUPPORT the Chief's efforts to SQUASH any political decent or questioning within the town’s boarders? Do you suppose its because they are a BRANCH of the ATKINSON MAFIA?

Anyone wonder why Elderly Affairs is still in the Chief’s hands? Hmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Why should Atkinson's blog be ant different? Did you really think out that question before you asked it? Here are the answers for you...

1). Because the partisan posts were an irritating distraction for those that saw them as ill-considered and ignorant rants

2) They distracted away from the real work of this board, getting local government reformed

3) those posts threatened to divide the support for reform that has developed here

4) The webmaster made another blog for paranoid right-wing rants

5) Anyone with the intellect of a grown child would realize that there are better places for partisan crap considering that we can't afford the movement for reform in Atkinson to be split down the middle over national issues

Anymore questions?

MAcciard said...

Why is it that we can not debate an issue, any issue, National or Local, without Rancor? Why can't we debate the issue, on it's merits, without name calling, and personally disparaging remarks?

And further, why does a difference of opinion on any National Issue necessarily undermine any argument or position on Local issues?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mark, but the desire to give you a considerate answer is lessened by the memory of your defense of Fishead when he called special education students "tards". I haven't really been able to take you very seriously since then, and don't think I ever will.

As to why dissention over unrelated nat'l issues could hurt the effectiveness of a local movement, a the answer is just so blindingly obvious that it renders a response a waste of time...

Anonymous said...

Why is it that we can not debate an issue, any issue, National or Local, without Rancor? Why can't we debate the issue, on it's merits, without name calling, and personally disparaging remarks?

Mark, you ask a good question and the second part is the most important: without rancor. Unfortunately the emotions from the election were quite high and the fans flamed by the propaganda posts by the blog owner. They served no purpose other than to incite anger.

I'm glad we separated the blogs and hope this nonsense blows over soon. It's a huge and unnecessary distraction.

MAcciard said...

My point was that regardless of ideology, pedagogy, political position, you should be able to verbally explain, or defend your positions.

The Fact that I am a Constitutional Libertarian, and another may be Socialist, does not mean that we can not debate our relative positions, each trying to convince the other of the relative merits of our arguments, without, personally attacking each other.

And that debate does not any other debate on any other topic. My point was that the argument, or defense is separate from the person making it.

Anonymous said...

Well then, why are you still here anon of 7:42am?

Anonymous said...

I'm still here to try and lead philistines like you to the promised land of local gov't reform, that's why...

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, go debate your "pedagogy" (which has nothing to do what goes on here on this board, but it is an impressive sounding word) on a philosophy of education weblog.

Please don't threaten the coalition of different individuals and different ideologies there that have united over a local cause; get your ego out of the equation and try to focus on the main point of this blog

Anonymous said...

Publius: Article Submission:

The Atkinson Reporter Blog exists for what reason(s)?

I would love to hear some opinions as to what the true purpose of this blog really is. I've read so many opinions as to why we have this blog. Here some potential reasons that crossed my mind.

1) Freedom of Speech: Atkinson's voice from the populace has been stifled by the police chief. Technology allows the repressed to speak out freely and anonymously without fear of retribution from the Nazi leader (not to say it is all the officers as we regularly hear most are good). Symbolic of the American Revolution against the King of England. Anonymous posters hide behind trees and stonewalls (now firewalls) taking potshots at the King's troops. Come out into the open and fight you cowards!

2) Forum for discussion of new ideas: Swap ideas and discuss the merits of potential changes to improve Atkinson that might actually reduce spending and taxes. Now there's a novel idea.

3) Slander and defamation league: Great place to spread mistruths. Especially against those who are really good at it. Also a good place to make fun of Demlicans and Repubocrats that voted for anyone in the last election.

4) Vendetta Voice: Those who are out after the chief and his "good name" are united in a cause, for absolutely no good reason mind you, to get him and his family even after all the good they have done for the elderly and the town.

5) Expose graft and corruption that permeates our town government. Led by their fearless leader, Chief Bigum Heado, it is one obligated crony after another elected to numerous positions and committees by his taxpayer funded political machine known as the Dept of Elderly Affairs. The old obligation con lives on and on in our town.

Other reasons? Comments? What is the purpose of the blog, anyway?