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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The "Taxing Times" hits Atkinson!

Yes many of you have awoke in recent days to find a copy of the "Taxing Times" on your doorstep. This is an informational newspaper put out by the Coalition of NH Taxpayers a number of times a year. There are 50,000 copies of this newspaper in the hands of concerned taxpayers all over the state, right now, and Atkinson is featured prominently in this issue.

Ed Naile's article, first published right here on the Atkinson Reporter, about our colorful police chief, dominates page 8, with Atkinson featuring prominently among the towns, in which taxpayer advocacy groups are operating. Unfortunately, as Ed has mentioned on his weekly radio program, and as we have noted many times on this blog, Atkinson's Taxpayer group is the only group in the state, that feels the need to remain anonymous, for obvious, and numerously stated reasons.

It is sad that a group whose sole purpose is to force accountability upon the officials of Atkinson, must take the very same precautions needed by the underground resistance groups in Europe in WWII, and for much similar reasons.

But, rest easy, fellow Atkinsonians, the winds are a changing. Business is now being conducted in public. No more twice a week meetings at the police station between selectmen Sapia, and Consentino. No more meetings after the meeting, as noted by the Eagle- Tribune, in the past. The corruption is being forced into the recesses, by the light of public awareness, shown on these corrupt practices by this blog, and the Atkinson Taxpayers Website, and the Atkinson Factor, and others. Perhaps we will one day reach a time, when the law is followed because it is right and proper to do so, not because of fear that their corruption will be exposed. Perhaps we will reach the day, when our public officials, will do what is right, without having to be taken to Court to force them to.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for Ed Naile and his "taxing Times" newspaper. I found it in my newspaper box and almost threw it out without reading it. I read one of the first articles and found it so informing, that I couldn't put it down. I read it cover to cover and couldn't believe what was going on throughout the State of New Hampshire.

I knew a lot of taxes had been increased in the last two years, but didn't realize the state budget had been increased by 17.5% with no way to pay for it. Why is the State borrowing money and floating bonds to fix roads? That’s supposed to be paid for through the normal budget!

I'm afraid Ed is right. The Democratic dominated legislature will force a State Income Tax upon us, by spending us into DEEP DEBT.

Does anyone know how often this paper comes out, and when we will get the next issue?

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about Elderly Affairs which, according to Phil and apparently the Selectmen, are now separated. Sure they are.

My question...with the increased elderly budget and probably the increased PD budget, and this really great separation of the two, what is in place to prevent Phil from taking PD money whenever he damned pleases, and who'd know about it?

In change, just more money.

Anonymous said...

And if the Elderly Affairs Dept. REALLy cost $40,000 to run, then that moeny should be deducted from the PD.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was an interesting newspaper. Obviously the Coalition for NH Taxpayers has a much broader agenda than Atkinson and it is good to see they are fighting the fight on a long list of issues to save taxpayers dollars. How refreshing. I need to find out more about this group. They need our support. Not just for Atkinson issues but all the other stuff too.

Anonymous said...

The Atkinson Taxpayers Association is part of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers. They have helped to organize grassroots type groups in NH to help raise awareness and solve problems around the state.

The websites are:

There is a very interesting radio show, "New Hamsphire Taxpayer Radio", that CNHT sponsors on thursday nights 6-8 PM on WLMW 90.7FM. You can also listen to the recorded shows on your computer anytime thru their website. Just click on the "WLMV 90.7FM" link from the home page.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone get a "Avon" bundle hung on their mailbox yesterday? I did and i want to know if the Chief was out stoping the person who did this? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

I loved reading the TAXING TIMES newspaper. And I am surprised the delivery boy found my front door as I am at the far end of town. I especially liked the article on the Atkinson part time police chief. Now I know I am not alone and my concerns are only in my own head. I feel a great sense of relief. It was helpful to see what is going on in other towns and how those towns got some correction. My question is, when will the next Taxing Times newspaper come out and how can I be sure I get one?

Anonymous said...

I got a flier from a snowplow service on my mailbox.

I expect we will see the chief of police in the selectmen meeting on Monday, to inform the public about this crime wave! I am sure Us postal inspectors are on their way to Atkinson right now!

Anonymous said...

I didn't get one; is the article posted online anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Look on the blog archive for Oct. Article entitled "fat of head and flat of foot"

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous November 6, 2008 4:18 PM

If we knew your address, we might be able to get you one. In the meantime, we are trying to get the Word File from CNHT for the complete paper to put online. Plase stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

"corruption being forced into the recesses" ????? Although a valuable information resource this newspaper did not single handedly clean up Atkinson?

It is obvious that with Jack GONE so is the corruption.

Our present Board, although not perfect, appears to be trying to correct past offenses and move forward running our municipality within the boundaries of their elected positions and the States RSA's.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

To November 6, 2008 4:18 PM and ANYONE who did not get a copy of the Taxing Times.

If you want a copy, you can send a note and your CONFIDENTIAL address to :

Attn: Atkinson Taxpayers Association - Atkinson contact
C/O Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers
136 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

I will make sure you receive a copy in the most discreet fashion.
You need not include your name if you wish.

Others places to get a copy include: Plaistow, Steve's Pizza, the laundry mat, CVS, Cherry Village pizza, the Village store, Rite-Aid, or borrow a neighbor's copy.