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Monday, November 10, 2008

Southern N.H. tax rates climb, but property values drop

From the Eagle-Tribune;

Southern N.H. tax rates climb, but property values drop
By Jarret Bencks

Property tax rates are up in towns all over Southern New Hampshire, but that doesn't necessarily mean homeowners will pay more taxes in 2008.

Pelham's tax rate increased almost 10 percent, but residents will pay about $200 less on average than they did in 2007, according to Town Administrator Tom Gaydos. The drop is a result of a combination of cuts to the budget, falling property values and increased value for commercial properties, Gaydos said. Home values fell more than 11 percent in Pelham, while commercial property values increased by 30 percent.

The state Department of Revenue Administration, which assists towns in setting their tax rates, has seen rates going up in towns across the state as property values continue to fall, according to Barbara Robinson, DRA spokeswoman.

In Derry, residents will be paying more in taxes, but not as much more as the $3.50 rise in the property tax rate would indicate, because homes in Derry were revaluated this year.

The average Derry home was valued at $300,000 in 2007, but that dropped to $267,600 in 2008. The average homeowner paid $6,615 in property taxes last year. This year, the average residential property tax bill is $6,832. The $217 hike can be attributed to increases including sand, salt and pavement, chief financial officer Frank Childs said.

"This town provides a good level of services to its citizens," Childs said. "We have a high level of recreation services, an ambulance service, and provide other services to our citizens."

In other towns, where homes were not revaluated this year, increases have been more subtle. Salem saw a 5 percent increase in its tax rate from $13.21 to $13.88. Salem's 2007 property tax rate was the 49th lowest in the state, according to data from the DRA. Derry's tax rate was the highest in the region for 2007, ranking 202nd on that list. Statewide statistics from the DRA aren't available for 2008.

Londonderry's tax rate increased from $18.22 to $18.48, with the increase coming entirely from the education portion of the budget, according to Town Assessor Karen Marchand. The average homeowners in Londonderry will pay $78 more in 2008 than they did in 2007.

2008 tax bill for a $300,000 home

Atkinson: $4,458

Danville: $6,090

Derry: $7,659

Hampstead: $5,967

Kingston: $6,288

Londonderry: $5,544

Newton: $5,694

Pelham: $5,205

Plaistow: NA

Salem: $4,164

Sandown: NA

Windham: $5,400

Plaistow and Sandown have not set their 2008 tax rates.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. on the taxes around this area. We still need our budget to be looked into and tweaked in a number of places.

Reading about that young lady and what her plans are was very interesting. This is not a good time to be traveling but I admire her courage and wish her every success in her journey.

Anonymous said...

It still remains a fact that the tax assessors are a greedy bunch and continue to overvalue homes even when they do a town wide revaluation. Until citizens take them on in an organized way will the corruption in tax assessing be brought to a halt. Also the outrageous spending on the part of selectmen and money spent on town employees needs to be brought to a halt. Unless, of course, I can get a job with a COLA working for Atkinson. Where can I sign up?

Anonymous said...

We used to have a budget committee and selectmen that asked hard questions of everyone, not anymore

Anonymous said...

Police budget is overporked by at least $300K. Look at what Hampstead and other small towns spend.

We have an $800K elderly service taxi.

Bend over taxpayers. But if you are an elderly friend of the chiefs, you can get a free ride to visit friends and go to the polls.

Anonymous said...

I was just in the town hall and it must have been 80 degrees in there! I thought they were doing an energy audit. With the gas for all those useless PD and EA cars and the heating bill, we are going to be paying alot more for taxes if they don't start acting like adults.

Anonymous said...

Now that everyone in Atkinson knows that they need to file a property tax abatement form for 2008 taxes, please contact for help.

Please don't over pay your taxes by $5000.00 cash or more because your selectmen want you to.

Atkinson Taxpayers For Fair Evaluations Committee.


Anonymous said...

Now is the time to nail down the budget comm. The way they operate right now is absolutely useless.

It's time to start asking the right questions in order to get the budget down. They are not there to say yes to every board. So far the departments appear before them and demand approval of all that they ask for. Why bother with a BC if ther are no checks and balances in there budgets.

Isn't any one asking about COLA'S ?
Isn't any one interested in getting the PD budget down? Are we going to be blessed with another Police Car? (Where we have so many they can't help but run in to each other in the parking lot.) Please make it a point to watch the BC in action some night on the re-runs.

How about all the capital reserves we vote in every year. Are they all needed right now? This is going to be a trying year for a lot of people and it is time to tighten our belts.

It's time to make some noise but slim chance we will be heard. Other BC's have tried to make a change but with little success.At the risk of repeating myself----
the current BC is useless.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they just buy another SUV for the PD?

BROTHERS said...

You think you've got troubles, check out the winchesterinforner.blogspot. We are paying frozen sick time, and comp time for 2001. Are BOS are totally nuts, spend spend spend. We are the 4th highest taxed town in the state.

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