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Friday, February 6, 2009

Atkinson hosts benefit snowshoe races

From the Eagle Tribune;

Atkinson hosts benefit snowshoe races
By Eric Parry

ATKINSON — When Michael Holland helps guide people around the snowshoe course Sunday at Atkinson Country Club, he'll be thinking of his younger brother.

That's because his brother is one of about 100 New Hampshire residents who live with cystic fibrosis, a disease whose research foundation will benefit from the event.

Frosty's Dash for A Cure is in its fourth year.

Holland recruited the 24 members of his Central Catholic High School hockey team to help run the 5K race. The hockey players know his brother pretty well and are happy to help organize the half-mile kids race, give directions to runners and help set up the course.

"Everyone is always ready to step up and help out a friend," said Holland, 17.

Holland's mother, Amy, said she began organizing the race with girlfriends and it has grown a lot over the years. Last year, the race raised about $26,000 through sponsors, raffles, auctions and registration fees.

"It's really turned into a community event," she said.

Volunteer Deborah Fudge said the race should draw a couple hundred people to participate in the 5K and the half-mile kids race.

"Some people bring their own shoes and take it pretty serious," Michael said.

But snowshoes are provided for those who don't bring their own. And the race will go on even if the snow doesn't stick around. Participants should be prepared to run or walk both courses if the snow melts before kickoff.

There also is a silent auction and raffle, including items like autographed jerseys from several NHL teams and gift cards from local businesses. Refreshments will be available.

Registration for the race goes from 8 to 9:30 a.m.

The children's race starts at 10:30 a.m., the 5K at 11:15 a.m.

The kids race costs $5, the 5K $20, with a $45 family maximum.

Entry forms are available at


Anonymous said...

Moderator, could you please post this.

Webmaster says -

Dear Atkinson Residents. Late this afternoon I received an EMAIL from the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission. This EMAIL can be read at This EMAIL is 17 pages long, but the short version is, the PUC is granting HAWC's request for a low interest, $1,100,885 loan to construct a pipeline along Rt. 121 (Main St.) to interconnect HAWC's Atkinson and Hampstead water systems.

The letter mentions all the testimony given by our Town Administrator, Carol Grant, Bill Bennett and John Wolters and the ordinances Atkinson (overwhelming) passed that prohibits such an interconnection. The letter also questions the accuracy of the massive water loss the Atkinson system has.

My take - The DES and PUC have thumbed their noses at the wishes of Atkinson's residents to protect our valuable aquifer against exploitation. Now, I'm not going to get into a discussion regarding whether our ordinances are legal or not. I will not respond to any comments on that issue. It has all been discussed before. Let’s leave it at this: The ordinances reflect the desires and wishes of an overwhelming majority of Atkinson's citizens.

The good news, this is not the end of the story and HAWC does not get a check in the mail tomorrow. This loan must still be approved by the Executive Council and the Governor. We have two things in our favor, 1) The state's fiscal situation, and 2) we have the support of our area's representative to the Executive Council, Beverly Hollingworth.

If you feel that the PUC's decision is wrong, please EMAIL Gov. Lynch at and copy Beverly at . If you are so inclined, I would like a copy of your EMAIL so I can archive them. Please be assured, your name will not be disclosed. I have no affiliation with any aspect of Atkinson's government or HAWC. My interests lie solely with the water issue. My EMAIL is You might want to include a mention of the state's fiscal crisis, that the pipeline is not needed, and the money can better spent elsewhere, or not spent at all. Thank you.

Side note - The EMAIL address for Gov. Lynch is a web based form. This means you cannot directly copy Ms. Hollingworth and that you do not retain a copy. It's a hassle so you could mention this to the Governor. So, use the web form to EMAIL the Governor, and regular EMAIL for Ms. Hollingworth and please mention that you sent the same message to the Governor.

Anonymous said...

Excellent glad to see it passed.
Interconnection is not only good for HAWC. But also for the people of Atkinson

Anonymous said...

It is not good for the citizens of the town. But it is good for the greedy few. When you hear that sucking sound, your well gone dry, open your pocket book and throw the contents to HAWC.

Anonymous said...

Moderator - You have a problem with putting/publishing this post on the front page?

Anonymous said...

"Excellent glad to see it passed.
Interconnection is not only good for HAWC. But also for the people of Atkinson"

Care to back that statement with some reasons why?

Anonymous said...

Because: The sooner we provide serious opportunity for substantial damage to Atkinson property values which will outrage a very large segment of the community then the sooner we will have new government and rid this town of contemptuous fools. A drastic remedy, but what it will take. Those who are not financially destroyed will be better off in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Why should I have to pay for this company's expansion with MY money? They've been charging me and extra $25.00 a month since they came upwith this rip off.

NH su*&s (not only the money outta ya). So does Fatkinson.

Anonymous said...

what,s your kickback to the lewis foundation