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The purpose of this Blog is to pick up where the Atkinson Reporter has left off. "The King is dead, Long live the King!" This Blog is a forum for the discussion of predominantly Atkinson; Officials, People, Ideas, and Events. You may give opinion, fact, or evaluation, but ad hominem personal attacks will not be tolerated, or published. The conversation begun on the Atkinson Reporter MUST be continued!

This Blog will not fall to outside hacks from anyone, especially insecure public officials afraid of their constituents criticism.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Atkinson Reporter invites all candidates for public office to submit articles

The Atkinson Reporter invites all candidates for public office to submit position articles, in order to define what you see as the problems, and the solutions to those problems, and any feelings, ideas, or concerns about the positions you are running for.


Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think any candidate wanting to establish credibility would post here?

Last year, yes. This year, I would avoid this forum with a 10 foot pole.

It is biased, it is uncontrolled, it has become a farce.

They say this town has become a laughing stock. Well, so has this. This forum has sunk so far below the muck, it will never regain credibility. Any candidate posting here is grasping at straws.

Anonymous said...

Dear Atkinson Reporter moderator, please consider the following article for submission:

Richard Brothers, New Hampshire’s State Employment Commissioner has been enjoying some extra income free of charge. It seems Mr. Brothers is accused of ten counts of fraud on travel vouchers he submitted to the state. That’s our tax dollars reimbursing this guy on travel he never made!

Incidentally, just before he was charged with fraud, Mr. Brothers was busy defending one Raye Ellen Douville (previously known as Raymond Douville – before he had a sex change!) Douville works for the State Employment Commission and has plead guilty to bilking a dozen trucking companies out of $100,000.00. Gov. Lynch has asked that Ms./Mr. Douville be suspended, but Mr. Brothers is refusing to do this, saying she’s been a good employee and honest about the investigation. I don’t know about the rest of you, but how you do you feel knowing there is someone working for the state – and in the Employment Commission no less – after pleading guilty to insurance fraud?! Is that a good use of our tax dollars?

Now what does this have to do with Atkinson? Well, Ed Naile, of CNHT would typically be all over a story like this. As a matter of fact, this would be a dream come true for him. Crooked employment commissioner, who, days earlier, was standing up for a guilty insurance fraud, cross-dressing employee? There should be no end to the cheap shots and innuendos by Mr. Naile. But, he has been unusually quiet about this. This is a CNHT dream example of abuse of our tax dollars and there has been nothing but silence….

Could it be that it’s because the lawyer defending the defender of the transgendered is none other than Atty. Charles Douglas? You know, Atty. Douglas, don’t you? He is the person defending the rights of Gary Brownfield, Leon Artus, and Steve Lewis. You can’t make this stuff up! But this is the three ring circus that is coming to our town! Thanks guys…we’re all glad you’re so concerned about ethics here in Atkinson!

Anonymous said...

Dear Atkinson Reporter moderator,

Why won't you post the above article submission as a topic?

If your argument is it has little to do with Atkinson (which I disagree with,) I kindly request you delete the following topics which also have little to do with Atkinson and, in reality, have much less to do with our town than the above submitted article:

So It Is Not Just Atkinson - February 17, 2009

Sunlight Must Shine On Public's Business - December 13, 2008

Our Tax System Explained - November 13, 2008

Plaistow May Loose Its Bus Service - October 2, 2008

These topics have very little to do with our town, yet you choose to post them for discussion. Why will you not post the above topic? Sir, your bias is showing....

A G E N D A ! ! !

Atkinson Reporter said...

Your article has been posted, now you can explain how the current plaintiffs are responsible for their attorney's other clients.

Anonymous said...

Stop your whining now troll...

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:35,

Whining? Let's see, an article has been submitted. Given the fact that it has taken four days and it's title is "By Unpopular Demand" I think, is pretty telling. This blog moderator deliberately leads readers to his/her point of view.

Now as to the link between the plaintiffs and the are missing the point. The point is Ed Naile will blog prolifically on just about any subject (i.e. Kathy Griffin on NYE.) He is especially fond of bringing taxpayer fraud cases to the forefront. Why has nothing been said about this case? Do you not agree taxpayers have been ripped off?

If Mr. Naile keeps mum about this because of the lawyer representing the defendant, then I think we should call into questions his motives here...and elsewhere.

THAT'S my point!

Anonymous said...

what difference does Ed Naile's opinions make to the current lawsuit? That is what you were originally attacking by posting this drivel!

You were trying to belittle the case, by slighting the attorney, and by extension the plaintiffs.

This is what our town officials do when they cant defend their actions, they try to "shoot the messenger".

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice that we have our own little troll here, defending the town's bad actors?

What's interesting is that they just come and criticize this blog (which is admittedly FAR from perfect).

But they never really offer to defend the town officials or their actions. Hmmm, too bad. Intellectual cowardice methinks...

Anonymous said...

My best guess is that it's Sapia. His ego is so fragile I can imagine him doing it, locking himself in the study and sneaking a peak and writing a quick response. At least he gets to vent the anger that builds when you represent yourself as someone who will bring reform, but in truth didn't have the guts to go against the chief. Now he shows up on TV and he's little more than a Consentino puppet. How can he live with himself allowing that to happen?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice that we have our own little troll here, defending the town's bad actors?

What's interesting is that they just come and criticize this blog (which is admittedly FAR from perfect).

But they never really offer to defend the town officials or their actions. Hmmm, too bad. Intellectual cowardice methinks...

Anonymous said...

When are you people gonna take the chief's advice and get your facts straight? Come on these tactics are getting old.

Step 1: Distract and change the subject
Step 2: Attack and discredit the messenger
Step 3: Attack the message (get your facts straight) and intimidate with a badge (give me those photos!)
Step 4: Spin the truth
Step 5: Attack anyone who exposes your spin as BS and do anything necessary to shut them up (I'll have you removed!)

This is all based on the presumption that their lies will never be checked and verified as truthful. When challenged cover up lies with more lies. Most people won't go through the effort of verifying statements. Always quote your favorite RSA and interpret it any way possible to your favor. Run to gray and stay away from black and white. If all else fails slander the messenger as having a vendetta against you personally which infers their complaint has nothing to do with the lousy job your doing and characterize your opposition as a small group of people or critters such as deer which is really fun from their end. Jack always enjoys using this one.

One more tactic is to always run to the legality defense. In our town whether something is right or wrong isn't the issue. Its only if its legal or not. An example is when the police solicit donations from elderly people who rely on Elderly Affairs for rides. Apparently this may not be illegal but is definitely wrong behavior. Stop going after Aunt Millie for a donation after giving her rides to her cancer treatments. But there's no RSA against it so that makes it OK in Atkinson.

When in doubt, just make sh-t up in public and deal with the fallout in private. Because you've got the taxpayers paying your legal fees anyway so who cares?

What a great scam. The more I watch it the more I'm impressed by its effectiveness. I just don't understand why people can't figure this all out and are still letting it happen to them. For petes sake expect it in any public forum and be prepared for it. Duh. And do you have to respond to their every stupid comment? Just ignore. By responding, you give them credibility. Stop falling for flamebaiting. Go look up the term.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think some of us are trying to help guide this blog along a little to be a factual informative place to visit. Instead of a site where people place useless insults.
I feel that information gets lost and confusing and i defiantly stop reading once people are being belittled and discredited. I just wish things wouldn't get twisted to the point that it becomes unbelievable. I wish The candidates could post here and not be called "Hench men or puppets..But this will never happen..esp. when you have all the here piggy piggy posts and then some childish person posting using Curt's name. Just my opinion ..

Anonymous said...

Well it's plain to see Anon 6:39 is a puppet of Consentino. Stop trying to use logic and reason with us! It's useless!!!

Anonymous said...

But they never really offer to defend the town officials or their actions. Hmmm, too bad. Intellectual cowardice methinks...
well this is not the truth..I have seen lots of posts defending town just wish to ignore them and insult the people who post them....when we do defend it must be jack or frank..nope it just me and a other residents here. defending what we believe..and I can assure you I am not frank, jack, the chief or any other town official...

Anonymous said...

So please tell us how you defend Frank's performance at deliberative session?

Anonymous said...

I think we have been down this road already once, go back to the old posts and read the comments that defend Frank...Same story..didn't change my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Intellectual cowards add nothing to our great debate!

Here piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy.....

Anonymous said...

I just read the new lawsuit over on the Taxpayers web. WOW!! It is brilliant in its simplicity. The strategy is clear. QUICKSAND!!!

Anonymous said...

I want that. The complete lawsuit filed by Attorney Douglas against Consentino, Polito, Sapia, Friel, Sullivan and The Town of Atkinson.

I want to know if it will be a jury trial, for one thing. That should be on it. And what are the documents supporting the charges against each? I really want to read those.

I searched:

Where is it on the site? I have seen the 'taste' posted on the blog....but not the real monster document.

The suspense is killing me. STOP IT!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Look under LAWSUITS on the Atkinson Taxpayer Website

Anonymous said...

OK. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

facts can be real buggers.
When facts are posted that are unflattering to a certain segment of the Atkinson populations, it is never the facts that get argued. Attempting to do so would only draw more attention to the unflattering facts (also referred to as evidence). So instead, those who have pledged undying loyalty to those who may be harmed by unflattering facts attempt to defame and otherwise tarnish those who made said unflattering facts public.
This latest law suit could have been avoided quite easily. Chief Bighead could have just stuck to his job. Law enforcement. rather than breaking multiple federal laws by calling people who signed a petition. That Chief did it in the past when another town resident tried to get a similar initiative on the ballet clearly demonstrates a pattern of violating civil rights under the color of authority. That nothing was done either time by those, who by law, have supervisory responsibility makes them liable as well.
I do hope the case goes to a jury.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget how he reacts whenever someone criticizes his actions. Just ask Brian Kaye or Mark Aciard

Anonymous said...

I recommend deleting all these comments, or moving them to another place. This forum is for the candidates to submit articles and I'd like tohear what they have to say and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you wanted free speech. Well, here it is in all its glory.

Anonymous said...

oink oink

Anonymous said...

Could you please post this as an article?

Tax Collector Faces Opponent for first time.

Do you all realize there asn't been a competitive election for Tax Collector in THIRTY FIVE YEARS?

When I moved to town, Jese Anastasi was the Tax Collector, and no one ever ran against her.
Jessi retired mid-term, and Gloria Dodge was appointed by the Selectmen to fill the vacancy. Gloria, I recall, also left mid=term, and the Selectmen appointed Debbie. From then til now, Debbiewom three, unoppoted elections!

Representative DeSimone had no cotest either! There were two candidates on the ballot with two positions oopen.

In her flyer, Debbie lists several things, including the House, Tax Collector and a multitude of volunteer positions. One can't help but wonder if she'll have time for her volunteer work, state responsibilities and us.

Bill_Bennett said...

[Dear Mr. Moderator: please publish this as you see fit, in the manner most likely to reach the most readers of your blog. Thank you.]

Hello everyone. I am Bill Bennett, and I'm running for Selectman in Atkinson. I apologize; I don't normally visit this blog. But I've been told that I should let all of you know where I stand.

I've been very busy, without time to read postings here in detail, but I see that some of you think I am too closely aligned with Phil Consentino, Atkinson's Chief of Police, and that I am running as Phil's "guy" in this race. Phil did approach me and ask me to run for the open seat on the Board of Selectman, but Phil was neither the first, nor the last to do so. The first ones to ask me to run, and perhaps the most influential of those who have urged me to run, are, in fact, contributors to this blog. I haven't contacted them to get their permission to release their names, so I won't. Time is too short anyway.

But let me say this about Phil Consentino: I've known Phil for more than thirty years, and I like him. I have never seen Phil abuse his office, but I have seen him bend over backwards on numerous occassions to AVOID using his authority, in the interest of a more gentle and peaceful resolution of a situation. Nevertheless, should accusations of misconduct by the Chief arise on my watch, I would investigate them thouroughly and impartially. My concern, in ALL matters that might come before me in any capacity in which I might be serving, is the best interest of the Town of Atkinson and all of its citizens. That has always been and will always be the case. My goal has always been, and will always be, a just and fair resolution of any issue. I will not play favorites and I will not throw anyone under the bus.

For those of you who want to know more about me, I offer this very brief biography: I'm a retired engineer; I put myself through MIT and graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1968. I married my wife, Pat, in 1969; she has a degree in Physics from Northeastern, and we met while she was working a co-op quarter in the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT, where I was working. (I worked for the legendary Marvin Minsky in the AI Lab for several years. It was truly a great experience.) My career was in design and R&D. I am foremost an engineer, and a "political animal" not at all.

Pat and I moved to Atkinson in 1975, started our family, and raised our three children here. Pat now owns and operates Pat Bennett Realty in Plaistow.

I am a Justice of the Peace. I took an oath to uphold the laws and the Consititution of the State of New Hampshire, and I take that very seriously. I was the Police Department's District Prosecutor for a bit over ten years in the 1980's into he early 90's; I took that responsibility as an Officer of the Court seriously as well.

I regret that time will not allow me to return here to have discussions or debates with blog contributors, but I welcome phone calls at 362-4285 and emails to

Thank you for your time in reading this.

William M. Bennett

Anonymous said...

Bill, have you read the lawsuit? This isn't about if it will arise during your watch, its about addressing the documented history of his transgressions and getting a competent police chief that will not harrass residents or be a politician using the police department, Elderly Affairs and my taxdollars to do so.

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