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Sunday, February 15, 2009

State OK's water company plan for 2

From the Eagle Tribune;

State OK's water company plan for 2
By Eric Parry

ATKINSON — Construction could begin this summer on a water main connection between Atkinson and Hampstead that would provide both towns with a backup water system.

The Hampstead Area Water Company gained approval from the state Public Utility Commission last week to borrow $1.1 million from the state to lay 15,000 feet of water main along Route 121 between the two towns.

"It's going to provide water to parts of the towns that don't have it," said Harold Morse, president of the water company.

The private water systems in each town serve about 1,000 customers, and a connection between the two would mean a backup system would be in place in case of an emergency. The connection also means that residents in both towns without municipal water could be connected to the system, Morse said.

But resident Bill Bennett, who spoke at a commission hearing in November against the loan, said he's still concerned the water company will use this pipeline to transport groundwater out of Atkinson. Atkinson doesn't have much undeveloped land while Hampstead has plenty where new homes could be built, Bennett said.

"I think his companies are looking at building up in Hampstead and supplying water from Atkinson," Bennett said.

The water company is owned by the Lewis Builders Inc., which also own a development company, building supply companies and the Atkinson Country Club.

Bennett said he's also concerned the water company is wasting water and it needs this connection to make up for that loss.

During the November hearing, Bennett said the Atkinson water system loses about 33 percent of its water or about 140,000 gallons per day. However, PUC engineers disagreed, saying the data Bennett used as evidence was inaccurate.

The water company will report the amount of lost water on a monthly basis to the PUC and the state Department of Environmental Services, according to the report.

In addition to the loan, the water company will use a $312,840 grant from the state Department of Environmental Services to help make its loan payments. DES has already approved the project.

The two municipalities could also benefit from the connection.

The new line could supply water for new fire hydrants. New hydrants aren't in the current plans but they could be added, Morse said.

To help pay for the connection, customers will see an increase after the construction is complete, according to the PUC order.

The average customer's bill is $424, but would see an increase of about $58 per year, according to a rate increase approved on Jan. 16 by the commission.

But the water company doesn't get the money right away.

First, Gov. John Lynch and the Executive Council have to sign off on the loan. The water company still has to develop engineering plans and bid the project. But Morse said he expects work to begin this summer.

In the meantime, Bennett said he plans to write to Lynch and the council about his concerns.

Bennett said, "$1.1 million does not need to go to a private business so they can make money off it."

The money is from the state's Revolving Loan Fund, administered by DES. The water company has 20 years to repay the loan at an interest rate of just over 4.2 percent.

The PUC concluded the project is "consistent with the public good."


Anonymous said...

Great! When my well is dead this summer I will be the first one on his door step requesting it to be fixed NOW!

We, the taxpayer in Atkinson have NO say whatsoever in our votes nor our voice. This town is run in a lawless fashion where only that benefit from the wrong doing succeed.

Anonymous said...

You're mad. You're angry. You're upset.

Well, they don't have the money yet and there is one elected official willing to help. Drop an EMAIL to Beverly Hollingworth, our areas representative to the Governors Executive Council at . I can assure you, she will listen, and the Council has to sign off on this. You can also write the Governor at

You might mention that there was no public hearing held here in Atkinson so the PUC could get our input, and that Harold Morse twice backed out of scheduled opportunities to speak to us. Why do you think they didn't want to talk to us?

Anonymous said...

Just think of as big parade right down 121 into Hampstead. I always love a good parade.

Seriously it is good for people of Atkinson and Hampstead.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't benefit anyone who has a private well, which means most residents will be hurt by this. The only people who will benefit are those stealing my money and my water.

Anonymous said...

If your well goes dry have your well refilled. Use water with food coloring or onion flavor then you will soon learn where your water went.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Harold Morse and the Lewis mafia run roughshod over Atkinson citizens, even as he sits on our planning board! how stupid do Atkinson citizens seem now?

And just to accellerate the draining of our aquifers they're losing 1 out of every 3 gallons of water they pump. How sad for this town, and how shameful for us to allow it to happen!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that 1 of three gallons is being sold outside of Atkinson? Water tanker trucks filling up with water and being sold elsewhere can be thought of as water lost due to the system. And the system as "we" know it is corrupt right down to the last dollar.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that 1 of three gallons is being sold outside of Atkinson? Water tanker trucks filling up with water and being sold elsewhere can be thought of as water lost due to the system. And the system as "we" know it is corrupt right down to the last dollar.

Anonymous said...

"and how shameful for us to allow it to happen!"

Unfortunately, there is little the town could do to stop this. The towns residents have twice overwhelming approved ordinances that would give the town some say in this. However, at this particular point in time, they are probably not enforceable.

No, it is not the town that is the problem, it is New Hampshire's Department of Environment Services and Public Utilities Commission that allows this to happen with very little opportunity for receiving input from the people it affects. Public hearings are not required. Basically, the DES and PUC do not like interference from us "non-professionals". What do we know?

First thing: Complaining here means nothing and accomplishes nothing. What you can do is go to reply #2 above and send EMAIL's to those who CAN do something.

Second thing: This was a topic awhile back but worth mentioning again. Jim Garrity, our State Representative, filed a bill, House Bill 60, to modify RSA 485-C:20 by removing the words "other than groundwater withdrawals" and also removing the words "be considered as minimum". If passed, this would end DES's monopoly on the regulation of Large Groundwater Withdrawals, and allow local governments to have a say in these matters.

There has already been a hearing regarding this bill and Atkinson residents Carol Grant, Bill Bennett and John Wolters, along with residents from other towns who are unhappy with the current law, testified before House Municipal & County Government Committee.

HAWC won a battle but the war is far from over. Get those EMAIL's out.

Curt Springer said...

HB 60 was voted "inexpedient to legislate" on 2/12/09.

From the house calendar:

HB 60, relative to large groundwater withdrawals. MAJORITY: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE. MINORITY: OUGHT TO PASS.

Rep. Raymond G Gagnon for the Majority of Municipal and County Government: The flow of water has no boundaries and while local concerns need to be considered, this complex issue mandates a state and regional solution. In Chapter 176 of the 2008 legislative session (HB 1353) the groundwater commission was directed to, by November 30, 2009, study criteria including benefits for the granting of large water withdrawals other than those of RSA 485-C (Groundwater Protection Act) and RSA 485-A

(which water pollution and waste disposal). The groundwater commission was updated to consider appropriate roles for municipalities in the permitting and regulation of large ground water withdrawals as well as include input from municipalities. Therefore this committee feels this bill is inexpedient to legislate as the commission needs time to accomplish its mission. Vote 15-4.

Rep. James M Sullivan for the Minority of Municipal and County Government: This bill, as proposed, returned responsibility of a local asset, groundwater, to the local community. The minority of the committee agreed with the majority that the nature, extent and capacities of aquifers within the state are unknown. It is exactly that for which is the basis of our support for local control of a finite resource which is necessary for the health, safety and welfare of every township in this state

I think the bill was technically flawed as worded and would not have accomplished what was intended. It didn't actually give the town any specific authority. To give the town any effective power, it would be necessary to modify RSA 485-C:21 and make clear what towns can decide and how the town process and standards relate to the state process and standards.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the 1 in 3 gal. lost can be found on the golf course. You think?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

In other words, he needs to get a life.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 8:48. Reminds me of that other harvard big mouth -barnie frank. wonder why?

Curt Springer said...

So much for the policy of this blog:
You may give opinion, fact, or evaluation, but ad hominem personal attacks will not be tolerated, or published.

And might I remind you guys that it was just a few weeks ago that you were jumping all over Garrity on Ed Naile's say-so that he was going to gut the right to know law, and I defended him.

Atkinson Reporter said...

Mr. Springer,
The Atkinson Reporter apologizes to you. This is what happens when there is no moderation, and the administrator, does not have the time to constantly babysit the blog. The personal attack has been removed.

Anonymous said...

Is this the AR2 or springuy personal BS blog? You decide Mrs. administrator! We wait an answer. After the answer we will decide to continue to read this blog or relegate this blog to the delete bin?? Your answer Mrs. administrator??

Anonymous said...

Curt Springer:"I think the bill {of Atkinson's State Rep}was technically flawed and would not have accomplished what was intended."

Here we go again. Springer of Danville AGAIN being critical of Atkinson doing its thing. He constantly critizes Atkinson's citizens' petitions and ballot initiatives. Now, after our State Rep. takes the initiative and submits a bill on behalf of his Atkinson constituents, Springer is critical of his bill.

Does Springer's bad-mouthing everything Atkinson ever stop?

I gather from the second submission of Springer at the end of the comments that he didn't like it because some residents expressed their anger and disgust with his again interfering with constant criticisms of anything Atkinson. He wants to be protected from justifiably upset and angry Atkinson residents but it seems to me that Atkinson residents want their blog to be protected from his constant negativity about Atkinson and her efforts to protect her water resources.

Whatever the deleted comments about Springer said, I would guess that they were pretty well justified. It's unfortunate that the blog administrator feels the need to apologize if any Atkinson resident dared to express their frustration at Springer's constant bad-mouthing anything Atkinson.

As far as Springer's criticism of
State Rep. Garrity's bill, that was totally and completely inappropriate. It's bad enough that Springer is always eager and waiting to criticize any town warrant or Town Meeting ballot initiatives by Atkinson residents. Now, Springer's arrogance and led him to also being critical of the legislative initiatives of Atkinson's State Rep.
Springer is so far out of line.

And you, Mrs. Moderator, please stop pandering to Springer. You're just hurting the integrity of the blog by allowing Springer's abuse of it -- to always knock Atkinson's voters and now to knock and criticize her state rep.'s initiatives on behalf of Atkinson's residents. I suggest you re-read the comments by 9:21, 10:15 and 7: 35.

I agree especially with 7:35. You do pander to this offensive Danville resident Springer at the expense of Atkinson and her residents. The Plaistow blog won't tolerate Springer's offensive antics and won't publish them, but you actually encourage it.

7:35 is correct. Why don't you change the name of this blog to the Springer blog- since he already considers that he owns it, thanks to you and your weakness in standing up to him. You're hurting our blog and weakening the readership because people -- like my spouse-- say they don't want to read a constantly Springer blog.

Anonymous said...

To Curt:
Perhaps you should post under anonymous and then it would be OK with your critics since they wouldn't know it was you. The info you provide is always correct, EX:
water ordinances. The simple minded bloggers get upset when they are wrong legally again and again. What I cull from your posts are facts which seems to be this blogs worst enemy. Why are the recent blog posts calling the administator "Mrs." ? Is this an attempt to "out" the administrator
because Curt doesn't post under anom? Curt only points out the obvious so if you don't like it then take your own advice anon 9:39am 2/16/09 and stay off the blog. We don't need you whining and shameful comments.

Anonymous said...

There are a few- (and according to the Atkinson town meeting ballot results) very few people who support the water company's exploitation of Atkinson's water resources.) The voting results repeatedly show that these few are totally out of touch and out of synch with Atkinson's predominantly environmentalist voters.

At each of the deliberative sessions for Atkinson's two recent special town meetings, the SAME THREE PEOPLE, at each session, consistently bad-mouthed the citizen initiatives to protect Atkinson's water resources.
The more these three were repudiated by Atkinson's voters, the more fanatical they've seemed to become.

Whenever Springer does his usual offensive practice of bad-mouthing the protective-of-our-water initiatives of Atkinson residents and Atkinson's State Rep., and Atkinson residents get upset at this Danville resident's using our blog to constantly intrude himself into Atkinson's business, it appears that one or all of those SAME THREE ATKINSON ANTI'S chirp in to defend Springer doing on and using our blog, to do what those three anti's constantly unsuccessfully try to do at our special town meeting deliberative sessions. Anti's like 10:06.

Atkinson residents don't intrude themselves on Springer's blog in Danville to criticize Danville residents or Danville's state rep's initiatives. We are entitled to the same courtesy.

Curt Springer said...

To anonymouse@February 16, 2009 10:06 AM:

Thanks for the supportive comments.

I'm not always right. I went out on a limb about the chief having to retire at 70 and having to pass a physical exam. Usually I look stuff up and verify my understanding before posting. That is my general approach and I will try to stick to it in future. If anyone thinks I have misstated something and points me to a specific law or regulation that is contrary to my position, I will correct myself if I think it is warranted and I will never take it personally.

Carol Grant said...

I care deeply about Atkinson's environmental quality of life and I am so happy that at least 3/4's of Atkinson voters share that caring.

I am upset that Atkinson's Planning Board is so out of touch with Atkinson's environmentalist voters that they stripped away four of the 7 Prime Wetlands from the 2009 Annual town meeting ballot -- Prime Wetlands which Atkinson's voters by 3/4's vote, at the Special Town Mtg, approved to appear on the annual town mtg. ballot. This pro-special interest Planning board also stripped away the 150' buffer zone around Prime Wetlands which the voters had also approved by 3/4's vote.

Because of irresponsible past appointments by the selectmen, we have an un-representative Planning Board which caters to special interests, besides having those special interests holding seats on the Planning Board.

Then, along comes Atkinson's State Representative James Garrity who submits a water bill to the legislature which is directly in line with what Atkinson's environmentally-sensitive voters want. It was a fine thing he did.

But then, on Atkinson's blog, Danville's Curt Springer, criticizes that effort on our behalf by our State Rep.

I don't usually believe in censorship, but Mr. Springer is definitely out of line. What our State Rep does on behalf of Atkinsonians is none of Mr. Springer's business. Whoever our Blog Moderator is should make it clear to Mr. Springer that Atkinson is the master of its own house and that he, Springer, has crossed the line once too often.

It's been bad enough that prior to every special or regular town meeting, Springer comes on to our blog to critize any Atkinson ballot initiatives which protect our groundwater. He offended many Atkinson residents by his inappropriate actions.

That he now critizes the legislative efforts of our State Rep is reprehensible and even more grossly inappropriate.

Mr. or Mrs. Moderator, whoever you are, you need to stand up and be counted as to whether this blog is to represent the feelings, cares and priorities of Atkinson residents, or that of Danville's

Springer is certainly entitled to his opinions, but let him express them on his own blog which he runs in Danville and not keep interfering in Atkinson's business.

I agree with so many other Atkinsonians in finding Springer's constant interference and negative criticisms of Atkinson's values to be very offensive.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with protecting our water. However, Springers comments are welcome as far as I'm concerned. We should take his criticism to our advantage. I think his words are spoken to help us , not spoken with malice. Curt was the only person to point out that our state rep was up in Concord working on a water ordinance to strengthen our laws. This was after the blog attacked
our state rep repeatedly for weakening the r.t.k. laws. Is our rep a good guy or bad guy in the eyes of this blog? Curt defends the rep and the blog rips him then defends him. It's the old can't butter the bread on both sides of the baloney sandwich. Another chapter of comedy. lol

Anonymous said...

Sporinger is wrong. The bill is not technically flawed. The bill was to remove a proabition. For Springer to editorialize that the bill is flawed because it did not contain some perception of his is not accurate and misdirection of the readers.

Anonymous said...

"Curt was the only person to point out that our state rep was up in Concord working on a water ordinance to strengthen our laws."

WRONG - A Jan 29 post copied an ET article telling of Mr. Garrity's efforts.

Carol and many others have desperately tried over the last couple of years to prevent HAWC's steamrolling there need for greed plans contrary to Atkinson's residents wishes. And while we've been fighting the fight, Mr. Springer has relentlessly intruded, commented, criticized our efforts. This is especially insulting since this is not his fight, unless he is on the Lewis payroll. Time and time again he has been asked to butt out. Time and time again he has responded with a cut and paste response of an RSA or with some reason of why we're doing it all wrong. This fight has been hard enough. I'm sure the Lewis family is most appreciative of his contributions.

Curt, your advice has not been solicited, nor is it welcomed. Go bother someone else. You have a blog, restricted I understand. Criticize/comment all you want there. But, please, go away.

Mr. Moderator - I read the post you deleted. I though it was right on. Mr. Springer has been asking for it and that post gave it to him. Shame on you. You have constantly attacked our town officials. Whether they deserve it or not, you are now setting a double standard.

Anonymous said...

So where on this blog was there support for our Rep PRIOR to Curt pointing out his fine efforts on the water fight. I may be wrong, but I think there was an outcry against our Rep until Curt graciously pointed out that our Rep was actually doing good in Concord. Thats my point....

Anonymous said...

Well, if you would have taken the time to go back in time, you would have found

Anonymous said...

blah, blah, blah
blah, blah, blah
look it up--it means before

Anonymous said...

Springer was wrong. Where is his admission??

Atkinson Reporter said...

Whether or not Mr. Springer is right or wrong is possibly a matter of discussion for this blog. He will not be banned any more than anyone else would, this blog is dedicated to the free and open exchange of Ideas.

The reason this blog apologized to Mr. Springer, is because an ad hominum personal attack, of a sort not tolerated here, was posted, and apparently was here long enough for others to see before it was removed. The Blog administrators acted with grace and honor, by apologizing to Mr. Springer as they did to Mr. Artus when a similar attack was posted about him.

Anonymous said...

To Atkinson Reporter,

While you finally removed the personal attack on Mr. Artus, you very definitely did not apologize to him. You apologized only to our out of town intruder. I also saw the deleted posting about Springer. Nothing said in that posting was untrue. What was said was right on and needed to be said.

Anonymous said...

Curt please blog! Our town is so egocentric we struggle to differentiate right from wrong. Half the town thinks our moderator is OK to let chief in his police uniform yell at people at deliberative session on TV. I think next deliberative I'll dress up in my kids halloween costume and see if Frank objects. I see no difference in me dressing up like the Grim Reaper and Phil wearing his uniform and badge all nice and shiny. But I'd get kicked out for creating a disturbance while Phil yells at people to GET THEIR FACTS STRAIGHT! Of course he never says which facts are wrong and Frank never allows anyone to rebut so chief has the last word and its a no win situation. heck its easier to just join em.

With 20-30 years of living in a repressed state, behavior like theirs are considered normal in bucolic Atkinson. Dis house sho gone crazy.

Curt Springer said...

I also appreciate the comments of the blog owner and his/her (I don't know) efforts to let everyone be heard.

Here is my prior comment about Rep. Garrity's bill:

HERE is the text of the bill.

Last year HB 1353 was filed to give towns veto power over large groundwater withdrawals. But it was completely rewritten by amendment to refer the matter of local control to an existing study commission on groundwater withdrawal with a due date of 11/30/09 for their report back to the legislature.

I wonder how this new bill relates to that.

I was being neither supportive nor critical of Rep. Garrity. I was sincerely wondering why he had filed the bill in light of the Legislature's decision to put the matter to interim study until at least 11/30/09.

I have actually been restrained in my comments about your water ordinances. I've only commented on the main issue of authority. There are a number of aspects to them that would not stand up in court. The PUC staff picked up on one that I had noticed:

There's another point I wish to make.
24 The ordinance does make state employees, agencies liable
{DW 08-088} [Prehearing conference] (09-03-08)
1 under the ordinance, and Staff is only aware of RSA 541-B
2 as where the Legislature had made a -- had carved out very
3 few exceptions to the sovereign immunity clause, where
4 state agency employees acting under their employment could
5 be subject to liability.

Whether or not I continue to post here, the water articles are defective.

You live in the Town of Atkinson, not the State of Atkinson or the Republic of Atkinson. You have to play by the same rules that the rest of us live with in this state.

I have never doubted or spoken against the intentions of people in your town in trying to improve town government or safeguard natural resources. But some of you seem to want an "A" for effort. Sorry, but that doesn't apply in the grownup world. In order to be effective at the local level you need to work within the system ordained by the legislature, and if you want to submit changes to legislation you need to make sure that you include explicit authorization for whatever it is that you want to do.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Springer,

Thanks very much for your comments and feedback. I typically always enjoy reading your posts here and I appreciate that you take the time post to useful information backed up (mostly) by facts. That said, if I have one criticism of you, it's your tendency -- or at least appearance -- to always side with the "establishment."

While I realize we all need a "dose of reality" from time to time, I think we, as a town, can make a difference not only in Atkinson, but in our state. As you are so well schooled in state law, I, for one, would be more interested to read less quotes of HB's and RSA's and more opinion from you as to what we can do to affect real change; both town and statewide (if needed.)

Anonymous said...

Now that "Speak out Danville" has been opened to the public some of Mr. S's comments and a alliterations as in Springer Speaks can recently reappear in this new uncontrolled format. Check it out at:

Anonymous said...

Forget it. His only expertise is in cut and paste. He is not a lawyer and never been elected to a public office. He is not qualified in any official manner to give a informed opinion. My understanding is that his day job is IT work at Harvard. Working at Harvard is hardly a qualification to comment or criticize NH state law. If that were the case, a janitor there could do just as well.

Consider the source. Consider where he lives. Consider he has been banned from most local blogs. We're all that is left and the moderator gives him free reign.

For me, if he moves to Atkinson and suffers the same problems as we residents do, then fine, he may contribute. However, he has no stake in our future. I think he just likes to see himself in print and this blog is an open book.

Isn't it funny, anytime our water problem comes up, Mr. Springer consistently inserts himself into the discussion. Consider that when he imparts his wisdom upon us.

Looking at the big picture, what Mr. Springer says, or what the blog contributors add, it means nothing. Absolutely nothing. The only ones who can make a difference at this time regarding our particular problem, is the Executive Council and the Governor. If you feel our state agencies have overstepped their obligations, then you know who to write to.

Mr. Springer is, as the Borg say, irrelevant. It is the Atkinson citizens, as a community, who have the ability to prevent a private, for profit, company getting its way. It is up to you. If you can blog here, you can also Email. That is the most productive use of your keystrokes. Don't tell us, tell them.

Curt Springer said...

To Anonymous@February 16, 2009 6:38 PM

Thanks for your cordial reply.

Regarding being generally in favor of the status quo, I would say guilty as charged. I think southern NH is a pretty good place to live. There are problems and things that could stand improvement, but by and large we compare well to other parts of the country and other parts of the world.

I think one reason why I particularly tend to offer cautions or corrections and not a lot of positive suggestions in this blog is that I am actually sensitive to sticking my nose into your business and telling you what to do. It's really cut and dry to say that warrant article X is not authorized by RSA Y. It's quite another thing to suggest how Atkinsonians can work together to solve problems without getting into personalities and issues at a level of detail greater than I have knowledge of as an outsider.

A few suggestions, and only because you asked:

Somehow or other, you need to get more people serving in town government. Not only would this provide some alternatives to current staffing and thinking, just being involved would give people a better understanding of how local government really works.

Another reason to get more people into town government is that the various boards and officers do have a large amount of power and discretion to operate on a daily basis, and often the town meeting has little more than budgetary authority.

I've said before, and now I'll say again, read the NHLGC publication "Knowing the Territory," which explains the main principles of NH local government and the checks and balances among the local boards and officials.

I think your situation with the part-time police chief and the elderly affairs department is a situation that is unique to Atkinson and needs to be taken care of. It seems to me that this poisons the atmosphere in your town government, takes up time that could be devoted to other matters, and inhibits people from participating more fully in town affairs.

As I said recently, it doesn't seem that you will be able to force the incumbent out until he is ready to leave or drops dead, so it would make sense to start planning for his replacement. I don't think that any professional police chief candidate worth his/her salt would want anything to do with Elderly Affairs, so that would take care of the separation issue.

Regarding the water withdrawal issues, I suggest that you widen your perspectives and look at it from the perspective of public policy and economic development. I mentioned that there is an interim study commission under the aegis of the legislature. It would be good to read their minutes, interim reports or other documents, or even attend some of their meetings or hearings. I'm not saying you have to agree with everything but try to assess this from a vantage point beyond your town boundaries, because any change at the state level will have to be in that context.

I think schools are a big issue in our corner of the state. There are really two issues, school funding in the state and the quality and cost of education in TRSD.

School funding in NH has become a complicated mess. One organization that is working this issue is NHCAFE.

Regarding the situation at TRSD, the academic issues, scheduling issues, constant demands for new buildings, etc., all I can suggest is that you check out the Timberlane Parents Forum. I think Peter Bealo would welcome any help in forming some sort of group to address these issues.


To Anonymous@February 16, 2009 10:44 PM

LOL :-)


To Anonymous@February 16, 2009 10:46 PM

I've always said that I'm not a lawyer, that I play one on TV. :-)

You don't need to be a lawyer to read laws and draw reasonable inferences.

Although I was involved in Danville town government from 1985-1993, it was only after I returned in 2003 because of forestry issues that I really came to understand how things work, particularly the relationship of the town and state, and the checks and balances among the town meeting and town officials and boards. I learned it of necessity via the school of hard knocks.

I do know my limitations. Twice this past year, I hired a lawyer to give me advice on town affairs. I did this at my own expense.

In order to decide if you think that state agencies "have overstepped their obligations," I suggest you read the PUC Docket (including all the documents linked from this page).

Anonymous said...

ANON 10:46 pm
Please post an E-mail list fo Gov and council.

Anonymous said...

1. Danville is responsible fo TRSB problems fo the last 40 years. they would always vote against progress in the district. Now that the state became the taxer they use the public dole.

2. Dont advocate public participation in NH unless U know "how it realy works". Participation requires personal interest not philanthropy.

3. The political mess in Atkinson will be solved by Injunction. If the courts create an oversite review and act on the results with injunctive force and mandamus will the situations be resolved.

$. Mrs. moderator why do you continue to hold the door for mr. s.? now the BS is just long winded crap.

Curt Springer said...

To Anonymous@February 17, 2009 7:26 AM:

Not to worry, I have no intention of using this blog to promote my ideas about how the world should work. I was just trying to oblige Anonymous@February 16, 2009 6:38 PM

Anonymous said...

See another example above.

Anonymous said...

February 17, 2009 7:12 AM

See the second entry above. Both addresses are there.

Anonymous said...

"I was just trying to oblige Anonymous@February 16, 2009 6:38 PM"

You want to oblige him/her (and it could have very well been you who posted this) yet you ignore all those who wish you to leave.

Who is obliging who?

Anonymous said...

For those who feel that a reciprocal obligation is appropriate:

Anonymous said...

In the last two and a half days, in SIX postings, Springer has flooded Atkinson's blog with 40 paragraphs of how he considers Atkinson should be run -- according to him. He ignores the fact that what Atkinson does or doesn't do is none of his business.

SIX POSTINGS in 2 1/2 days -- which is more than any Atkinson resident has done. Springer uses our blog more than individual Atkinsonians do.

Those 6 postings totaled out to 40 paragraphs of criticisms of Atkinson values, citizen's initiatives, our State Rep's legislative initiative, and, in general, Springer telling us ad infinatum how wrong everything Atkinson is and why we should do it the way he thinks it should be done.

Moderator, is this blog for Atkinsonians or is the space in it to be constantly used and dominated by Sprnger. He's like a big vacuum cleaner, sucking up Atkinson's air.

His quote: "I hve no intention of using this blog to promote my ideas about how the world shoud work." Yeah, right!!! That's all he ever does. And he probably has a bridge to sell you also.

You are harming the blog by constantly bending your knee in homage to Springer by allowing him to dominate our blog.

He has his own blog to promote himself himself and his ego. Why doesn't he use his own blog instead of constantly trying to dominate Atkinson's? So many Atkinsonians wonder what his problem is that he constantly seeks and feels he needs to promote himself on Atkinson's blog.

Take Springer's two postings on Feb. 16. One went on and on for 11 paragraphs while the other went on and on for a record 18 paragraphs. He is definitely out of control and you continue to encourage him by letting him know that you will tolerate his interference in Atkinson's affairs.

Are Atkinsonians ever going to have a day when we aren't subjected to Springer's interference?-- a day when Springer respects the fact that this is Atkinson's blog and not his personal pulpit to preach the word of Springer?

Anonymous said...

I just a do a TIVO on him now. See his name, fast forward the next person.

Here's a trick they use in the military when someone is interfering with normal radio traffic - they ignore it completely, absolutely no response to it. Those who interfere strive for acknowledgment, good or bad.

So, just ignore him. Don't respond to him. Act like he doesn't even exist. Do what the Amish do, shun him.

Shun - take pains to avoid.

Anonymous said...

He speaks, yet I do not hear his words.

Anonymous said...

)r you can comment to the people od Danville on -

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me why you don't post under a new name? This will enable you to be free from the harassment of those who pretend
to defend all of our civil rights on this blog.[most of us anyways] We'll know its you by your fine writing style and your penchent for the facts. Oh, those facts sure bug everyone around here.
Thanks again and I await your response. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yep, that will work real well. All it will take is 20 paragraphs of a cut and paste RSA to figure out who it is.

Curt Springer said...

To Anonymous@February 19, 2009 2:59 PM:

Thanks for your kind comments.

It has occurred to me that I could post anonymously, but as you and the subsequent poster noted, it would be fairly easy to pick me out, so it doesn't seem to be worth the trouble of having to proofread my stuff even more carefully than I usually do, making sure to write "the chief" instead of "your chief." The negative comments don't faze me, they are so repetitive. And it's not my style to be anonymous. That's just my decision for me, there is no implied criticism of those who prefer to be anonymous.

One thing I don't understand is the repeated assertion that SpeakoutDanville is a "failed blog". We have a number of active ongoing discussions, even though it seems there are no items of controversy in our upcoming town votes.