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Sunday, February 22, 2009

By unpopular demand.

Here is your request. Now explain how the current plaintiffs are somehow responsible for their attorney's other clients.

Anonymous said...

Dear Atkinson Reporter moderator, please consider the following article for submission:

Richard Brothers, New Hampshire’s State Employment Commissioner has been enjoying some extra income free of charge. It seems Mr. Brothers is accused of ten counts of fraud on travel vouchers he submitted to the state. That’s our tax dollars reimbursing this guy on travel he never made!

Incidentally, just before he was charged with fraud, Mr. Brothers was busy defending one Raye Ellen Douville (previously known as Raymond Douville – before he had a sex change!) Douville works for the State Employment Commission and has plead guilty to bilking a dozen trucking companies out of $100,000.00. Gov. Lynch has asked that Ms./Mr. Douville be suspended, but Mr. Brothers is refusing to do this, saying she’s been a good employee and honest about the investigation. I don’t know about the rest of you, but how you do you feel knowing there is someone working for the state – and in the Employment Commission no less – after pleading guilty to insurance fraud?! Is that a good use of our tax dollars?

Now what does this have to do with Atkinson? Well, Ed Naile, of CNHT would typically be all over a story like this. As a matter of fact, this would be a dream come true for him. Crooked employment commissioner, who, days earlier, was standing up for a guilty insurance fraud, cross-dressing employee? There should be no end to the cheap shots and innuendos by Mr. Naile. But, he has been unusually quiet about this. This is a CNHT dream example of abuse of our tax dollars and there has been nothing but silence….

Could it be that it’s because the lawyer defending the defender of the transgendered is none other than Atty. Charles Douglas? You know, Atty. Douglas, don’t you? He is the person defending the rights of Gary Brownfield, Leon Artus, and Steve Lewis. You can’t make this stuff up! But this is the three ring circus that is coming to our town! Thanks guys…we’re all glad you’re so concerned about ethics here in Atkinson!


Anonymous said...

Guess this really shows how unimportant this submission article is to the people of Atkinson. Those that insisted it be put here, verifies why the honest people have no interest in their spin.

Phil, Jack, Frank, Fred, Paul and Bill, may judgement day come CRASHING DOWN UPON YOUR HEAD and may you pay personally for your crimes.

Anonymous said...

Sure, bury it on the blog give it an unflattering title. Yup, it's the content of the subject!

Anonymous said...

Ed Naile Says:


Where is all the interest in your scandel-mongering?

Anonymous said...


Where's your expose on Richard Brothers? Did Atty. Douglas put a leash on you, you naughty boy?!