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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Atkinson selectmen release report to chief

from the Eagle Tribune;

September 20, 2011
Atkinson selectmen release report to chief
By Doug Ireland

ATKINSON — Selectmen gave a copy of a controversial police department review to the chief last night, but it's not clear when the report will be released to the public.

Meanwhile, police Chief Philip Consentino said he may only have one full-time officer on his staff by mid-October. Detective Sgt. Philip Farrar is scheduled to retire Friday and another officer is a strong candidate for a job with another department, he said.

Consentino, who said he usually has five full-time officers, asked selectmen at their meeting last night for an update on the report's release. Selectman William Friel said a copy was available for the chief, but wouldn't say when the report would be made public when questioned by a reporter.

Earlier this year, selectmen voted to pay a consultant $5,000 to review the department's management after numerous conflicts with Consentino over hiring a new lieutenant.

The conflicts between the board and the chief continued last night as they argued over the use of money from the town's elderly affairs account to gas up police cruisers. Consentino is also the elderly affairs director,

The town received the report from the consultant, Municipal Resources Inc., on Sept. 9 and gave it to town attorney Sumner Kalman three days later instead of releasing it to the public. Kalman said he had to analyze the report first to make sure it did not contain details that would endanger public safety.

The Eagle-Tribune filed a Freedom of Information Act request Wednesday to seek public release of the review. The town has five days to respond to the request. Today marks the fifth business day since the request was filed.

Friel would not say when the report would be available to the public.

"We will respond to your request by the deadline — whatever that is," Friel said. He would not discuss the report further.

After the meeting, Consentino said he was surprised to receive the report.

"That was news to me," he said. "It will be good reading material for me tonight."

Consentino said he couldn't comment on the report's findings until he's had a chance to review it thoroughly.

Regardless of what the report says, Consentino said he will have to abide by its findings and isn't worried about losing his job.

"It is what it is and there's nothing I can do about it," he said.

Before the meeting, Consentino said the report has held up hiring within his department as his staff leaves for better job opportunities elsewhere.

"Every time I ask them to do something in the police department, they tell me they can't do anything until they get the report," he said of selectmen. "I'm left in limbo. I can't hire anybody."

Consentino, who has been with the department for 43 years, lost his second in command this spring when Lt. William Baldwin left for a job with the Plaistow Police Department.

When Consentino, 71, was recovering from heart surgery this summer, Farrar covered for him and put his retirement on hold. Now, Farrar plans to retire and another officer will likely leave, Consentino said.

"That's going to leave me with only one full-time officer to cover five shifts," he said. "I can only do so much to keep things running"

Consentino had a heated exchange at last night's meeting with Friel and Selectman Fred Childs Jr., who was filling in as chairman while William Bennett recovers from an illness.

The pair questioned Consentino about gas being charged to an elderly affairs account instead of the police department.

There were several charges made to the wrong account in June and then July, Childs said.

"Some of it looks alerting to us, so that's why we're asking about it," he said. "I'm just concerned about the discrepancy where it's coming from."

Consentino said only about 30 gallons of gas were charged to the wrong account and that he would look into the issue immediately.

"I'll get back to you on that," he said. "I can't tell you tonight."

After Childs mentioned the first three charges in June and then spoke of three others in July, Consentino became agitated. He reiterated that he would look into the matter today.

"You can sit here and ask all night!" he said. Consentino went on to discuss other issues with the board.

In 2008, the state attorney general's office received complaints about the way Consentino operated the elderly affairs as a division of the Police Department. The two departments were separated, but Consentino still heads both.

Despite the heated exchange last night, Consentino said after the meeting he was glad selectmen finally gave him the report and answered other questions he had.

"Believe it or not, I'm very pleased with dealing with them tonight," he said.


Anonymous said...

More misappropriation of funds, nice.

When is the town going to take legal action and have him arrested? This is abuse of office and highly unethical.

Anonymous said...

Not only the substance of it all, but if you watched the meeting, you would have seen the bully in action.

I hope that the sheriff's department takes over. It could save us a lot of taxes.

Anonymous said...

What other funny money was spent and where did it go?

Where did it come from?

How long has this been going on?

Where is the report for the public to read?

Get your facts straight Conman, tell all of us what you have been doing to us these past 40 years?

Anonymous said...

Post the meeting on youtube.

Anonymous said...

You cannot expect the County to foot the bill for our police protection.

Anonymous said...

Spare us, please. Since when has Consentino EVER subjugated himself to any organization? Not the State Supreme Court. Not Rockingham County Superior Court. Not the State Attorney General. Not the BOS. Not once, not ever.

"Regardless of what the report says, Consentino said he will have to abide by its findings and isn't worried about losing his job."

And it has nothing to do with you losing your job. It's time for you to retire. Release the death grip you have on our town and go.

Anonymous said...

Rockingham County Sherrif's? Give me a break, the only cops that become sherrifs are the ones that don't want to do any work. Residents of Atkinson do you believe a RCS will be giving you the breaks an APD officer gives you when you are a bit "heavy" on the pedal? let's get an answer from Mr bennett to start, what do you think Bill. Will a boy in brown care about that badge you carry in your wallet?

Anonymous said...

After listening and watching the Circus production last night I reflect on some words that our esteemed elder statesmean said. Apparently Fred was away til 6:30 last night, how was Fred unable to be prepared for last nights meeting because he was away but had no problem quoting away to the ET last week. HMMMMM

Anonymous said...

It must be tough to be Phil right now. Lawsuits hanging over him, banty hen resigned, supporters leaving him in droves, almost the entire Full Time police force has left Atkinson, MRI report hanging over his head which will only state the obvious (what a freakin mess!), failing health, family problems, BOS against him, websites posting documents showing the truth, youtube videos, Eagle Tribune articles showing everyone leaving the PD and Phil fighting over his job when any normal person would retire, CNHT articles calling him a thug, and of course THAT BLOG! The Tribune's Freedom of Information Act request should provide lots of controversy. And now misappropriation of gasoline between 2 depts the Attorney General ordered separated, ugh.

You can't see the writing on the wall can you? When your entire full time staff leaves, its a clue.

I say you keep up the fight! Your egomaniacal self-rightousness will prevail. You can't stop lying now. GO FOR IT!

Just my little humble opinion of course

Anonymous said...

9/20 @ 9:29, Your quote of the Conman saying he isn't worried about losing his job says it all for me. He had to have had inside information before he got the report. Could it have been when he met with Kalman before the release of the report. If it is so then Kalman is or should be in trouble don't you think? I do because it doesn't take a genius to see the slip of tongue the Conman made in the quote and if Kalman did tell him that then they are both in deep dodo

Anonymous said...

If they do not react in line with the recommendations in that report, we should file a class action lawsuit against them for burdening us with an unruly, unqualified person. We deserve better.

Anonymous said...

The ET quoted Phil:

"Believe it or not, I'm very pleased with dealing with them tonight," he said.



Anonymous said...

This will all come down to how much juice Phil really has in this town. If I was inclined to make a wager I would put my coins on the Chief. He has endured many, many runs at him in the past. This is not new to him. In fact, I think he enjoys it a little bit when he is challenged. I predict the infamous MRI Report will end up being wedged under the lose leg of the table at the town hall.

Anonymous said...

He is misappropriating department funds! No way, is this going to go away.

Anonymous said...

You said you think he enjoys it? He GETS OFF on it. I've never seen anyone get so revved up for a battle like Phil gets. He loves the political fight & proving he can win regardless of facts or law.

Its all about who ya know. Right Phil?

He got away with it in the past because the BOS let him cause they owed him. Why? Phil got 'em elected with senior votes, seniors that owe Phil for EA favors. I ain't so sure BOS on his side now but I never kissed Phil's ring either. All it would've ever taken was 2 selectmen with the guts to do what's right. It hasn't been the case for years in town.

Well BOS do you have the ba--s to do what's right or are ya afraid of a crazy old man with a bad heart?

Anonymous said...

Instead of worrying about a couple of hundred bucks that got billed to the wrong account, why don't you complain about the lack of appropriation of funds by the Selectman.Didn't the voters approve the Town Warrant that gave the town employees a 2% raise this year. We are 9 months into 2011 and I haven't seen any raise as yet nor has anyone else in Town. What about them getting goals and salary ranges set for the Town employees. Forget it. They wouldn't know where to begin.

Anonymous said...

MRI comes to THIS town with a wrecked police department and elderly affairs/police donation scam and says everything looks fine, please carry on? I can't believe that.

Was it the intent all along to release a falsified report to protect the town Mafia?. Is that how this works?

Word around town hall is the Lions are going to give Kalman the man of the year award.

Only in Atkinshame

MAcciard said...

WOW, everything really DOEs come full circle! Your conversation about a "couple of hundred bucks billed to the wrong account" is EXACTLY how he started out his career as chief. LOL

According to Court documents, Selectman Wayne Peak found out that police dept fees collected by Phil were being given to the policemans assoc. instead of the town bookkeeper. He raised the issue accusing Phil of misappropriation of funds. Phil responded by screaming that no one was going to attack his good name. Peak had a vendetta, and they were off, competing court cases that dragged on for the next 6 years, finally being settled in 1988 with some undisclosed payment and settlement.

Anonymous said...

If they did the right thing back then, we would not still be going thru all this baloney.

He has often admitted he used assets from one dept to support the other.

WHEN, are they going to do the right thing?

Anonymous said...

C'mon folks... get a grip.

While the MRI report may well detail some poor administrative practices, cross-charging a few tanks of gas to one budgetary account instead of another is not the stuff of Watergate.

In most governmental entities it is done all the time... we're talking here about a couple hundred dollars? Get real.

I do think it is time for Phil to go (as it was 15 years ago) and maybe the report will be the tipping point. But it won't be because some guys charged gas to the wrong budget account.

Anonymous said...

How about because he has no training, no education, or any other issue indicating a lack of talent?

This is not about who likes who or who is friends with him.

This is about the head law enforcement person in the town not following the rules, co-mingling budgets, running two depts. and doing whatever he wants.

This is about having a professional Chief and we DESERVE to get what we are paying for.

We pay alot of money to keep him in Kalman's office and we spend alot of time discussing his mistakes.

We should not have to do this all the time. Get someone else to do the job right.

Anonymous said...

The report is due today.

Has anyone seen it?

If you have it, email it to to be posted for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Well "get a grip" if this is how government operates no wonder we have a 14.6 Trillion Dollar Deficit.

So can I extrapolate a little? APD never had the men or resources to cover the northern part of Atkinson on the other side of RT 111 properly because they're more interested in buying the latest SUV than gas to run their cruisers. And some of the elderly that needed rides to their doctor's appointments were refused, not because they wouldn't donate to the Chief's charity as has often been stated but because the APD stole the gas money.

No wonder the AG wanted to separate Elderly Affairs from the Police Department. Imagine the lawsuits if someone in North Atkinson had been killed in a robbery while waiting for the police to arrive or one of our elderly died waiting for a ride
to the doctor. Unbelievable mismanagement

Anonymous said...

heard there was a huge portion of atkinson town payers money being spent on cat liter, and chow mix, not sure whats up with that but i think there should be a MRI report on where the cats are being help, at least let us come over and pet them for once.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think they ought to do a complete report on any Town Officials who are using taxpayers money for personal expenses, cat litter, street lights, dinners at the country club, taking home cars, taking home town equipment.

They should also include any undisclosed relationships that might taint their ability to function ethically. Affairs, slander, showing around criminals expunged records (remember what happened to the old Sheriff?), also throw in some checks for unethical hiring based on abuse of office and impersonating an attorney, violation of the Freedom of Information Act and general Civil Rights boo-boos.

Go for it.

Anonymous said...


Here I am swinging away laughing about the selectmens meeting I saw last night. The bald creep trying to prove he runs the board of selectmen.. I laughed out loud as they clawed each others eyes out. Ha ha. I really enjoyed myself. Like I was sitting in a tub of lemonade and my GF gave me two jugs of vodka!

I was sad for the selectmen. That they have to bend over and take it cause this big ego blustering baffoon has a few elderly ladies he can sic on them. I am laughing so hard right now the tears in my eyes, I cany seee kkeys. HAHAHAHA

Can't wait to get home tomorrow and swing in my ham-monk and read if the Eagle Tribune put out the MRI report or sues my town for ignoring the Freedom of Information Act or what.

Jack and Frank used to tell selectmen, "Just do nothing. Give them nothing. It works. Sit back and watch the whackjobs do nothing"". Well, JACK, jump back in your box. Your old strategy will fail! Cause If the Eagle Trib doesn't file against the town there are a others with a vested interest that will file against ya and be on ya like a cat on a rat.

Oh, so much fun to think how MRI will respond if their report Kalman allows the ET to get is not the report they wrote. HAHAHAHA. Woopsie!!!

Tears are back in my eyes, my tummy hurts. I think I'm getting a hernia from laughing. You clowns are putting on a great TV show Monday night. More fun than watching the three stooges.

Should of been four stooges Monday night but one stooge is in hiding. Come on! Show some spine! Claw them eyes out. Be a man.

Anonymous said...

Location: Granite Ridge Circle

Voter: "Hey.. I hear you are running for selectman again."

Runner: "Yup. I'm gonna make those bozos history."

Voter: (Yawn). "That's cool. You and these other two campaigning with you?"

Runner: "Yup, my boy Barbiara and my pal O'Leary.

Voter: "platform?"

Runner: "My feet are fine. I don't wear them no mo."

Voter: "I mean what will your team do if elected."

Runner: "The udder two will do what i tell em. And, everyone in town gives me money to my donation fund or I make a law to take it out of their tax-asses."

Voter: "Is that legal?"

Runner: "Wadda ya mean legal. I make the laws here. Always have, always will and i like it when whackjobs callenge me. I send em packing. ----You contributed to all of my 5 funds in the past, right?"

Voter: "Not that I remember."

Runner: "Put your hands over your head. You have the right to remain silent..., take the mug shot..if you do not have an attorney....Barbiera- hog tie will be appointed for....O'Leary round up and root out the usual by that there fence. Get cracking!"