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Monday, September 26, 2011

Consentino wants to promote Farrar to Lt. Here we go again

From the Eagle Tribune;

September 26, 2011
Atkinson chief fights to keep sergeant
By Cara Hogan

ATKINSON — The police department continues to operate under a cloud of uncertainty with another police officer expected to leave the force this week.

But police Chief Philip Consentino said a promotion could convince Detective Sgt. Philip Farrar to stay. Farrar is scheduled to retire tomorrow after 12 years with the department. He also spent 22 years with the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office.

Consentino said he's waiting to receive approval from selectmen today.

"My recommendation has been that (Farrar) be promoted to lieutenant and be given a dollar increase an hour in pay," he said. "If he gets this job offer, I think he'll stay. Right now, the selectmen are requesting him to do my job and the lieutenant's jobs with no recognition whatsoever."

A conflict over hiring a new lieutenant earlier this year led selectmen to pay a consultant, Municipal Resources Inc., $5,000 to study the police department's management. The report was finished Sept. 9, but not released to the public.

Consentino received a copy last week.

Selectmen will not allow Consentino to hire new officers until they at least discuss the report with him at a nonpublic session at 5 p.m. today, just before the board's regular meeting.

Farrar would be the third officer to leave the department this year. Lt. William Baldwin and Officer Justin Paquette left for other departments, and a fourth officer may soon leave for another job, Consentino said.

That would leave the department with only one other officer, William Butler, he said.

Farrar announced his decision to retire in June, just after selectmen voted to study the department. He planned to leave within the month, but stepped up to fill in for Consentino while he was out this summer recovering from open heart surgery.

"I'm doing my original job as detective and the lieutenant's job and the chief's job," Farrar said at the time. "I'm certainly not going to abandon the department."

When Consentino returned on a part-time basis in August, Farrar made plans again to retire.

"By Oct. 7, I'll be left with one full-time officer," Consentino said. "The only other officer left is Butler and I need him to work the midnight shifts. So during the day, if I lose Farrar, I'm going to have to ask the sheriff's department to come down and help out."

Consentino said he's been saying the same thing to selectmen since Baldwin left the department for Plaistow in April. He believes Farrar deserves the promotion and hopes selectmen and the consultant agree.

"If the selectmen go along with my recommendation, he'll stay on," Consentino said. "If they don't, he'll be gone."

Neither Farrar nor selectmen could be reached for comment.


Anonymous said...

Could the absurdity get any worse?

Can the stupidity reach new lows?

Only in Atkinscum.

Farrar isn't qualified to write a parking ticket. He's been trying to retire since he lost his gun.

We're heading the ship into the rocks! Full speed ahead!!

Anonymous said...

He wants to retire, let him. Don't insult him with a buck an hour.

Anonymous said...

everyone else will be gone and the con will be reporting to the sheriff.


Anonymous said...

Just ANOTHER desperate attempt by the Conman to distract attention from his demise. Selectmen wouldn't let him replace Baldwin, why would they even consider promoting Farrar?

All this foolishness needs to end now. Close our corrupt PD, GET RID of all cops and put the Conman out of his misery and all the misery HE has caused.

Selectmen: Don't let him retire rather FIRE the corrupt SOB!

His old vote getting scheme is over and you can no longer benefit from his scams!

Anonymous said...

bennett has officialy resigned tonight

Anonymous said...

If true, it will be in the ET tomorrow front page. If a deception, you will be guilty of misleading the voters.

Anonymous said...

If Bennet did resign, maybe he read the original unredacted MRI report.

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted that the BOS allowed the hiring of anyone for the PD before the public was given a chance to read that report. I am sick to death of the hidden agendas.

Anonymous said...

Glad Farrar is leaving, good luck with your retirement.

Glad Bennett is gone, hope he feels better soon.

Want my report right now.

Todd is friends with Friel so I predict he will be the next TA. No experience in this area AT ALL, but so what? The Chief is setting precedence in the town for hiring unqualified people.

Anonymous said...

Lame prediction. Nobody would leave a well paying job in the commercial sector to take the TA job. DUH.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

The resume is for the vacant selectman job, not the town administrator.

I find it hard to believe that someone would decide NOT to retire if they got an extra $1 an hour. That sounds nuts.

Anonymous said...


Moron. You exemplify what is wrong with this town. Learn to read.

Anonymous said...

Nice talk. Learn some manners.

Anonymous said...

bennett is a boob fred is out of it and freil is just a crook get rid of them all

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of retards here. I have never seen anything so inane in my life. Fire the entire Atkinson PD. Brilliant! Morons.