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Thursday, September 29, 2011

SCOOP: The REDACTED version of the MRI report is out!

Yes it is posted on the town website, evidently posted without fanfare very recently it is available for public perusal.

It contains largely expected criticisms, including the following;

"Chief stated no(citizen's complaint) file exists. The citizens of Atkinson have not made any complaints"

As Laughable as THAT is, This exchange demonstrates that critics allegations over the last 5 years were well founded, and the chief's vehement denials were no better than falsehoods, and probably much worse;

"While this consultant was interviewing the chief, he received a call from an elderly person about finding a plumber, the chief pulled out a notebook, and said there are 4 plumbers approved by the police dept. he read off two of the names and told the caller to tell them they were recommended by the Atkinson Police Dept. to get their 10% discount. While it could be said that the chief was wearing the hat of elderly affairs director during this exchange(at his desk, within the police station, during his police working hours)receiving a recommendation from the chief of police raises CONFLICT OF INTEREST issues, using the name of the Atkinson Police Dept. to receive a discount on services may not be in the best interests of the dept. or the town. This service would be better by an ELDERLY AFFAIRS DEPT. NOT DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO THE POLICE DEPT."

"The chief feels there is no need to separate the elderly transportation program form the police dept. he feels it is not broken and is not in need of any modification"

Then the Report moves on to the chief's personal slush fund.... um.... charity.

"MRI had difficulty with this fund as currently constructed. The use of the Name Atkinson Police leads people to believe it is a public, not private endeavor. The books of a public funds would be open to inspection by the public or donors. Second, is a donation being used for the senior citizens program, or to acquire equipment for the police dept?Who decides how donated funds are allocated and to whom are they responsible?"

MRI Also recommends getting RID OF THE LT. AND DETECTIVE POSITIONS! Replacing them with two patrol sergeants with the flexibility during slow periods to return to the station to perform administrative paperwork.

MRI reports that the police dept. is OVERFUNDED to the tune of AT LEAST $40-50,000/ yr. Describing the usual balance left in the budget at the end of the year. Chief responded that he is frugal and only budgets what he needs, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

MRI also found that the police dept. operates without a current policy and procedures manual. Some procedures date back to the '80's, while officers claim they do not know if their policies are still active or not.

The report also shows the crime statistics reported by the chief to the attornies general's office for the last 7 years. 417 incidents in 7 years. THAT's right 59.5 incidents reported per yr. on average, 5 per month!

It also make a number of recommendations ranging from;
complying with the State records law to using ZERO BASED BUDGETING so that every line item can be verified as necessary, to weekly and monthly reports to the Board of Selectmen ROFLMAO!!!

They also suggest;
Atkinson should trade some of it's untrained, unsworn part time officers for one new full time officer. They also recommend doing away with having Atkinson dispatch 40 hours per week, and have Plaistow do it full time, instead of the 128 hours per week they do it now. The town should review the vehicle fleet, and develop a fleet plan based on demonstrated need! The Chief's Mercury should go, and he should assign himself one of the other existing vehicles in the fleet!

Separate the slush fund into TWO slush funds, one for elderly purposes, and one for police purposes.
"In order to avoid any conflicts of interest the vetting and recommending of contractors for the elderly should not be conducted by the police dept."
The police dept, should track normal statistics, such as mutual aid calls.

In short, this report verifies the criticisms made over the last five years by the likes of Mr. Acciard, Mrs. Grant, Mrs. LaFrance, Mr. Artus, Ms. Goodrich, Mr. Kaye, et al.

It is a fun read, go take a look


Anonymous said...

So is the Eagle Tribune still going to push for a copy of the Keystone Cops version of the MRI report?

That's the one that BOS Attorney Kalman and the Selectmen didn't piss on.

Anonymous said...

I'll summarize the MRI report for you.

The Atkinson PD is run like a circus by a nut.

Just my opinion of course.

Anonymous said...

No complaints against our police?

I counted 8 complaints posted on the Atkinson Taxpayers website and they're almost all against Phil. I wonder where they went?? What a liar.

Someone shoulda told MRI to read that website.

Too bad the Tribune has no Ba--s, or they would point out the blatant lie.

Anonymous said...

Town website to get the MRI report:

It's on the home page. Download away!

Anonymous said...

we need more officers better communication equip,new police station,better air quality, this is what the pd has been saying all along, wake up bos

Anonymous said...

ACTUALLY they said a new building in the future. And NOTICE that the shoulder radio problem was identified as a power problem pretty much what the Anti tower crowd said three years ago, THANK GOD Phil didn't get his 160' phallic symbol in the center of town, for $800,000!

Anonymous said...

Please, please, Eagle Tribune, demand a copy of the original MRI report. We want to know what the BOS, Consentino and Town Attorney Kalman deemed too sensitive to reveal to the folks that paid for the report and pay their salaries.

We want to see the raw report so we can come to our own conclusions. There's too much marking of territory going on in town as it is.

Anonymous said...

Reading the report and apd is disorganized and inept. What happened to all the computer equipment for the apd that came out of my pockets twice!

The mri guy bought into false stories.
Like there were no complaints from residents of the town. Duh.
mri failed to do right by the town & needs to tell the judge and AG what they did with the fat packet of resident complaints and the legal docs they got by certified mail.

Anonymous said...

Well the MRI report says it all. The Conman has been lying to the taxpayer for years. He's over budgeted, has to many cars, doesn't schedule properly,doesn't have an up-to-date policy book (let alone follow police standards and training), under utilizes his officers, doesn't need a detective OR A LIEUTENANT, shouldn't be doing his own dispatching,shouldn't be involved with Elderly Affairs OR Police Charities and out right lies to MRI person that complied the report.

The report stopped short by not saying Atkinson doesn't need a police dept. at all. Reading between the lines does seem to say that, along with what the taxpayers have been saying for years.


Now we will be able to gauge the honesty of our selectmen. If they don't put these suggestions into place, they will leave us open for more liability and lawsuits.

Let's prey they will, but from their past actions they won't do anything.

The men at the top of this food chain are the reason we have so many past lawsuits.

Consentino has to be fired and fired now.

No citizen ass!

Anonymous said...

What the MRI report did not address is the position of Chief, untrained, uneducated and this, raises serious concerns about what was redacted from the previous version.

This version is entitled Final, where are the OTHER versions?

I think it is likely that the BOS had MRI "do", another version to present to the public.

So, when you do that lawsuit, remember to subpoena MRI and ask of this.

Anonymous said...

Otherwise damning in a subtle way.

We paid for computers at least twice already recently.

The AGO needs to get this report to remind them of how HE has thumbed his finger at them.

Many admissions of Dept. co-mingling of budgets after he was PAID TO SEPARATE, which is FRAUD.

BTW, where is the Mercury? Hasn't been seen for months.

Anonymous said...

Public corruption charges are never represented by the locale.

Anonymous said...

No mention or the nepotism, missing grant equipment, but at least the misrepresentation in the mission statement of the APCF ought to do him in.

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd,

In your capacity of IT Chairman and Budget Committee, hasn't the PD requested and get budgeted for new computers at least twice in the last 10 years?

Enlighten us before Monday...

Anonymous said...

Our board of selectmen let this chap return to work and then hire new officers?

I just read the MRI report. Our police dept is negligent, backward and deceitful.

Hire a competent and fully qualified police chief right away.

Anonymous said...

How many pages of the MRI report were held back? We see only the parts of the report they decided to let us see.

Eagle Tribune can get the complete report, judge's approval, and make the Union Leader too.

The redacted, corrupted copy of the MRI report should be superglued to Kalmans .......

The true MRI report, superglued to the front door of town hall and put With a rubber band under all town resident mailboxes ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste the superglue, can BOS Atttorney Kalman along with his buddy Consentino.

Anonymous said...

The MRI report should pretty well close the door on Mr. Consentino. It exposes a lot. He has zero credibility. What scares me most is there’s so much that needs to be fixed in the PD the tax bill will be in the millions – when you consider a new facility and all the other updates needed, computers, software, training, etc. All Phil did was build an empire that provided residents very little for their tax dollars.

Regional policing is the way to go. We clearly don’t have enough police calls to justify the cost of a PD. I did the math and it comes down to about 2 calls per 8 hour shift many of which are just responses to alarms! When you look at what you can do selling off the PD building and any other assets you can get a nickel for, plus eliminate the annual budget, and then pay someone to provide a cop 24/hrs a day, it would be a huge savings and a huge cost avoidance. Do you want to pay for a new $2 Million police building? Not me. No more PD building maintenance and utilities, etc. All the redundancy is completely unnecessary. We can obviously use County, Plaistow or Salem PD to add some officers and vehicles and we pay for them to add to their staff. I’d like to know more about the services we already pay for that we can get at no additional cost from the County.

All the politics, lawsuits and liability would be gone. Less work at TH for everyone. How much of the BOS time is consumed by PD issues? Imagine the productivity gains in TH. Less book keeping and all the BS maintaining Phil's useless empire.

I suggest funding a study by MRI to do the cost benefit analysis of regional policing for Atkinson.

We clearly don't need Phil or the mess he's created. He's had limited staff for months plus he was out for a long time on medical leave. Did anyone notice?

Anonymous said...

So here's my prediction....

At Budget Time, the Chief will come in with 2 warrant articles

1 for new computers, because MRI said they need them


2 A capital reserve plan for the new police station they need because MRI said so.

He's gotta love this report.

Anonymous said...

At what cost to the taxpayers? We're going to trust Phil's numbers? LOL HAAHAHAHAHA

A proposal for an MRI study needs to be funded on what Atkinson should do.

Regionalized policing or not.

Anonymous said...

This $5000.00 taxpayer paid MRI report has brought out a lot of problems that the selectmen were aware of for years. The report just scratches the surface and does not address ALL the issues.

Perhaps we should spend a little more money and have MRI do a complete report to uncover all the problems that Phil was able to hide in this report.

We now have proof that vindicates the taxpayers who Phil and Selectmen slandered when they brought problems to light. Now we must make sure these recommendations are put in place.

Perhaps we should not allow Consentino to hire any more officers and just shut the department down. Why hire new people just to have them out of a job in a few months. That's not fair to new officers.

The department ran just fine without Phil, those that quit, along with the departure of Baldwin. Why replace them now? Reallocate the budget and hire Plaistow, Sherriff’s Dept. or some other qualified professional organization to police Atkinson. We could save thousands and get better protection without the corruption that Consentino represents.

Time for a change of command in this town.

Anonymous said...

Phil lied about the complaints against the PD. 8 complaints are posted on the Atkinson Taxpayer Website.

Why not submit a 91-A request for copies of all citizens complaints filed against the Atkinson PD?

The complaints are right out there for the world to see. What are they going to do? Not produce them? They can't win this one.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so the MRI report is in the selectmen's hands. Will they do anything with it or bury it and never act on it?

If they follow their NORMAL MODE OF OPERATION...........that wasted $5K of our money.

I'm betting they will do nothing like always. If so, why do we need slectmen or a police dept.?

Both are corrupt with the Conman leading the selectmen around by the nose.

Anonymous said...

Yup, just more Smoke & Mirrors from our Select? group! Oh my, what a waste!

Anonymous said...

Now we know the real reason Bennett quit. He didn't want to deal with the MRI report. With him gone, the Conman will put a relative in his place to protect his butt.

Nice going Bennett. Cut and run so the Conman can keep his job and the merry go round keeps spinning.

Coward! Corrupt Conman supporter!

Macciard said...

In 2006 or 2007, if I remember correctly we paid $13,000 or so for 9 computers and 2 laptops for the PD, plus some associated software.

Also I am pleased to see that they pointed out that the shoulder radio problems are power not broadcasting, thereby agreeing with what people like myself and Brian Boyle were saying in 2008, and laying waste to the chief's $750,000 tower proposal, and the committee's waste of $15,000 taxpayer dollars to come to a predetermined conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark. That's the type of waste Consentino and selectmen continue to promote through their (preselected committee process) to mislead the taxpayer into parting with their taxpayer monies for useless expenses.

The MRI report neglected to say that repeaters in our police cars would cure the problem. It also negelected to say that those repeaters were obtained years ago and not put into use. Consentino was responsible for NOT putting them in use because he wanted an expensive tower that taxpayers voted down.

Consentino is putting his own officers in dangern NOT the taxpayers.

Just another reason why the Conman is a town security problem for Atkinson taxpayers.

How come he never put grant equipment onto service after he got it?

Answer: It's not what HE wanted.

We spent thousands of dollars for committee solutions we didn't need.

Thank Phil. What companies donated to you slush funds as payback for your efforts to rip us taxpayers off?

You and our selectmen are a crook's crook.

You piece of sh-t.

Anonymous said...

Good job Mark, your wife must be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Attack the messenger when you don't like the message. Truth hurts donit? Wahhh.

Same old tricks don't work anymore Phrank or Fil, whichever. Same putrid response. You are all done.

Anonymous said...

Leon, you live- in must be proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Doncha wonder who ended up with the 11 computers?

MAcciard said...


The budget committee DID ask why some many computers when the PD did not even have that many rooms, but no effective answer.

As to the repeaters, the Town DID receive $9,000 worth of communications equipment in 2006 or so as part of Plaistows homeland security communications grant.

It was certified to the state and federal government that the equipment had been installed on a tower in Atkinson, in 2007, and 2008. It never was. But the equipment WAS NOT vehicle repeaters, but tower mounted IP Mux, and transmitter, and a couple of other things. No one seems to know where that equipment is today. Under a RTK request last year Bill Bennet claimed he thought it was installed in 2009 on a tower on top of Timberlane, but the IP canopy that we got would not be of use to solve Timberlanes unique issues.

So I have no idea where this equipment is, or where it has been for the last 5 years.

MAcciard said...

As must yours, 1:23pm

Anonymous said...

So much town property gone missing. Shouldn't someone call the police and get the detective to investigate?

Anonymous said...

Millions of dollars in equipement have gone missing at taxpayer expense in the town of Atkinson without taxpayer knowledge that selectmen and Consentino allowed to happen.

Where did the money go if it didn't go back into the general fund? Hmmmmmmmm?

Just another coverup by the people that took the benefit.

This is not funny.


Anonymous said...

How come every time things get tense and you want to call town hall, there is no one to take your call during business hours?

Are selectmen docking those people pay, or are they paying them for not being present?

Are selectmen still paying a "Russ McCallistor" benefit for NOT BEING PRESENT during WORK HOURS?

IN order to keep the POLITICAL ADVANTAGE, our guess it yes.

Selectmen..........YOU SUCK .......when awake, sleeping, or playing dumb!

Either way you are now good use to society.

Anonymous said...

How come you're making wild ass asumptions and accusations without a shred of evidence? Maybe YOU'RE the one who sucks. Talk about glass houses, the behavior of many of the posters on this blog is down right disgusting. You seem to be all about tearing people down with unsubstantiated claims. Try looking in the mirror for a change. You may not like what you see.

Anonymous said...

MRI report speaks for itself. Get a life. Changes nees to be made in this town and u and the Selectmen don't want the changes made.



See you in hell asshole.

Woops............well see u in hell thru video. LOL

Anonymous said...

Your comments simply back up what I said. You must live a miserable life. I actually take pity on you. Where's the proof that the selectmen don't want changes? Logic says if they purchased the study, they see a need for change. Do you think Phil wanted to see MRI come in? Keep throwing your grenades. It's pretty clear what type of person you are.

Anonymous said...

If **all of a sudden** the selectmen want change, let them stand up and say so. Grow a spine.

Let them release the original **even redacted** MRI report with all the criticisms of the Chief in black and white.

Until then, we will criticize them for not being forthcoming with us. We deserve this if they want our support and backing.

Anonymous said...

Not being forthcoming? They posted the report on the website! What a joke you people are.

Anonymous said...

Someone getting a little testy? May I make a suggestion? Find a nice quiet corner of Town Hall. Crawl into one of your comfortable Selectmens' chairs and purr. Works like a charm for my pussy, Tiddles. You should have released the unvarnished MRI report immediately and you've had so many chances to boot Consentino out over the years, we've lost track. Who's the bigger fool here, the BOS or Chief Consentino?

In my humble opinion it's the BOS.

Anonymous said...

Testy? Not at all. Just pointing out what you are. If anyone is testy, it was you calling me an asshole. Selectmen? Believe what you wish. It's only your opinion as they say, and I've already shown how wrong headed it really is.

Anonymous said...

Selectmen. Please separate the police department from Elderly affairs. It is wrong to allow this private charity to be promoted by our police as a public charity on police stationary. it is wrong to allow police to take advantage of the elderly and simple people who just don't understand.

Selectmen. Please separate the police department from Elderly affairs and protect the citizens of the town.

Anonymous said...

The first draft version was requested and should have been provided, with necessary redactions.

They will be haunted by the fact that they rewrote it before providing it.

Anonymous said...

Did you see where the Chief said that it would be too expensive to separate?

He was already paid to do this! Where did that money go?

Anonymous said...

Amazing how many assholes there are posting on this blogsite. Get rid of the police dept, fire the Chief, fire the BOS. I hope none of you ever need to call 911 from your cellphones because without the tower Chief Consentino pushed to get, half of your calls will not make it. Of course, why would you bother to call such an inept department as you consider it. Take care of the criminals yourselves fucktards.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how all the Chief supporters swear and attack people. Why all the hateful homophobic comments? Run out of sturdy arguments?

It's silly of you come here and suggest anyone has recommneded getting rid of our FD, no one has. The only people down on the BOS are the cops right now because they know they are exposed.

Get rid of the PD is all we ask. Get a new bunch of honest cops or get another town to cover us.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the tower the Chief wanted...Now we know why he wanted it...he already had grant equipment he got claiming he was going to put it on a tower at the FD. A tower he didn't even have.

He got caght up in his own lies.

Anonymous said...

I hear that he's going to quit and claim health issues, in exchange for not exposing him and his many shortcomings in the report.

Anonymous said...

Some people want to believe the selectmen hired MRI to come in, see the mess and report to hire a professional police staff. These people were conned.

Our selectmen told MRI where to step and where not to step. Stay away from saying the town needs to let them put in emergency staff.

The good citizens, our good neighbors got a MRI report that is incomplete, then redacted, edited, and facts hidden by our town officials. Yet our good neighbors still want to believe they are honorable men.

The facts speak for themselves. Childs statements in the ET. Even the way the EAGLE TRIBUNE put the positive spin on the redacted report instead of printing it entirely.

Did they get another visit and hard talking to at the ET like before. Blue lights going on the car. The same old red face yelling, joking, threatening, then being nice. Friendly back slapping. Whatever it took to get the ET not to print the full report and spin it his way.

Sorry, good neighbors, if the BOS had integrity they would never allowed return to work and approved hire of new officers under bad command. Instead, they held back the MRI report, changed it and redacted it. Worked out a cover up then sent out the thugs to attack the citizens who protest. And these are honorable men?

Honorable men would have released the MRI REPORT AS WRITTEN, inserted a police chief and staff from MRI, AS THEY OFFER TO DO. Then sent the elderly affairs cars to the community center with a dispatcher.

Like you I wanted to believe the BOS brought in MRI for the right reasons and would insist on a thorough and tough report of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. That just did not happen and they hid a lot of what truth they did get. I know you cling to the hope our BOS will still do the right thing. But if you read Childs comments in the ET, I think it is plain the coverup is pretty complete. I know it is hard to take that they support the big problem against the public's best interests.

Anonymous said...

Article submission please

September 30, 2011
Atkinson releases review of police department

By Jo-Anne MacKenzie

ATKINSON — The long-awaited independent review of the Atkinson Police Department was released yesterday.

While some in town may have thought the report would be damaging either to police Chief Philip Consentino or selectmen, it's not particularly harsh in its review of the department.

The document was released just two weeks after The Eagle-Tribune requested it under the Freedom of Information Act.

The 20-page report, with 17 pages of appendices, includes 25 specific recommendations. Those recommendations range from reconsidering the use of a jail trustee to clean the police station to planning ahead for the eventual need for a new station.

It also suggests a wage classification study, weekly reports from the chief to selectmen, and a review of police department vehicles and a replacement plan.

The report by Municipal Resources Inc. suggests the chief have two patrol sergeants, rather than a lieutenant and a detective sergeant, and recommends a change in officer scheduling.

Anonymous said...

The department should look at Taser training and distribution, a new computer system, policy updates and reviews, purchasing practices, and a clearer separation between the department and the Elderly Affairs Department, according to the report.

Selectmen and town attorney Sumner Kalman had said the report wouldn't be made public until it had been reviewed and any potentially litigious sections redacted.

Selectman Fred Childs said there were "no surprises" in the report, at least from his perspective.

But he also said he wasn't speaking for anyone else.

No one else was speaking yesterday. Selectmen's Chairman William Friel did not return a phone message seeking comment, nor did Consentino.

Selectmen decided to spend $5,000 to have MRI conduct a review on the day-to-day management of the department. That decision was reached after selectmen and Consentino were in conflict over hiring a new lieutenant, to replace Lt. William Baldwin, who left Atkinson for a job in Plaistow.

As far as Childs is concerned, it was money well spent.

Anonymous said...

"We're not looking to micro-manage," he said. "We just want to make sure things are being run correctly — and they are."

The third selectman, William Bennett, resigned his position Monday, citing ill health.

Selectmen officially responded to The Eagle-Tribune's request Sept. 20. They said the board, Consentino and the attorney were "analyzing the report to redact any and all information" prohibited from public disclosure under the state's Right to Know law.

There was less than a page in total redacted from the report. For the most part, there's a sentence or short paragraph here or there blacked out.

A look at what lies ahead

The police department is bare bones at this point, following the departure of Baldwin and Officer Justin Paquette, and the retirement of Detective Philip Farrar this week.

The force is down to the chief, who works just 25 hours a week, one full-time officer and some part-time officers.

But on Monday, after a two-hour, closed-door session with Consentino, selectmen gave the OK to hire two full-time officers and two part-timers.

Anonymous said...

Childs said yesterday the town is close to hiring a new full-time officer.

And if selectmen follow the MRI report's recommendation, the town would add another full-time officer after it fills the existing vacancies.

Childs seemed to think that was likely. Budgeting starts soon and a new officer would be part of the budget voters will weigh in on in March.

"We know we've got to put another officer on," he said yesterday. "We'll have to budget for it soon."

While Childs wouldn't say specifically what selectmen and Consentino discussed in their closed-door meeting, he did acknowledge they talked about MRI's findings.

"We came to pretty good agreement," he said.

As for some specific recommendations, including the department have two patrol sergeants instead of replacing the lieutenant and detective sergeant vacancies, Childs said that was the chief's call.

"The chief runs the department," he said. "It's up to him; we don't tell him to how do it."

Another recommendation calls for putting officers on a "four-two" schedule, four days on followed by two days off. That's standard within police agencies, according to MRI.

Elder Affairs and potential conflict

In the body of the report, MRI addresses the relationship between Elder Affairs and the police department, clouded because Consentino heads both.

It's been cause for considerable divisiveness in the past.

Three years ago, some residents filed complaints with the Charitable Trusts Unit of the attorney general's office. That office conducted a three-month "inquiry" and made recommendations to further separate the two departments.

But they remain linked in many ways. Police dispatch receives calls from older residents seeking rides. Dispatchers schedule those rides. The Elder Affairs Department uses some retired police cruisers, with the emergency lights removed, but MRI suggests there's the potential for confusion because the cars still look like cruisers.

During MRI's interview with Consentino, he received a call from an older resident seeking advice about choosing a plumber.

Consentino told the caller "four contractors had been approved by the Police Department" and advised the caller to say they were recommended by the police department in order to receive a 10 percent discount, according to the report.

That "raises the potential for conflict of interest concerns," the report says, and using the weight of the police recommendation is probably not a good idea.

But when Consentino was asked about the future of the two departments and their governance by one person, he told MRI he hoped the police chief would continue in both roles.

"The chief feels that there is no need to separate the elderly transportation program from the police department," the report says. "He feels that it is not broken and therefore is in no need of modification."

Both MRI and Childs had high praise for the services provided by the Elder Affairs Department, and both said it is well regarded locally and statewide.

Childs acknowledged the relationship between the two departments and the police chief's role in it may well change after Consentino retires.

But, he said, there is no reason to think the 71-year-old chief plans to leave in the near future. He has been with the Atkinson Police Department for 43 years.

For now, Childs said, things seem to be working fairly well.

"We've talked about it, but he's done a lot of the things that were suggested," he said. "There are some concerns, but it's a good program and the townspeople like it."

While there may be some changes in the future, he said, the program would remain.

Anonymous said...

Childs speaks for the flavor of the board. Nothing will change and Elderly Affairs will stay in the police dept.

This is just another example of their "Dog and Pony" shows using "Smoke and Mirrors" in an attempt to make the public think they are doing their jobs. Instead, they spent 5K of our money for a report they would never put in place.

The Town Government Marfia ROLLS RIGHT ALONG IN ATKINSON. Monday night’s selectmen’s meeting will continue the show, by setting up another of Consentino’s relatives to replace Bennett.

Anonymous said...

We need a BudCom Chairman at this time of year. We don't elect people to abandon ship.

Anonymous said...

One of the most revealing portions of the MRI report is that part that says the cops have to provide a written report to the Chief if they interact with any citizen.

The Chief is compiling dossiers on all the residents? Why else would this happen?

Anonymous said...

I am torn between thinking the BOS set this up with a hands of Consentino clause, or that they had them revise it after the fact.

If he quits or gets canned soon, it might be evidence of theory A, otherwise I will lbe forced to believe theory B.

BOS, do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you learned anything yet? BOS is part of the whole problem. They aren't EVER going to give up their strangle hold on the taxpayers of Atkinson. THEY ARE the people stealing money from you for their pet projects, AND taking your rights away.

Get a grip! Until we ban together and take them out of office, they will continue business as usual and teach other towns how to do the same.

What do you think those AREA SELECTMEN WORKSHOPS are all about? Helping local taxpayers keep their rights? NOT!

Selectmen are nothing but COWBOYS corralling us CATTLE into the pen before the SLAUGHTER.

When they accomplish that job, it will be to late for you to get your head out of the sand to do anything about your own demise.

Don’t worry. It’s been said that you don’t HEAR the SHOT before the shell goes through your thick skull. Don’t know how long you feel the pain before the bullet does its job.

Keep not getting involved and that day will come sooner than later. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

They don’t give a plug nickel about our lives, and they won’t care when they pull the trigger.

Anonymous said...

Imagine, if you will, a big wave. And the relationship between Consentino, the old folks in town and the Elderly Affairs program is the wave. Who do you think is right up there on their surf boards riding the wave? The Selectman! And Attorney Kalman is on the beach getting it all on his camcorder. Do you really think the BOS is going to break up the party? Of course not! They'd all crash on the reef. This is how the whole machine works. Sad to say, but we're going to have to wait for a new crop of elderly, an ethical BOS or Consentino's passing.

Anonymous said...

Some people want to believe the selectmen hired MRI to come in, see the mess and report to hire a professional police staff. These people were conned.

Our selectmen told MRI where to step and where not to step. Stay away from saying the town needs to let them put in emergency staff.

The good citizens, our good neighbors got a MRI report that is incomplete, then redacted, edited, and facts hidden by our town officials. Yet our good neighbors still want to believe they are honorable men.

The facts speak for themselves. Childs statements in the ET. Even the way the EAGLE TRIBUNE put the positive spin on the redacted report instead of printing it entirely.

Did they get another visit and hard talking to at the ET like before. Blue lights going on the car. The same old red face yelling, joking, threatening, then being nice. Friendly back slapping. Whatever it took to get the ET not to print the full report and spin it his way.

Sorry, good neighbors, if the BOS had integrity they would never allowed return to work and approved hire of new officers under bad command. Instead, they held back the MRI report, changed it and redacted it. Worked out a cover up then sent out the thugs to attack the citizens who protest. And these are honorable men?

Honorable men would have released the MRI REPORT AS WRITTEN, inserted a police chief and staff from MRI, AS THEY OFFER TO DO. Then sent the elderly affairs cars to the community center with a dispatcher.

Like you I wanted to believe the BOS brought in MRI for the right reasons and would insist on a thorough and tough report of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. That just did not happen and they hid a lot of what truth they did get. I know you cling to the hope our BOS will still do the right thing. But if you read Childs comments in the ET, I think it is plain the coverup is pretty complete. I know it is hard to take that they support the big problem against the public's best interests.

Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for the bloke who wrote the MRI report. The report we got is not the report he wrote. Now he has to go to court and explain WHAT HAPPENED to all the information, letters of complaint and legal docs sent to MRI by certified mail. They have to answer for that. Did he put it in the report? Yes or no. Yes. MRI reputation secure. No. You will have to give up reporting on fire and police departments and open a car wash as your reputation just went bye, bye.

Or the Selectmen and their thugs told the poor, somewhat weak willed MRI guy to stay away from "the big problem" and to lose the certified mail docs.

Did Sumna lose them on the golf course?


Anonymous said...

My opinion is the statement that there are no citizen complaints, was inserted into the MRI report by Atkinson after it was submitted.

Having read several MRI reports, it is obvious that this Atkinson Police Report was tampered with. MRI supplies finished reports, not draft reports to be finalized by town officials or another party.

What we see here is an organized conspiracy to protect a political structure. It is the ultimate deception and violation that we witness other places in our world.

Muamar Kadaffi with his little green book of deceptions.
Chairman Mao with his little Red book to intimidate and distract a whole generation of a starving nation.
Adult Hitler's "Mein Kampf" or "My Cause" written to forment and solidify a Political ideology, party, and deprive a nation of the truth.

Masters of deception. What we witness locally is tepid by comparison. Political Scientists find amusing that small towns bluntly imitate and typically implement historical models. It is so true that those who do not understand political history are doomed to look ridiculous. As do dancing bears in a small town circus.

Opinion Journalism certified.

Anonymous said...

How do I get my plumbing company's name on the Town of Atkinson's Approved Vendor List? Do I donate to Elderly Affairs, the Chief's private charity or do I get some of my customers to lobby Town Hall or the Police Department? Or is there an official form at Town Hall or the Police Department that I need to fill out? Will my company be subject to an investigation? Will the Police Department create a dossier on me and my family? If I'm not approved, is there an appeals process? If I'm still not approved, can I sue the Town of Atkinson for discrimination?

Does the Town of Atkinson have any business spending taxpayers money on these kinds of activities? The private sector does a better job. Use Angie's List.

Anonymous said...


Selectmen are going to require all contractors to be approved by the Police Department BEFORE they are allowed to do business in Atkinson.

Applications can be picked up at their office. Filing fee will be $250.00 (non-refundable) with no guarantee of acceptance. Approved contractors will be put into a lottery as job requests come in. (Lottery fee $25.00 per drawing)

Contractors that win the lottery will have their work overseen by the police department on a daily basis. (Overseer fee $10.00 per trip) All violations will be referred to Code Enforcement Office by the police department. (Referral fee $5.00 per violation) Each confirmed violation will be assessed a $100.00 fine per day until corrected.

Contractors must offer a 10% discount to the Elderly customer.

This policy is for the safety of our Elderly. We don’t want them to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors.

PS All funds collected will go into the general fund and dedicated to build a new police department building complete with all the latest state of the art equipment. Any remaining money will be donated to the chief’s 501-c fund to do whatever he wants to do with it.

Contractors that want to be put on the fast track program, can avoid all of the above, if they donate a minimum of $5000.00 directly to the chief’s 501-c fund. (Selectmen will promise to turn their back……….(See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Do Nothing)

It’s for the good of the ELDERLY, you know.

It's for the saftey of the Elderly you know.

Anonymous said...

Same scam Superintendent LaSalle uses with the schools:
"It's for the children". Who the hell is going to advocate for the middle-class taxpayer? We're an endangered species.

MAcciard said...

To 8:50

LOL, I don't know. I have not been able to get my Carpet Cleaning Company on there.

Anonymous said...

bos is the whole problem in town contractor bill f cant even get the bids out for kimball house,pd and fd. what a waste

Anonymous said...

throw out bos and get 3 compentant people in there

Anonymous said...

and get someone in the pd who can spell at 4th grade level.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Acciard


Everyone knows that you are on Consentino's "unscrupulous contractors" list, because he doesn't like you. (You ask to many intelligent questions of the Town)


Unwritten selectmen's policy says:

You can still qualify to get on Consentino's good side by getting on their SUPER FAST TRACK PROGRAM.

To qualify you can donate $10,000 directly to the Chief's 501-c account and they will personally see to it that you still won't qualify until after a 100 year waiting period has been met.

You can cut that period in half for a $20,000 donation. Chief will promise his approval will be given within 25 years of his death or yours. (Which ever comes first)

See there is HOPE and CHANGE in the air!

Anonymous said...

or you could be one of friels guys but you have to give him kick back

Anonymous said...

maybe we need a report on the bos and there shaddy things they are up to

Anonymous said...

Phil should give it up before he gets fired. The next BOS member will not be so soft on Phil. He better hopes Fred hangs in there.

Anonymous said...

Oh, King Phil I... You're restricting commerce in Atkinson, under the guise of protecting the elderly. And BOS members may be involved as well. Just how many protection rackets are you guys running? "Save a Lawsuit" and advise the elderly to call the Better Business Bureau if they have any concerns about trades people.

Anonymous said...

fred hangs in there he does not know what day it is

Anonymous said...

Hello? Is This The Atkinson Police Department? I Need Help

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 12:13PM

I guess it is safe to say that the next 10 years of litigation against the Town of Atkinson will probably revolve around the Police Department and the newly released MRI Report found here:

Some towns in New Hampshire can be described as dysfunctional, Windsor, where the elected officials and friends do not pay property taxes is one, but Atkinson tops the field with its “part time police chief” who costs the municipality hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits and a failed police department.

Check out pages 7-8 for a sample of the absolute stupidity displayed by part time chief/full time liability, Phil Consentino.

The public employee (Chief Consentino) answers the phone in the Atkinson Department office and gives out the names of “approved” contractors with a 10% discount for mentioning they got the name from the Atkinson PD.

And how do you get on the “approved” list in Atkinson so you can do business in town?

Is there any reason a contractor gets bumped from a list?

I’ll bet it would be a hoot to find out how you get blacklisted by Chief Consentino from working in Atkinson. But do you think the blacklist is written down for review - probably not. And I assume so safely because when you read the rest of the report you will find that Chief Consentino doesn’t keep written records of most things a professional or competent police chief would – unless it is a list of possible elderly voters who support his political agenda.

Chief Consentino isn’t very smart but he is a punk and a bully. Just look at some of his ravings on YouTube.

The one single advantage Consentino has in Atkinson is the complete weakness of the people who have floated through the Board of Selectmen during Consentino’s reign of stupidity.

If I was a contractor in Atkinson I would hurry on down to the Town Office and ask for, under RSA 91-A, a copy of the “Atkinson Police Department Approved List of Contractors and 10% Discount Policy.”

The MRI Report says they have one.

And the gutless Selectmen thereby approve.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Lafrance. That didn't really work out quiet like you wanted it too. Seems that all the rumors and false stories made up by you and you half wit mafia went unnoticed. So what is the next step for you and your cohorts. Maybe turn to your husband? Oh yeah that's right. Maybe start talking to yiur cats? Meow mix meow mix please deliver. Here Is what I suggest, you pack up the truck and you move to Beverly. Hills that's is.

MRI reporter

Anonymous said...

Is this a prelude to another house and car being vandalized in an effort to get residents to move if the Chief doesn't like them? Anyone who asks for services and interferes with the master plan is a target in this Town. No one is moving on but you, so why don't you just keep this up long enough for you to be fired, arrested or sued again.