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Saturday, November 19, 2011

It is Time for the Selectmen to ACT!

With fresh allegations of electioneering, and his outrageous defiance of his employer's wishes, it is high time for the selectmen to take action with regards to the police chief. Gross insubordination can not be allowed to exist in any organization, and it has run rampant in the Town of Atkinson for far too long.

For those who wonder how we got to this point, the following Article was published on this blog in July 2008;

TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2008

The evolution of a costly problem.
Anonymous said...

Atkinson Reporter2 please accept this as an article submission;

The evolution of a costly problem.

Although I grew up in Atkinson, I left to go to college, and now live out of state, but as I have family in town I try to keep up on events in town. I LOVED reading the Atkinson Reporter, and the Atkinson Taxpayers website, and now I love reading this site.

Background now out of the way, I have spent much time reading the website. I remember a lot of these incidents, but seeing it all together in one place is overwhelming. I decided to write about what I felt about reading all of this.

I think we can all agree, even though the police chief evidently does good work with the elderly, he is a costly problem to the town, what with all the lawsuits, resident complaints, shouting at meetings, Gestapo tactics with his enemies, etc. I wanted to examine how this could be allowed to happen in my home town.

As far as I can tell chief Consentino was appointed on a probationary basis in 1978 to the position of chief of police. At that time, as near as I can tell, he had been a part- time police officer for 8 years or so, with little or no formal training, or experience. It was in 1980 apparently that the first problem appeared;( all of this is available in the court documents section of

A Selectman, Wayne Peak, apparently found that minor fees that the police charged for reports and such, were not being deposited to the town, but given to the patrolmens association(a private organization). As this was money charged by the town for services, Peak determined that it belonged to the town, and characterized the misappropriation of these monies as misuse of funds, or some type of theft. Peak brought his information to the board of selectmen and asked them to punish the police chief, but they refused. Peak went to court, filing a Writ of Mandamus, demanding that the Court order the selectmen to do their duty. He also resigned in protest.

I have to say that the court documents read like an adventure novel, allegations of police harassment, false charges of reckless driving later dismissed, formal accusations of witness tampering, employing agents to fire shots at the police station, complaints to the Mass Dept. of Revenue, untimely audits yielding no results, at one point chief Consentino even sued Mr. Peak, claiming, Libel, Slander, Defamation of Character, reduced earnings capacity, and stress related illness’. These competing claims wound their way through the Court system for 7 years, until being settled for an undisclosed amount. Mr. Peak then threw a party in N.Andover the weekend after the settlement to show off the TWO new Cadillac Eldorado’s he purportedly bought with the settlement.

This case was finally settled in 1988. In 1990 or 1991 there came another issue, then Lt. Rick Daniels resigned suddenly over disputes with chief Consentino. Chief Consentino claimed in the Eagle-Tribune that Daniels “wiped out 12 years of computer database information before he left”. Daniels claimed this never happened, and was heard to state that Atkinson didn’t even have a database in 1979.

In 1996 or so their was some issue apparently with police standards and training, resulting in their visit to town.

In 1997 and 1998 there were endless shouting matches between selectman Fred Childs questions about budget and expenditures in the police dept. and chief Consentino’s refusal to provide clarification to this selectmen, his boss. All of this is detailed in the Eagle Tribune, and on the site.

In 1999, the officers got so frustrated that they decided to form a union. There were “intimidation letters” from chief Consentino to the organizers, resulting in a labor board case, in which the NH Public Employees Labor Relations Board, ordered the “town and its Agent(Consentino) to cease and desist from any bullying, harassment, and intimidation of officers”.

Around this same time Mrs. Childs, then a part time officer herself, in Atkinson, evidently filed a complaint with police standards and training about chief Consentino’s hours, that he worked too many to be part time, and that he lacked the training and education to be full time. Chief Consentino responded by asking one of his officers to visit her house and take pictures of her Hampstead animal control cruiser, he followed this up with a letter to the Hampstead selectmen accusing Mrs. Childs of misusing her cruiser for personal business. When Mrs. Childs found out about this intimidation, and rightly blew up about it, Consentino claimed “I was acting as Phil Consentino resident, not Phil Consentnio, chief” Like every “resident” has access to police officers and police dept. stationary!

In 2003, there was another flap that ended up before the labor board involving officer Lorden, case was settled with officer Lorden receiving payment. There was another labor board case involving Officer Buco, another settlement, another payment. 2003, also saw the infamous “Town that hates Halloween” story, reported on CNN, Boston Globe, Union Leader, AP, Howard Stern, Michael Graham, Howie Carr, etc. Nice Job!

In 2004 saw the first conflict of interest allegations from Brian Boyle, then from Mark Acciard. Acciard, then a budget committee member, filed a code of ethics complaint, which they ignored. He then filed with the Court asking for an injunction to keep the POLICE CHIEF from DECIDING POLICE MATTERS AS A SELECTMAN!!! Should be a no brainer, right? Wrong! Chief Consentino refused to step aside, even after the Court ordered him to, and the Court found this 30 year chief in CONTEMPT OF COURT! He didn’t like that and tried to appeal it to the NH Supreme Court, and they dismissed his case!

In 2006 He was the subject of a Federal Civil Rights Suit against the Town, recently settled! Another settlement another payment!

And Now the Town is currently facing a $3,000,000.00 lawsuit alleging misconduct AGAIN on the part of Atkinson’s police chief! When does it end?

The selectmen could, at any time, during all of this done their duty, and enforced town policy, and reprimanded, suspended, or even fired the chief, but they have done nothing, and the allegations, legal costs, increased insurance premiums, all continue to march on.

Since that time there has been another lawsuit, with legal expenses so extraordinary to attempt to craft a defense for Phil's actions, that Primex, the Town's long time insurer, DROPPED THE TOWN COVERAGE! this forced the town to pay the rest of the expenses to settle that case out of pocket.

this is a chief law enforcement officer who began his tenure with allegations of misappropriation of funds, was Ordered by the NHPELRB to stop bullying and harassing his officers, Who has been responsible for AT LEAST TWO Settlements on Unfair labor practices charges, and AT LEAST TWO out of court settlements to lay to rest abuse of authority, harassment, etc. cases, has been the subject of NO LESS than EIGHT LEGAL actions during his tenure, incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal expenses and settlements, was ORDERED by the Court to recuse himself from meetings, only to VIOLATE that order, and be found IN CONTEMPT OF COURT. He then wasted MORE taxpayer money to appeal that decision to the NH Supreme Court who dismissed for LACK OF STANDING! He has a documented history of threatening his opponents, following them through town, defaming them and making false statements at meetings, Lying to the People of Atkinson, and his routine arrogance, and general disregard for the demands of his employers. In ANY OTHER TOWN an employee who committed a FRACTION of this behavior would have been fired.

It is time for the selectmen to follow the DEMANDS of the AG's office in 2008, and the recommendations of the MRI report, and PHYSICALLY SEPARATE Police and Elderly Affairs. Move EA to the Community center, merge it with all of the other senior programs into one all encompassing full service dept. Dispatch the cars from there. Offer Phil a CHOICE; he can choose to remain as police chief, or as Elderly Affairs Director, BUT NOT BOTH!

It is time to put the good of the Town above the wishes of one of it's EMPLOYEES.


Anonymous said...

Bravo!! Come on, Selectmen. Grow a pair! Do your duty. Serve the people as you were elected to.

Anonymous said...

You have to remember that each selectman was hand picked by Consentino and threw his Elderly Affairs "Vote Getting Scheme" people to vote them into office. Each Selectman owes Consentino and the "Scratch my back and I'll protect yours" mentality is in play. The selectmen are as much a part of our problem as Consentino is.

Until we get Consentino and his gang out of office, the illegal actions will continue. Insurance premiums will go up (or worse yet the town will be dropped and no other company will take us on), innocent taxpayer will be harassed or arrested; selectmen will force every issue into the court system, and defy every judgment against them. This will result in more lawsuits and the revolving door will continue.

Now you know why behind closed doors they call themselves the "Atkinson Mafia".

Until these goons are forced out of office, Atkinson will continue to be the cesspool of NH municipalities. It will only end when taxpayers get involved in the issues and get good honest people into office. The Snakes heads must be cut off.

Anonymous said...

you must take this is a grain of salt, this blog is made up of only 5 people who belive these allegations, the rest of the people are strongly against it. The site blocks comments that oppose there beliefs. This blog is the definition of corruption. They clearly dont believe in helping the elderly which is sad. They also call the cops over non sense and when the cops do nothing because there is no crime, they criticize the cops and the chief. This blog needs to be put to a stop once and for all, the brain washing is not working folks.

Anonymous said...

amen, finally someone with some smarts writes a comment. Im sick of hearing about the chief, good bless him and all he has done. thank you to the last blogger.

Anonymous said...

I think that is a comment that we have all been waiting on, this blog is very disrespectful to the elderly community, lets all get together and shut this blog down once and for all.

Anonymous said...

thank you chief

Anonymous said...

I also say "Bravo!" No one said that Phil doesn't help the elderly...just that he shouln't be doing BOTH jobs! Let me resign from the Police force & run the EA from the Community Center. Then every one will be happy. I remember all of the bullying to Mark A. Wayne Peake, Carol Grant...the screaming at them etc. It is disgusting that one of our town officials behaved in such a juvenile manner. I thought that Bill Friel would be a breath of fresh air, but I was wrong. Please the right thing for our town!

Anonymous said...

Correction to my previous post. It should say "Let HIM resign from the police force" Sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the Conman still reads this blog daily and posts anonymous in defense of himself. He's been trying to get rid of this blog (his worst nightmare) ever since it started. The town has tried repeatedly to find out who runs it so they can send one of the Goons out to destroy it.

Nice to see that hasn't worked for them either.

Resign Conman before you run this town into bankruptcy. Town can’t afford any more lawsuits because of your stupid behavior.

Anonymous said...

joyce lafrance runs it like she runs her mouth constantly, heard the new cops are already sick of her and her false complaints. Im hoping along with numerous other people that there plan to bring her down works. Thank you all....

Macciard said...

To 1118;

Unfortunately for you every claim in that article are documented. Most of the documents, are available on the website. There is also quite a bit more information not included in the article that has been obtained through discovery in various lawsuits.

Your assertions of innocence are misplaced.

Atkinson Reporter said...

For the person commenting at 11:18am;

This blog neither now, nor ever has removed comments due to opposing opinions. Conversation is encouraged and welcomed.

However Ad hominem personal attacks, not germane to the article will be removed every time, as will the juvenile cat comments.

We will add Mrs. LaFrance to the ever growing list of town residents whom our local J.Edgar has credited with running this blog.

At various times he has accused; Ken Grant, Carol Grant, Mark Acciard, Brian Boyle, jane Cole, Brian Kaye, Leon Artus, Gary Brownfield, Steve lewis, and Now Mrs. laFrance. He and the town have also spent over $10,000 dollars in legal fees trying to find out who runs it.

Keep guessing, Phil.

Anonymous said...

To November 19, 2011 4:43 PM

You can only be the Conman himself posting this comment. Why? Only a Police Chief himself could have inside information that the Police are sick of her false complaints. (No police log to back it up).

Only a Conman Police Chief could threaten a private citizen with being "Taken Down" and get away with it.

It's time for our police chief to be put in jail for his actions.

Stick it your ear Phil..........honest people will make sure you do your time. You can be sure of that.

You better learn to kiss your a.s goodbye because your are to only person that loves it.

Anonymous said...

People of the blog.........CONSENTINO IS THE WORST ENEMY for your righs. Second is your selectmen.

Get a grip and get rid of the Mafia that is taking your rights away and costing your millions every year.

For the sake of your well being, take them out.

Take out Atkinson officials now, State next, Federal Govermennt officials next.

The choice is yours.

Act now!

Anonymous said...

With all the evidence presented, only sick Consentino supporters will keep supporting him.

It's a good place for honest supporters to be in because the facts are on our side.

Only the sick conman supports will go down with him.

May they ALL rest in peace in HELL!

If you meet a conman supporter on the street............LAUGH IN THEIR FACE AND.......take them out at the voting place.

Long live honest people in Atkinson. May the dishonest people rot in HELL!

We know who they are..........not get rid of the slim in our community.

Anonymous said...

Con man authored the three blogs that are in support of him by the language and the times of day. First one at 11:18 am, next at 11:39 am and then quickly at 11:40 am.
Has to be the same person one blog right after the other, and by the phrasing it is Consentino.
He needs to get up earlier and be a lot sharper.
Only he and Jack Sapia are paranoid about shutting down the blog. Other people believe in the first amendment.

What a dimwit

Anonymous said...

that is not true, this site only post's the comments that they agree with.....they wont put up anything that they dont want. Joyce herself has told me that she runs this blog, its quiet clear to everyone. If there was a list at the police station my money says she is at the top of it.

Anonymous said...

Chief take of your shoes and use your fingers and toes to count at least 20 people that you have bullied.

I bet most of them post here.

When you sit alone you must be proud of yourself.

Anonymous said...

that is the truth, this site must go. I believe that joyce and her "mafia" should be arrested for slander. Whos with me.

Anonymous said...

Joyce LaFrance said...

I haven't met any of the 'new' cops nor do I run the blog. I also have not told anyone that I run the blog. So when you read these slanderous comments about me, you can bet it is coming from a desperate and bitter person who cannot otherwise defend himself except to lie, who has no dignity and cannot spell.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

You can't arrest someone for slander, but you can arrest someone for stealing from the public, abuse of office, criminal threatening, corruption. You can sue someone for slander but you actually have to have proof not just empty accusations and you cannot prove something that never happened. You can prove that someone misrepresented facts on a federal grant form, that someone filed false requests for public funds, that someone was arrested for burglary. Too bad you can't have someone or two people arrested for cheating on their spouse or electioneering.

Anonymous said...

"its quiet clear to everyone"


Anonymous said...

Where's the slander? In the article? It's not slander when what you say is true. It is not slander when someone says something you don't agree with.

There are a set of laws in place that could address the problems outlined. It is called Racketeering. And, if any of the actions by the chief involve federally regulated entities or crosses the state line, it can become a federal case. For instance, calling from NH to the ET in MA and providing false information that causes harm can be considered wire fraud, a federal crime. Sending a threatening letter - mail fraud, a federal crime.

If the BOS won't take action, and the state won't won't take action, send the relevant material to the Attorney General's office in Boston. You can be sure somewhere in there are federal crimes that could be actionable.

Anonymous said...

I hope he hangs on until he can be arrested and sued a few more times. I am all for it. He doesn't understand what a dumb fool he is but for all those who he has slandered, I say, let's get rid of him once and for all.

Anonymous said...

It is slander to be blogging about a woman he is targeting with his official position. I didn't see any complaints in the log about any calls by her, yet this maniac and his underling maniac continue to prey on her and bully her in public, here and in the grocery store when they do not have any reason to do so. What a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is falsifying the police log! Again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chief, when are you going to shut the blog down? You keep threatening to do so, what's wrong, can't you follow through?

Anonymous said...

Slander is making false accusations about a person by saying the person is making false accusations. Follow me Chief?

Atkinson Reporter said...

to the commentator Nov.20, 10:29am;

Neither Ms. LaFrance, nor any of the other usual suspects own, or run this blog. I highly doubt that any of the people you fantasize about being caught running this "told you" that they do.

Furhter, Moderation is off on this blog and has been for over a year, meaning that what you post is immediately visible, unfiltered, therefore your claim that this blog only publishes comments it likes is just another lie.

The only comments that are removed(notice that they are published then removed further destroying your false claims) are removed because they are personal ad hominem attacks that have no bearing upon the ensuing discussion.

This means that the only person actively engaged in slander is you!

Anonymous said...

A list at the police station.

Now who would make such a statement except a cop? Most of us never think of the police department and the rest wish they could forget them.

Anonymous said...

"Im hoping along with numerous other people that there plan to bring her down works."

The cops are plotting against a resident you say? Why? Is the police department still targeting people for speaking up against the corruption? It has been going on for thiry years, I read about it in the other taxpayer site.

I see an comment here that she filed a false accusation, but I don't hear what it is or what it's about. If you are going to post comments like this, they should be substantiated or you are the slandering person. I'll bet that you don't have anything to counter on this.

Anonymous said...

' Im sick of hearing about the chief, good bless him and all he has done.'

I agree. I'm sick of hearing about him too and I wish GOOD would bless him and negate some of the bad he's done.

Anonymous said...

'They also call the cops over non sense and when the cops do nothing because there is no crime, they criticize the cops and the chief.'

Would you take the word of someone who can't spell to tell you what is what? These guys are so dumb and uneducated that I cannot believe they pretend to know what is a crime. This is a Chief who thinks following people around town is ok, that using his badge to bully kids in wheelchairs is ok, that hasn't made a single arrest in years and somehow he just might know something about the LAW? Give me a break, he doesn't know what a felony is and when he sees one he looks the other way. He is so disinterested in being a cop, just wants the badge to use it as leverage against residents.

Anonymous said...

oocupy meditation

Anonymous said...

We should form a "Victims of Phil Consentino" group. Harrassed, wrongfully arrested, abused by the badge, refused EA services, etc etc.

MAcciard said...

My very first run in with the chief when I moved back to town after my Mom died in 1999, was the following. I registered my wifes minivan, and totally forgot about inspection(I had been living in Ohio, where they did not have safety inspections at that time) I got a ticket for uninspected vehicle, and went to Jacks that day and got it done. Two days later, on monday, chief called me and offered to tear ti up, if I had gotten it inspected. I said I had, and thank you, he told me to bring it by the station, I did, he looked at it and disposed of the ticket.

A year and a half later when I asked questions on Budget committee about how many residents used elderly affairs, and how many rides it gave, Chief cornered me in the lobby of the Town Hall after the meeting and asked me what the hell I was doing? I said, "what do you mean, I am doing my job." He responded; "but, I did you a favor", I said; "what are you talking about?" He said;" the ticket", I said; "Chief, you offered to tear up a $43,20 ticket for me, I didn't ASK you to do it. I appreciated it and said thank you, but I don't OWE you anything! What did you think? Tearing up a $43 ticket meant that you owned me? Jesus..." I laughed and walked away.

And THAT incident demonstrated to me the lack of character in a man fulfilling a job reliant upon ethical character.

Anonymous said...

that,s why he got you off the budgit commity he,sthat way. he wont be around to much longer i promise

Anonymous said...

Joyce LaFrance said...

I have called all of the 'new' cops and I do run the blog. I also have told everyone that I run the blog. So when you read these true comments about me, you can bet it is coming from a nice old man and a person who cares about otherwise defending himself except to not lie, who has all the dignity I myself wish I had.

Anonymous said...

The REAL Joyce LaFrance said,

I didn't post the previous comment but you can bet I don't run the blog or I would have sued the Atkinson (excuse for a) Police Department years ago.

Get this right and get it now, the Atkinson PD is a corrupt bunch of ignorant bullies who attack women, and expect favors in return for town services. So what? No one is fooled by them.

They can attack people on the blog or in Market Basket because they are desperate bitter individuals who have no standing on their own and they cannot survive without trying to bring others down. You cannot take me down Phil or Phil.

p.s. - I have never met any of the new slaves but I am patient and willing to prepare for the introductions.

Have a nice day fellas.

Anonymous said...

BTW, make sure you tell all the new cops they will be required to testify to your lies. Just saying....

Anonymous said...

You can bet this talk is coming from a disgraceful small creepy person who has no life and no mo money and blames the big bad world for his failure.

Anonymous said...

"that,s why he got you off the budgit commity he,sthat way. he wont be around to much longer i promise"

WHO IS THIS MORON WRITING THIS CRAP? What a freaking dumb ass!!!

Anonymous said...

F' him, he HATES the Chief and wanted to retire but now is trying to blame the women for getting FIRED. He claims he's being FIRED by Bennitt. What a loser.

Anonymous said...

budgit commity

GET AN EDUCATION, maybe you'll learn something, likely not.

Anonymous said...

WHY does the CHIEF want criminals at the PD to work for him?

I am so proud of you Mr. Childs tonight for pointing out the facts.

So proud tonight.

Anonymous said...

Semi free help? What is semi free help? IT COST MONEY!! Hello?

Anonymous said...

No one knows what is real! Go Mr. Schuster! GO!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

$46.00 a week savings to have the PD cleaned, it's looks fantastic?

NO - Gross PD building gross, uncleaned filthy gross PD.

Don't send an email about what you are really spending, say it on TV.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Air quality at the PD, fire the DOGS, stop farting, take a bath!

Anonymous said...


Semi free


Anonymous said...

fred looked like he was mugged before the meeting could not find his glasses and half of the paper work he was looking for time for him to go

Anonymous said...

where was bill f out with his guys screwing the town

Anonymous said...

why did friels guys take off the storm windows on the kimball house before they got bids on painting

Anonymous said...

this blog is the national enquirer of atkinson

Anonymous said...

I like Friel. I think the BOS is heading in the right direction and we should show our support, expecially after last night's meeting, they set that Chief straight.

Anonymous said...

Did I hear it right Mr. Shuster saying he was too busy? I could've sworn he was warned about the demands of a low paying thankless job. Wakin up are ya?

Anonymous said...

friel useing his guys to do work for the town and getting around bidding process,ag told him to knock it off. the most corrupt selectman we have ever had

Anonymous said...

mark bla, bla, bla

Anonymous said...

The REAL Joyce LaFrance said,

I did post the previous comment and you can bet I do run the blog or I would have donated money to the Atkinson (excuse for a) Police Department years ago.

Get this right and get it now, the Atkinson PD is a generous bunch of men and woman who help women, and deserve favors in return for town services. So what? No one is scared of them.

They can commend people on the blog or in Market Basket because they are honorable individuals who have no problem standing on their own and can survive some people trying to bring them down. You can come to dinner at my house anytime Phil or Phil.

p.s. - I have never met any of the new heros but I am patient and willing to prepare for the introductions.

Have a nice day fellas.

Anonymous said...

The apd is corrupt and if you think they have your back or you can go to them for anything your wrong. I am digusted and I think I vomited in my mouth a little. ADP makes me sick your kids and family are not safe. If you think you are your as crazy as them.Unless your giving your faithfull donations to his personal funds or have a well known name ! watch out that big bad wolf may be blowing your house down next , just saying

Anonymous said...

Here's the interesting part.

If you thought she was running the blog and you were targeting her for spurning your advances, would you go on their blog and post slanderous comments about them? The person would have to be completely stupid to do so.

Detective - ZERO, blog admin - $$$$$

Anonymous said...

Freudian slip? You be the judge...

"Get this right and get it now, the Atkinson PD is a generous bunch of men and woman who help women, and deserve favors in return for town services."

They have used their official positions for so long they actually think it's ok.

Anonymous said...

Did everyone get to see the selectman's meeting and see how the Detective was double dipping, collecting retirement and the Chief was paying him to work 6 to 8 hours a day plus overtime?

Now he's not allowed in the building, thank God Fred knows the law and is willing to enforce it since the cops surely are not.

Anonymous said...

Leads me to wonder why the police are always at involved in scandals. They hire a person who is a resident at the COUNTY JAIL and allow him to be inside the station.

The Chief said he wasn't a criminal (just DUI) but doesn't he know that he got there by being CONVICTED?

This Chief cannot distinguish right from wrong or civil from criminal actions.

Anonymous said...

The apd is cordial and if you think they have your back or you can go to them for anything your absolutly right. I am amazed and I think I willtake time and smile a little. ADP makes me feel safe your kids and family are safe. If you think you are your as noteable as them.You should give your faithfull donations to his personal funds or have a well known name ! watch out that big bad chief may be watching your house down!! , just saying

Anonymous said...

Every now and then I click on this blog and I'm glad I am only one of the 20 residents that do, but here's a few facts

1. Friel's band of illegals who were working on the Kimball House disappeared when ICE Agents stopped in town.

2. Does anyone wonder why Fred has such a bad taste for APD in his mouth? I don't think its the A part, I think he hates PD, hmm maybe he had a bad expirience with police administration before. Please share with us Mt Childs before we dig deeper into your former profession and why you don't recive a retirement from LPD.

3. Mr Shoooooster you have been hanging with this BOS too long already, I have watched 25 yrs of selectmens meetings and never heard until this group how busy they are in their real life, that excuse is getting old.

Give the pd their free custodial help, whenever I drive by I see the man in green working, I stopped by once to get a wheel chair and he was very polite. I call it community service and wow Phil buys him lunch, what's the big deal?

Anonymous said...

amen....fially soonis blog is som smarts...thanks for the positive imput.

occupy meditation

Anonymous said...

When people are losing their power, they go berserk. We see that recently with all the verbal attacks, threats and moronic behavior of small and bitter man, who have mostly failed themselves and embarassed the rest of us.

The former Sheriff lost his job for showing around a person's expunged record. We have a so-called law-enforcement officer who went around town showing someone's past record and he also should have been fired for it back then.

He has a very long history of getting info on residents, then holding it over their heads to get them to shut and move.

Can we just hope that all the recent irrational behavior is rewarded by a set of handcuffs with no key?

ps - lots of folks have a bad taste for the PD.

Anonymous said...

"fially soonis blog is som smarts"


Anonymous said...

I think the new citizen petition warrant article that requires all Town employees to pass a reading/writing and math test is wonderful.

Everyone will have to reapply for their jobs and pass qualification tests.

It's grand.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Childs. He went around showing people your personal information sheet (name, address, phone, SS, DOB), and it behooves you to go tell our new Sheriff all about it. Then, he won't get his retirement.

Oh, that's right, he doesn't get one in any event.

A positive ending can be had.

Anonymous said...

"I call it community service and wow Phil buys him lunch, what's the big deal."

If you have to ask, you wouldn't know corruption if it hit you in your snicer, I mean snozer. (nose)

Anonymous said...

Hasn't someone explained the word 'free' to the former Chief yet? Free is not semi-free. Free means that it cost nothing.

We laughed so hard when he kept insisting the trutee was free. How many other jail services does he get? Why does he want it everyday?

Anonymous said...

I don't think he should be allowed to hire anyone else. He hired a deaf cop, his wife, his son, a detainee, a retired cop double dipping.

What else can happen?

Anonymous said...

We're hearing that the Conman is once again arresting and intimidating innocent taxpayers on the word of Maggie Osborn and her husband.

The Osborn's are also filing complaints on a nine year old neighbor and want those kids banned from ridding on the school bus for the rest of their school years. (Keep IN MIND THE OSBORN KIDS ARE ALREADY BANNED FROM THE BUS.)

We also have proof that the Conman GOONS had a close neighbor thrown into jail over the weekend on the word of the Osborns. She didn't get bailed out till Monday afternoon.

It's the holidays and does anyone see the problem with the timing?

Don't believe us? File a right to know request with the police dept. OR SELECTMEN and see what you get. (It’s you right without cost)

Now let's ask why the selectmen are allowing this since the Osborn's are banned from living at 8 Valcat Lane by court order, and selectmen have done NOTHING to enforce that order paid for at taxpayer legal expense. (Not Insurance Company expense)

Do you see the interaction between the Conman, Selectmen, court orders and selectmen enforcement yet?

Osborn's are still living at 8 Valcat when the court ordered them out. They are filing complaints with the police dept and the conman is sending his goons to arrest people or kids, without asking why the Osborn's are living there.

The selectmen are protecting one of their own Mafia members to take your rights away, going so far to have you thrown in jail to protect one of their own.

Do you reading this ever want to be forced to live next to an Osborn property, knowing that the Police chief is protecting them from their harassment of you? How would you feel if the town didn't notify you as an abutter during the building permit process, and the Osborn's drove a driveway across your land with selectmen.......planning board approval?

That's what happened to Carol Davis and it cost her thousands to get her rights back while the selectmen said they would do nothing.

Bottom line.........Consentino can do anything he wants with selectmen approval to take your rights away and when you complain.............selectmen will allow the conman to arrest you and do NOTHING ABOUT IT!

It’s time to FLUSH these people down the drain. Call the people that know what illegal activity is going on in town, and ask what you can do to protect yourself.

Don't call your public officials or your name will go on the Conman
's list to attack. Call those that have been fighting the Conman and Selectmen to see what you can do from being arrested for complaining.


Take you town back committee

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 5:57 aka Leon Artus, beware you could be next :) Happy Turkey Day!!!

Anonymous said...

As many of us are football fans and we all know John Madden, I feel that we should in the spirit of Madden be nominating Atkinson residents for an award, I don't think it should be something so awesome as a turkey leg, for that infers strength and confidence. How about we nominate the top Atkinson coward and we present them with a Turkey's giblets. The winner should be present at the Tree lighting on Sunday afternoon and the presentation can be made by Santa.

Get your nominations in!
Here's mine


Carol Davis (not Grant)



and of course top on my wish list is Mr Bennett

Vote often and early!!

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for lafrance and all her cop calling friends, all the rumor starters and gossip queens. If it wasn't for you I'm not sure what you and your mafia would do with your lives. So please call the cops today for no reason and make up some stories for this stupid blog.

Anonymous said...

No one calls the cops anymore, what a waste of time. Call the BOS and they will take action. Great bunch of guys in there now.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the John Madden post was made by Detective Farrah. He has been whining about the APD for years but lately he hates everyone in Town.

Anonymous said...

The turkey award goes to the entire PD. A waste of money and crappy service to boot. Maybe Momma Jody can make a soup for the trustee's lunch...I hear he's still showing up in spite of the Selectmen's letter.

Anonymous said...

Don't call the cops, they never do anything if you don't donate. If you need something, call Fred or Bill or Craig, they are doing everything these days.

Anonymous said...

Why are the cops responding to calls from 8 Valcat at all, no Town residents live there, correct? The PD is clearly conflicted when they continue to respond to illegal residents. If the APD had any sense or competency, they would be charging the Osborns with disobeying a court order. Why aren't they doing their jobs?

Anonymous said...

The Osborns have NO STANDING to ask the court to ban any kid from the bus since they aren't supposed to be living there. If you don't have standing, you can't make a request of the court.

Anonymous said...

It's serious but funny that the APD and the lead clown always reacts badly to calls. Either they see nothing, hear nothing, smell nothing or they are going after people for political reasons.

The PD is a fiasco and I think the town NEEDS more lawsuits to get rid of the clowns. Hopefully the third letter the clown got this week was a request for his resignation.

Clowns smell funny. Throw them out.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please post who did the arrest so we know which officer is responsible for playing the game?

Anyone particiapting in the game needs to be identified publically.

Anonymous said...

"the Atkinson PD is a generous bunch of men and woman who help women, and deserve favors in return for town services."

Anonymous said...

"the Atkinson PD is a generous bunch of men and woman who help women, and deserve favors in return for town services."

Anonymous said...

Don't miss this...

Anonymous said...

"the Atkinson PD is a generous bunch of men and woman who help women, and deserve favors in return for town services."

Anonymous said...

That's right folks, they think they deserve favors for giving you what you pay for so be THANKFUL and put out or SHUT up and GO AWAY or better yet, MOVE.

Anonymous said...

If the women at the stinky PD file a lawsuit about the air quality, we should file a counter suit against the Chief for bringing the stinky pet dog in there and for using a Town vehicle and letting him ruin the police station's air.

He must be held liable for the cleaning bills for years and years.

Maybe we should hold him liable even if they do not file a lawsuit. Yes, let's!!

Anonymous said...

anon 626, name the place this weekend and I will meet you.

Anonymous said...

Hey 11/23 @ 5:57

Must we go through this again?

It is not the town obliged to notify abutters of ZBA actions; it is the responsibility of the applicant. If an abutter is not properly notified of a hearing, I'd bet that abutter would have cause for challenge if a decision went against the abutter's interests.

The Osborn - Davis notification was not the town's fault, it was the Osborn's "oversight". Davis appeared at the second meeting before any decision was rendered so they had ample opportunity to testify.

The ZBA (properly) would not hear or comment on the driveway matter... a civil matter between abutters where the ZBA had no jurisdiction.

Get off the conspiracy delusions. I am still waiting to read a lucid post on how "the town" is backing the Osborns... aren't we now at $100K plus in fines with only one court appeal remaining? Has the town backed off?

What would you have the town do... send in The Chief with his jackbooted Storm Troopers?

Anonymous said...

Anon's post of November 25, 2011 7:34 PM is nothing but SPIN designed to take the heat of the town officials.

There was and still is a conspiracy against Mrs. Davis by the Osborn's and the town.

Anonymous said...

The conspiracy between the Atkinson police and the Osborns and directed at a neighbor
Teresa D. is in a way worse than the Carol Davis persecution by the Osborns.
Margaret Osborn on her say so alone, had Teresa arrested twice. The first time she was fined $4,000.00. This time she actually had to go to jail. Our ex police Sgt. Detective Farrar was involved in both arrests and prosecutions. Consentino wants to keep him on to do his dirty work and that is why Farrar will never work in Atkinson again. He is just a mini Gestapo for Phil and the selectmen have come to realize Consentino and Farrar are just greedy psychos with badges. Who ever heard of paying $25.00 and hour for part time and time and a half or $37.00 to pick up the cleaning trustee at the jail everyday. Consentino and Farrar had a good thing going there for a long time.

Be glad you don't ever live near Margaret Osborn because she will accuse you of harassment, threatening, damaging her property, trespassing whatever comes to mind. The police will arrest you on her word. It has happened much more than once, to more than one person at more than one address. She likes to spread her deceitfulness around.

On her word the police chief stopped a certified surveyor from replacing a bounds marker that the Osborns removed so that they could enlarge their property. The surveyor had done a certified survey, requested by the neighborhood. Maggie should have been arrested; it is a serious infraction to remove a bounds marker. What did the police do, they went after the neighbors and warned them to stay off their own neighborhood property.

She has done this time after time, to an overabundance of innocent people.

And the police department has obliterated any record of her calling in complaints in their "log."

This is one of the reasons Consentino doesn't want to post a log in the paper and the log has not been updated since the beginning of November on the town’s great new web site. He can hide the little favors that he does for some people.

Anybody know anything more about this second arrest? Police Department won’t let you see the record.

Anonymous said...

"Must we go through this again?"

Yes, we must.

The Town is partly responsible because the Osborn's were not the owner of record of the property where they requested a driveway.

I really don't care what spin you put on this, but the Town took an application for a permit for that driveway and they knew Osborn didn't own it. You can say they 'thought' she had rights, but the town shouldn't 'think' when the applicant is not th eonwer. They should have no, not without owner sign off.

Anonymous said...

Farrar is a jack@$$.

He is openly biased in this case and has criticized the Selectmen, Leon and lots of other decent people whilst he is using his position as revenge against anyone he doesn't like.

Now that he's been fired, I hope we don't have to listen to the whining on the blog about Bennett or cats.

Anonymous said...

The situation with Maggie is awful. The idea that anyone would trespass and damage a neighbors property is the lowest of the low. They have to live next to each other! Maggie encroached with her driveway and cut down trees, what a terrible, terrible way to try and take advantage of Mrs. Davis. I am disgusted that the police have taken sides but I am not suprised, they always seem to side with the criminals and I am tired of it.

Farrar and the Chief should be sued for abuse of power.

Anonymous said...

The OLeary's have been doing the same things at Lafrances for years. I think poisoning their property is worse than cutting that driveway. It was a hateful, dangerous and criminal act, also ignored by the Atkinson Police.

Anonymous said...

there alkl clown,s they do what the chief tell,s them like pupets

Anonymous said...

He must have some dirt on some people.

Anonymous said...

hey coward, i thought you wanted to have my identity revealed let's meet tonite, how about in the library lot at 6? stop by and we can chat

Anonymous said...

wow, a bully cop. such a novelty in this town.

we already know you are farrar and have been thrown out of town, so stay in Playtown and cause trouble over there.

Anonymous said...

oh boy. let's all go see the bully cop at 6.

Anonymous said...

he'll be the one who's not in uniform.

and no bangs.

Anonymous said...

How come Farrar didn't show up at the library at 6?

Anonymous said...

Didn't you read that Farrar is no longer allowed around the building? :)

Now you can legally tell THAT MIDGET to take a hike and STOP trying to use his position to bother MORAL women.

Bet ya he still won't take NO for an answer because the CONMAN will protect him. Might even continue to give him $25.00 an hour (PLUS OVERTIME) for doing nothing (like always), even though Selectmen have said no to the double dealing.


My heavens.........THERE just might be A GOD!

Anonymous said...

OK 11/26 10:21 AM... Play it out.

1. The town receives scores of permit applications per year.
2. In each case the applicant asserts they have the right to request the permission being sought.

Do you REALLY think the Road Agent should research the deeds in Brentwood for every Driveway permit to be sure the applicant is legitimate?

Do you REALLY think the Building Inspector should go to Brentwood to verify the applicant has authority for every Building Permit application?

That is what you are suggesting. As odd as it may sound, the "town" does not "know" anything (in this case that the Osborns intended to cut a driveway over land they had no rights to).

Your hatred of town employees and volunteers is sad. It is the Osborns who appear to have misbehaved.

Anonymous said...

The OSBORN'S HAVE LIED FOR YEARS ON THEIR PERMIT APPLICATIONS. The Town knows that and one would think they would verify the information. Not doing so, is the reason the town officials should not have anything to say about our land

Leaving the Osborn's (or anyone else for that matter) to supply legal information on an application without the town verifing everything, leaves the chance for corruption rampant. The fact that the town allows it, says everything about the corruption in this town.

If the town doesn't verify what it required, then we don't need the laws. PERIOD.

corruption under any other name is CORRUPTION.

THANK YOU PLANNING BOARD, SELECTMEN, (past and present) for destroying so many lives for the advantage of OSBORN TYPE PEOPLE who you take donations form.



Oh, Conman and selectmen along with Polito and Sapia made it go bye bye! I almost forgot..........

All of you should pay damages out of your own pocket for the damages you have caused to honest people.

LOL .......WHAT A PIECE OF S--T you are. If it wasn't for SPIN you would have no excuse for living.

Anonymous said...

There's a man who leads a life of danger
To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
With every move he makes another chance he takes
Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow
Secret agent man, secret agent man
They've given you a number and taken away your name
Beware of pretty faces that you find
A pretty face can hide an evil mind
Ah, be careful what you say
Or you'll give yourself away
Odds are you won't live to see tomorrow
Secret agent man, secret agent man
They've given you a number and taken away your name

Anonymous said...

Atkinson employees, you don't have to waste time and gas driving all the way to Brentwood to research property ownership issues. Try the following URL instead. It could prevent another Osborn / Davis horror show. Trust but verify.

Anonymous said...

And add a line to town forms stating there is a $5000 fine for knowingly providing incorrect information. Town can no longer tolerate being "Osborned".


Anonymous said...

All the town has to do is see who they are sending thier own tax bill to twice a year to show ownership. Cross the lobby and ask Debbie if you think it may take longer than 2 minutes to look it up yourself. The KNOW who owns what property in town.

Anonymous said...

Does the town plan to add insult to injury and increase the valuation and therefore the taxes on the Davis property now that there's a road across it? State probably considers an improvement an improvement and the town will say their hands are tied.

Anonymous said...

They have a nerve if they did this. This is not an improvement, it's an eyesore. They ought to charge the Osborns with an improvement if anyone gets charged.

Davis has a valid case that since it was done without her prermission, it's not an improvement. She also needs to sue the town.

Anonymous said...

The ZBA is culpable for violation of the Davis property rights yet attemp to excuse themselves under the banner of incompetence. Sharp eyes are upon the ZBA and the Selectmen for all wrongs perpetrated upon the townsfolk. The Selectman and authorities are also culpable for not enforcing the laws and arresting or even investigating the numerous property vandalisms on Granite Ridge Way. Which is a very serious addendum to the Davis vandalism-ZBA saga.

What is needed is moral leadership from all our elected officials, not lame excuses.

Anonymous said...

Consentino and his CROWD of CROOKS (ie town officials) will do ANYHING THEY CAN to steal your land or rights. They hope you will not be paying attention when they do it, and know that you will be unwilling to pay attorney fees to defend yourself.

In other words, SUCKER BE WARE! Town officials, Osborns, Consentino are coming for you and you can't do anything about it.


Signed: Town officials, Consentino and for course the ever PICKED ON Danial and Maggie Osborn INC.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a show last night! Fed and the Chief do battle. fred digs his heels in and won't budge on an issue that saves the town money but since phil is asking he's just a stubborn b......d. I wish you were up this year for re-election Fred cause this is the year you would go down in flames.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight, all town employees get a raise except for the boys in blue. Please tell me that this was a well thought out proposition for the town.

Anonymous said...

I think so.

The boys in blue need to start doing their jobs before expecting raises.

Go Fred.

Anonymous said...

ANON 851 That's sounds like a challenge to the boys who probably have given your wife or daughter a break once or twice. Be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Anon 923 You sound just like the bully cop at the meeting last night. Kevin Donnelly be his name, rudeness and sarcasim be his game.

Hope that there are no more like you at the station.

I thought we got rid of all the little kings.

Anonymous said...

To anon 8:31

May be you should have thought about your comment before you posted.

The Police Union is in negotiation with the selectmen and cannot get a raise until they they get a new contract, that is if they deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Hey ANON 923

What kind of a gender biased remark is that?

No, they have not given me a break for anyone in my family, cause I don't donate.

In fact, bragging about giving people breaks and NOT enforcing the law is criminal in itself.

Anonymous said...

'The boys'.

I am really tired of the attitude the cops in Atkinson have toward the public and toward the Selectmen. This is not an entitlement positon and you work for the public and you answer to the Selectmen. Have some respect.

We could use a few good men in the department, let the boys go.

Anonymous said...

maybe the bos needs to get off there ass and work out a contract with the union

Anonymous said...

'there ass' - ?

Maybe they should start firing anyone who is incompetent.

Anonymous said...

There would be no one left to run the town, stupid.

Anonymous said...

Selectman won't do anything
This town is a joke nothing ever gets done it all gets swept
Under the rug just like people living in a house still till this day with. NO Occupancy! permit and letting that joke of a police. Chief get away with all his dirty business he deals out of our pd it's sick !