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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Phil Electioneering AGAIN? Follow up

Yes THIS is the letter Phil and his uniformed minions handed out at the annual Senior citizens Luncheon at the Community Center. Phil and his drivers handed this letter out to every senior who walked in the door. When everyone was seated, Phil then made a speech, asking for everyone "to support him against the selectmen". He noted that the recent MRI report recommended the separation of the two depts. but lied when telling the assembled seniors that "the reason was not clear".

This from the MRI Report; "receiving this recommendation direct from the police chief raises the potential for conflict of interest concerns. Using the name of the atkinson police to get a discount on services, may not be in the best interest of the dept. or the town. This service would be best handled by an elderly affairs dept. not directly connected to the police dept."

The MRI report echoed the Attorney Generals comments four year ago when they called the operation of the donation account illegal, and demanded transparency, and accountability for the chief. They demanded that he keep a time card, stating that one should be able to clearly see where his police duties end, and his elderly duties begin.

The outrage of this, once again, is the juvenile antics of an overgrown child needing to get his way. ALL legal authorities who have looked at this situation have asked for it to be separated. The police chief continues in his dishonest demagoguery of this issue, claiming that separating the two depts. will drive up the cost of elderly affairs. That is simply not true. We do not need a full time dispatch center to handle elderly affairs calls. That is over $40,000/yr. wasted.

It is time for this official harassment to stop.


Anonymous said...

WHATSAMATTA YOU? Planning to work until you drop dead? Retire already!

Anonymous said...

Outrageous behavior. Totally insane.

Anonymous said...

I know the letter is hard to read, but if one cuts and paste to word, it becomes more clear.

Point being.............Consentino in uniform has NO RIGHT to electioneer for his cause. In FACT, it ILLEGAL! Does he care he's breaking the law? Of course not! he thinks he's above the law because he is the law.

Has he just HUNG himself? Of course he has, BUT ONLY IF HONEST CITIZENS rise up and complain. He's betting like always, we won't. He WINS we LOSE.

Guess again AND YOUR minions are going DOWN!

This blog will name those minions as soon as we find out those that attended. My guess the names will begin will MAGOON!


Anonymous said...

Selectman Bill Friel,

You are often seen reading your lap-top so I am hoping that includes reading the blog. Hence, these 6 questions to you.

1. The N.H. Attorney General issued a ruling last year that the Atkinson Police Dept. MUST be separated from the Dept. of Elderly Affairs. (This was also backed up by the MRI study.

Phil has thumbed his nose at the state's ruling and the selectmen have very irresponsibly and cowardly enabled Phil by not enforcing the Atty General's ruling by simply ordering them separated. Also by allowing Phil to continue as both Police Chief and Dir. of Elderly Affairs.

Why haven't you acted? It takes a simple majority vote of the selectmen.

2. Why did you flaunt the state ruling and aid and abet Phil's defiance of the State with a year's appointment as Dir of Elderly Affairs while he still continues his illegal serving as an un-appointed police chief???? Why????

You need to correct this unacceptable situation by appointing immediately an Assistant Director of Elderly Affairs to get familiar with the workings of Elderly Affairs so that he/she can smoothly step in and take over when Phil's one year appointment ends and he/she can be re-appointed as Director of Elderly Affairs.

3. Phil is actively soliciting petition signatures from senior citizens for a town mtg warrant article that would have the seniors aiding and abetting him in thumbing his nose at the selectmen and the N.H. Attorney General's office. Isn't that sufficient grounds to remove Phil NOW as Director of Elderly Affairs.

4. Since the MRI study of the APD calls for and backs up the state ruling for the separation of the APD and Elderly Affairs, why aren't you enforcing the separation. We, the taxpayers paid for the study. So enforce the findings!!!!

5. Do the selectmen have to put on the town mtg warrant an article that calls for violating a ruling by the NH Attorney General's office. Wouldn't that make the petitioned article illegal since if it passed, it would be illegal to carry through on.

6. Phil's petitioned warrant article is his power move against the selectmen, using the seniors as his pawns. Why do you stand for it?

Answers, please to all 6 questions.

Anonymous said...

You will never get an answer from the selectmen because they are all put in office by you know who.

Friel was elected at a Valentine party for the elderly with the introduction and promises to help the elderly by you know who. Any one remember that???-- Guess not.

Anonymous said...

Selectmen should do nothing at all until after March elections. Phil's just trying to mobilize his voting block to elect his next puppet. Give him NOTHING to motivate them. Wait until after March and then fire him and do what's right. Move EA to the Community Center and appt a new EA director and new chief.

So what if he sues the town. We get sued all the time anyway. I'd love to see him make his case in court. His threat of a lawsuit is an empty toothless threat. GO FOR IT! SUE US!

Just my humble opinion of course that I am entitled to under the First Amendment

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'd wait until tomorrow to start shaking things up for Consentino. Suppose in March he gets another one of his puppets on the BOS, then all the Board's votes will either be 3/0 or 2/1. Phil wins every time.

November 18, 2011 12:23 PM, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. You sound like one of Phil's elderly zombies.

Just my humble observation

Anonymous said...

To Anon November 18, 2011 12:55 PM

You obviously don't understand how elections work in this town. If Phil gets his voting block out, he wins. Plain and simple. Because nobody else votes, ya get it?


Not one of Phil's zombies you presumptious jerk

MAcciard said...

I am not sure that a warrant article to modify organizational structure would be legal, and enforceable. The Governing body, meaning the selectmen have responsibility for the day to day management of the town.

For example, town meeting could tell selectmen to hire, say, a police chief, FT or PT, but they can not tell them who to hire.

They can tell them to provide fire protection for the town, but not how to structure the fire dept.

Separation of Powers.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anon November 18, 2011 12:55 PM

I don't think the people can fire Phil. I believe the BOS does the real hiring and firing. About all the people could do is come up with warrant articles to make Phil's positions elected. BOS fire him now. He's your employee. Make it quick and make it clean.

I still think you're one of Phil's elderly zombies. Waiting until March only helps Phil in my opinion, of course.

tim dziechowski said...

"I don't think the people can fire Phil. I believe the BOS does the real hiring and firing."

Actually the selectmen can appoint a chief, or a town can elect one, but there is also a third choice. A town can entrust oversight of the police department to a police commission.

RSA 105-C Police Commissions

So through a petition warrant article you could have the governor appoint police commissioners and take local politics completely out of the equation.

Or you could elect them. Anyone for Mark, Carol, and Leon?

Anonymous said...

Not Leon, but I get the drift.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it true that even if a town warrant is approved by the voters it is still up to the BOS as to whether or not it will be done?
It will still be at their discretion.

Been there and done that before.

Anonymous said...

The state made judge Grenell of Derry retire at age 70 WHY is this guy still here??????

Carol Grant said...

Tim, Nov. 18,

Thank you very much, Tim, for your faith in me, but I'm totally content in my retired status as one not holding any active town office.


MAcciard said...


Thank you for the vote of Confidence, but I am quite familiar with the COST of opposing our town's biggest Bully. I have no wish to put my family in the line of fire again.

But thank you for the thought.

tim dziechowski said...

"Isn't it true that even if a town warrant is approved by the voters it is still up to the BOS as to whether or not it will be done?"

Not in the case of a town meeting changing police or road agent or planning board or anything else specifically addressed by RSA from appointed to elected. Or the case I cited of a police commission. Or voting to exercise any other power specifically granted to towns by state law.

There is a good article here which goes into the powers of selectmen and cites cases where the courts have ruled on town meeting conflicts with selectmen.

However petitioners can put anything they want into a warrant article and TM can vote to approve it. Changing a warrant article to nullify it is now illegal.

A warrant may be written to require things which are not supported by law or which would break the law. If so the selectmen are required by their oath to uphold the law not to enforce it.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the Conman still reads this blog daily and posts anonymous in defense of himself. He's been trying to get rid of this blog (his worst nightmare) ever since it started. The town has tried repeatedly to find out who runs it so they can send one of the Goons out to destroy it.

Nice to see that hasn't worked for them either.

Resign Conman before you run this town into bankruptcy. Town can’t afford any more lawsuits because of your stupid behavior.

Anonymous said...

mark , carol,leon the 3 biggest crack pots in town

Anonymous said...

friel to busy with the ags office looking in to giving work to his guys and working around the bid process

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are, but the higher ups are looking into YOU, baby. The bottom feeders just get the swill, the real authorities get the last say.

Anonymous said...

the town paid carol to go away but she never did.listening to her talk is like nails on a chalk board

Anonymous said...

this is sick this is so out of line !!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He's a mental case and he has no boundaries. I hope they keep him long enough to have him arrested, it's the justice the town deserves.

Anonymous said...

The town didn't pay Carol to go away, they paid her so that they would not get hauled into court and lose another lawsuit over YOU.

Listening to you every week on TV is like watching Jerry Springer.

Anonymous said...

i dont appear on tv every week dont know who you think i am,how about carol stealing the old ladies farm

Anonymous said...

How about Phil stealing the taxpayers money?

Anonymous said...

hey bloggers, talk about electioneering, did anyone see Mr Shooooooster last night on public tv announce his candidacy for selectman in March. His 3 minute campaign commercial should be sent to the AG's office immediately. Anyone have that on u-tube?

Anonymous said...

Why? They never do anything about the other culprit, why do anything about this one?