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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SCOOP: Consentino Electioneering AGAIN?

Fall is upon us once again, and in Atkinson that signals the beginning of the political season. The annual battle of the budget, along with other pet political issues come to the fore.

THIS year NH's most Notorious police chief is up to his old tricks. Who could forget his past transgressions, such mind bogglers as;

Calling signer of petition warrant articles asking them "why did you sign this shit?"

Or, Standing on the grounds of the post office holding signs and waiving to cars while wearing his Atkinson Police Senior Transport division jacket?

Which brings us to todays latest attempt at what some will call electioneering. Consentino, while wearing his "Atkinson Elderly Affairs Dept.- Director" shirt, made the rounds at the Annual Senior Brunch asking for "support against the selectmen"

Apprently at least according to Phil, the selectmen have finally strapped a set on, and decided to follow the recommendations of the NH Attorney General's office 4 years ago, and the Recommendation of the MRI report that it is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST for Elderly and Police to be intertwined. OF COURSE, ALL the LEGAL authorities have recommended that the depts. be separated. And Phil made a big show of spending $5,000 to "separate the depts" 4 years ago, in reality, as MRI found out, they are still enmeshed.

Phil was taking advantage of the town funded Senior Brunch while in his Elderly affairs uniform to solicit signatures for petition warrant articles to prevent the selectmen from separating the two depts. In any other town this apparent violation of law, consistently repeated would be grounds for dismissal of the town's chief law enforcement office, BUT probably not in Atkinson!

Phil's arguments; If it ain't broke don't fix it. It works where it is, he claims to the captive seniors dependent upon him for their transportation. As we have heard from seniors denied transportation at town meetings, it does not pay to piss off Phil. But to any RATIONAL person, this too, would be ample reason to separate the two depts.

Elderly Affairs is a TAXPAYER FUNDED DEPT. It should be available to ANY who want it, EVEN IF they piss Phil off.

Atkinson, it is high time to stop letting this bully with a badge intimidate people into giving him his way. Separate the depts. as the AG demanded, as MRI recommended. As citizens put in a petition warrant article two years ago that Phil and jack Sapia destroyed. Separating the two depts. will make them both more efficient, more transparent, more accountable, AND MORE HONEST.


Anonymous said...

get thebum out

Anonymous said...

Consentino runs this town until someone shows the guts to fight him and take him down; he loses a battle occassionally, but he's won the war. Childs lost his guts years ago, and while the other two will stuggle sometimes, everyone seems afraid of this guy.

How embarassing that a two-bit bully can run a town for this long, we should all be ashamed. The town boards are controlled by the local builders and businesses, say goodbye to our rural character, Atkinson is going to become North Plaistow soon and we're all to blame...

Anonymous said...

Where's the money the taxpayers had to pay out to separate these departments? He took it and he can give it back. How DARE he say he doesn't want to separate? He was ordered to do so and this is non negotiable.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to get myself a copy of those petitions and publish everyone's name that signed this.

Anonymous said...

He won't stop until forced to. BOS get some guts and do your job.

Anonymous said...

A warrant article to do something the AG said not to do, promoted by the Town's Head law enforcement officer.

It doesn't get any worse than this. Fire him, here's just another chance to do it.

Anonymous said...

A town funded brunch? Why are we funding this? This is not appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Can someone who knows just write here how much to pay the police for a ride to the eye doctor. I am afraid to ask them. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Never asked for a ride, but I'm pretty sure a ride doesn't cost you anything. Salaries and all autmotive needs are in the budget. And that means the taxpayers foot the bill. In other towns, drivers are volunteer, I think, and they donate their time and vehicles.
Could be wrong........but I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

A ride is measured by how much you donate. You will know if it's enough if you don't get your ride after the donation. Keep donating till you get your ride, then you will know how much it costs.

If the Conman doesn't like you, than donate your life savings and still not get a ride.

Better off calling a taxi. It's cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Complete BS, I support the elderly affairs dept. Atkinson has a great system and when you all are alone and no family to take care of you or check to see if you died during a snow storm you will have wished he was still running the dept.

You all have your heads so far up each others ends you don't think about how great of a service it is to our seniors.

Someday you'll learn, and just hopefully you didn't ruin it by then.

And for the record most towns especially in MA all pay their drivers, at least for their mileage.

Anonymous said...

The program COULD be good if it wasn't in the Conman's hands. A police department should do police business not charity work that supports a vote getting scheme. It's a conflict of intrest and must stop.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't check on me, no one does. Don't tell me it's a great program because it's not run fairly and I have been denied rides and told they are too busy or I called too late or they can't help because I need aid to walk. Yes, I can walk but I'm shaky. I can't get a ride to the Doctor and no one cares. This is being hidden by those who are getting rides and those who don't have first hand knowledge. That's why you keep seeing complaints on here. The Town is not doing their duty to oversee the program is run properly.

Anonymous said...

He didn't check on us during the recent storm or the ice storm.

Anonymous said...

bs the other town,s have there volinteers don,t cost the tax payer,s anything . the conman has been sucking a living off this town for the last 45 years time to go .

Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering my question. I will call a taxi for the eye doctor. I dont want to be taken advantage or be asked for a donations. That's wrong. I read here and I talked to my neighbor and heard her not getting a ride. I am upset.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love Consentino"s private elderly transportation service. I just wish he'd drop this communications tower thing and get the town to spring for a few $100,000 limousines instead of the POS cars he's got now. Heated, vibrating seats would do wonders for my arthritis. Hey, taxpayers, Club Consentino members deserve something for their donations.

Anonymous said...

It's not CONSENTINO'S private service, it's the TAXPAYER'S service. WE pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Of course the town pays for it. But that doesn't stop Consentino from running it like a private charity. I wasn't being serious. I was joking.

Mrs. Goodridge said...

I have been openly critical of the Elderly Affairs Department and was demeaned at the town meeting by Phil Consentino who called me a liar.

Moderator Frank Polito did not stop him until after I complained while standing, shaking at the microphone.

As I went on relating the times that I was denied services, Phil Consentino mumbled to his backers around him “Man that woman has balls.” I have the DVD of the meeting. Since then many people have approached me and said that they have never been so ashamed of their town as that day.

I feel badly for the seniors who posted here. I am lucky that I have the most wonderful neighbors in the world, because the Elderly Affairs Dept. did not check on me either this last storm. And in the ice storm of 2008 I was taken in by the volunteer CERT program in Hampstead and they took care of all my needs, including finding a place for my two pets.

Call Service Link, a state service for the elderly and disabled, they will refer you to appropriate services. CART is not available to us because Phil Consentino doesn’t want anyone else in his domain, even if it is a disservice to those in need.

He is always saying that he gets calls all the time from other towns asking about how they could have such a wonderful service. He has never mentioned anyone’s name or the name of the entity.

I volunteered at the state level for the elderly and disabled for many years. No one has heard of him or his program. I have researched quite a few towns around the southern tier of the state and they seem to have programs.

Phil Consentino thinks if he repeat it often enough it will be true. He does that about many things.

When I was being released from N E Rehab in 2009 after a heart attack, they gave me a portfolio of references including where I could get help as I transferred to home. It listed CART, Salem/ Derry Caregivers and Atkinson was listed as having limited services. I still have the portfolio.

Sorry to be so long, this travesty is being carried out by the man who is the town’s top law officer, a calling that must involve integrity. Phil Consentino continues to publically ignore the Attorney General’s Office and our selectmen, while he derides the MRI report. All the powers that be must put a stop to this embarrassing, pitiless and too- long a chapter in this town’s history. Perhaps we need a police commission like Hookset, NH., which has been in the news this week for similar troubles.

FDR said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself — (and then went on to say) nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.

Carol Grant said...

To Anonymous, Nov.16, 12:09 P.M.,

You asked why the town is funding the senior citizen's lunch.

The answer, pure and simple, is, like everyone else, seniors also pay taxes to support the Recreation Commission. which in turn, makes a wonderful effort to provide recreational opportunities for All AGE GROUPS.

Actually, there are a couple senior luncheons every year -- at the Community Center -- which the seniors really look forward to as a chance to see each other and socialize. There's usually also some entertainment provided.

There's a senior luncheon in the spring, the summer, the fall one just put on, and the Christmas holidays lunch in early December.

The luncheons are NOT sponsored or put on by the Dept. of Elderly Affairs. The senior luncheons are just one part of the Recreation Commission's programs.

Recreation Commission programs are mostly funded by the taxpayers, and that definitely includes senior taxpayers.

The Recreation Commission has an active program that serves ALL of the different age or special interest groups and provides recreational opportunities for all: a few examples--

l. athletic teams and programs for Atkinson's kids
2. bus trips to interesting places
3. the annual Memorial Day parade and activities
4. the annual Veterans Breakfast
5. the four senior luncheons -- and for all of the years our seniors have been paying their taxes, that's little enough to do for them. It's a fine and wonderful thing that the Rec. Com. does something so enjoyable for our seniors.

I'll admit that I am now considered a senior citizen, but for the rest of you still-non-senior town residents, your time will come -- and then you all, including Anonymous 11-16, will have the pleasant opportunity to attend and enjoy these senior luncheons!!!

Anonymous said...

And lets not forget Consentino runs the police department like his own private army. Just ask Leon. Maybe Phil can hire a blind police officer to ride shotgun with the deaf police officer when they go out on patrol. Two for one at twice the cost. It's the Atkinson way.

MAcciard said...

The Community Center, has ALWAYS run an outstanding program for seniors. With classes, and trips, and organized activities, ALL the other senior resources are run out of the community center, there is NO logical reason for transport not to be.

The Attorney General DEMANDED separation 4 years ago.

Phil spent $5,000 of taxpayer money claiming he separated them. He didn't.

The MRI report pointed out the inherent conflict of interest, in the police dept. recommending companies, and denying others.

It is time to make the program as open, accountable, and transparent as possible so that the people who pay for it can see what they get for their money.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Carol for your explanation. I am a senior and didn't know about this. I don't get any services.

Anonymous said...

CART would do away with the whole private ride program charity to some problem. No cars, no PD billing gas to it, no favors anymore. I say we try it, we need to stand behind anyone who is not getting town services and go for an unbiased program. The scam makes EA transport unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to change the subject but what have the selectmen done about enforcing the Osborn violations? Nothing you ask? Why? Is it because Conman is holding up the process? Hmmmmmmm?

Just asking.

Anonymous said...

At a certain unnamed Pennsylvania University everyone in authority stood by and did nothing while children were harmed. It's likely the University will be held liable. Wouldn't want the same thing to happen to Atkinson. So are the Osborn's living in a house without an occupancy permit or not? Forget the sprinkler system, the Legislature just overrode Governor Lynch's veto of a law passed that removed the requirement for sprinkler systems in private residences around the state. Do the Osborn's even have operating smoke detectors?

Someone from Town Hall should at least call NH Child Protection Services. Let them determine if the living conditions are safe for children .

Anonymous said...

To Anon November 16, 2011 11:58 PM

While you may be getting great service, do you completely disbelieve all the testimony from people like Mrs. Goodrich?

I remember that day when she was at the microphone and she had the courage and guts to speak the truth - the truth that so many who think Phil is wonderful DON'T WANT TO HEAR.

What you cannot fathom is how many victims of Phil there are in town. We all see his vote buyin scam for what it is, its a favors for votes scheme and he does it well. Whenever anyone critizes his use of a Police Dept to be a taxi service, he goes ballistic and uses his badge to bully down the critics. then he runs to the seniors crying foul saying he is the only hero protecting the Elderly Affairs program and you must do as he says to protect it. Sign his petitions and vote his way. He uses fear to manipulate our most vulnerable citizens which is repulsive and disgusting.

I too feel sorry for you. Your completely conned by his scam and refuse to consider the possibility that our chief breaks the rules, breaks the law and refuses to abide by Attorney General directives or court directives. Be thankful his unnecessary $700,000 communications tower did not pass or our tax bills would be much higher. Its all true. Too bad you can't handle the truth.

tim dziechowski said...

I wouldn't want to be the dispatcher who refused service to a senior whose ride is being paid for by tax dollars or charitable trust funds.

Because you never can tell when a selectman or representative of the charitable trust division might be listening in on an extension or by conference call.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they are and do.

Anonymous said...

When will Phil be held accountable for falsely arresting citizens for rape without properly investigating the case? He investigated for about 5 hours before arresting and ruining the name of a fine citizen of Atkinson over 20 years ago. When presented with emails clearly showing the accuser apologized to the victim of the accusations... The Chief did not have the balls to offer an apology or admit that he was wrong. He ruined a persons name and went on with business as usual. He should not only be fired.. But he should be in prison!