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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Selectmen don't trust Chief's word.

At a confrontational selectmen meeting last week, the Selectmen had some issues to discuss with the chief of police. First, they mentioned that they had sent him three CERTIFIED letter on various subjects, with no response from him. Phil, as is his usual custom didn't want to discuss the actual letters, but chose instead to whine about the effrontery of the board sending them "certified", demanding to know why they couldn't just tell him about them? He received his answer from Fred, who said; We didn't want you to be able to say you didn't get them!

The CONTENT of the letter was even more interesting. Letter #1 demanded that the chief STOP bringing in Jail trustees to clean the station because of the cost. Chief claimed they were free. When presented with the numbers, time and a half for the officer picking up and dropping off, lunch, car expenses, etc, which far out weigh the chief's claimed 446/week savings, he retreated to claiming they were "SEMI-FREE"! Selectman Shuster exclaimed in exasperation, WHAT IS SEMI-FREE? It either costs or it doesn't! Very true. Mr. Shuster, Semi-free was Phil's attempt to spin his previous lie.

Letter #2 was about Det. Farrar, who is apparently RETIRED BUT STILL WORKING IN THE SAME JOB FOR THE CHIEF! HOW is it possible to collect retirement, while still remaining in the very same job you are retiring from? THAT is FRAUD! SOMEONE declared him retired and eligible to collect his retirement, while allowing him to keep working. FURTHER, the chief admitted to paying him $25/hr. Supposedly part time, later claiming he was paying him for 6-8 hours per day, PLUS time and a half to get, and drop off the trustee! This reminds us of the impropriety of Phil revealing that he paid Billy his sick time to go on his summer camp, thus allowing him to get paid by BOTH the town and the military simultaneously, while violating the Town's sick time policy, and then announcing that he did this for SIX YEARS!

Letter #3 dealt with Phil hiring someone to do the detective's job, while keeping the detective on doing the same job! The selectmen told Phil that Farrar was not allowed back into the police dept., and he had to abide by their policies. Phil stated that he was not an employee! MEMO TO PHIL... You get paid by the town, that MAKES you an employee!

It is high time for the lies, deception, political posturing, and improprieties to stop. Phil it is time for you to retire.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that the selectmen are moving to correct this awful excuse of a police department.

I hope that they arrest Consentino for all of the wrongs he has done to so many people.

I also hope that the people who are his hired help, including the elderly affairs people, be made known and fired for being complicit. There is no way they were innocent in this.

If you watched the way he stared angrily and bullied the selectmen at the meeting this week, you would know what it is like to be personally intimidated by this man.

I don't see anyone standing up in public to defend him.
I guess it is true that rats leave a sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

"Selectmen don't trust Chief's word."

Neither do we.

1) Why does this guy surround himself with criminals and protect them? He said something in defense of the trustee that he was a real criminal. Can someone else chime in as to his exact words on this? He is always aligned with the bad guys, the cheaters, the liars. What's up with that?

2) Farrar has been complaining about the Chief, now the Selectmen, and he's been dying to retire for years. Glad he's gone but now he'll probably find another reason to complain.

3) If Phil is not an employee, just stop paying him and tell him to stay out of the building. Problems 1, 2 and 3 will be solved, along with the next hundred.

Anonymous said...

There was one who said 'I'm King!'.
All must answer my beckoning.
He first betrayed Fred,
Bill and Craig were misled,
But it became his day of reckoning.

Anonymous said...

Did Consentino qualify that remark with an explanation as to what status he thinks he has?

Owner, nope.
Appointee, nope.
Volunteer, nope.
Employee, nope.

Well then, buh, bye.

Anonymous said...

"HE'S(the trustee) NOT A CRIMINAL" "Just a DUI"

I seem to remember him in meetings calling Acciard a criminal for speeding!

I also heard him tell barbara stewart in a meeting; "I give you a break every time I see you flying down main st. at 90 mph." In a REALLY nasty voice.

he is such a shit.

Anonymous said...

I wonder about all the rest of the PD emplyees. Are any of them qualified to be cops? How do we know? Chief isn't, Camileri hasn't passed the test (has a gun?). What about the deaf cop?

How can you answer calls if you're deaf? Question suspects, talk to the public, and more importantly, how can he report back on what the residents had to say if he can't hear them? How can he write the story for the 'file'?

Anonymous said...

Right so our CHIEF OF POLICE doesn't recognize DUI as a CRIME?

THAT is a crime.

What the heck does this man think the trustee is doing up at Brentwood, hanging out for the free room and board?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anonymous said ... 10:36. This sounds like misappropriation of funds again. Consentino needs a 4th letter from BOS firing him and the locks at APD, including the vehicles, need to be changed. If Phil wants to volunteer his time and money transporting the elderly after he gets out of jail, then fine.

That's my Christmas wish.

Anonymous said...

Phil thinks a criminal is anyone who doesn't do as he says and support his cause (elderly = himself).

He probably isn't lying when he says he suports the elderly, it may all be going in the pocket.

Anonymous said...

My wish too.

If we got rid of him now, we could fix the budget before the Town Session.

No dispatching from here.
Sell the EA cars.
Tiny legal budget.
No LT position.
No more untrained pretend cops.
Coal is his stocking.

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

And a pardon for Mrs. Dubrov.

Anonymous said...

does that mean no trustee foe the cemetary

Anonymous said...

Ask your BOSS.

Anonymous said...

To get EA transportation,
just call the po-lice station.
Now don't be confused,
you will be refused.
If you haven't made a hefty donation.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, the poet who posts his message in rhymes
-- very enjoyable -- keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

To the Board of Selectmen:

It's good to see you finally standing up to Phil. Now, just have the backbone and spine to fire him.

Consentino's refusal to answer your certified letters is defiance and insubordination and is, itself, grounds for terminating him.

Consentino's appointment has chief has not been re=newed for over 10 years. He has no legal standing as chief. Why then are you continuing to allow him in the police station acting as chief?

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Friel,

I'm sure you are smart enough to see what he's up to and we are all sick of it...but how to do it with the least amount of backlash is the question.

He needs to be fired and arrested for the things he has done and this is the best way to avoid a lawsuit, or fire him with the threat of a lawsuit unless he goes away quietly.

I prefer option A.

Anonymous said...

There's a three year statute of limitation on most things. Make a list of all the idiotic, unfair, illegal, unethical things he has done and have him sign it or be prosecuted.

We have your back, the AG can help if you ask, the Feds might also be interested. Go for it.

Anonymous said...

Hang him out to dry with no taxpayer funded legal and see how fast he runs.

Anonymous said...

How does he afford the cadi, the harley, the pickup truck, the other cad, the crown vic, the horse, the house, the barn the 14 stall garage and all the bling (10 pounds of old lady gold) hanging around his neck?

All on $22k a year. It's mystifying.

Anonymous said...

Time to put Consentino on the defensive. Let him sue the town and see how far he gets. He's hung himself.

Just my humble Christmas wish.

Anonymous said...

There once was a cop with a plan.
Small town, easy job, hire the clan.
Get the goods on them all,
you call and we haul.
No recourse 'cause I'm The Man.

Anonymous said...

I agree, fire him and let him sue. So worth it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That's really the key to all this. He gets calls, sweeps everything under the rug, doesn't know how to handle calls because he has no training. It's a scam dept.

Anonymous said...

Finally, the selectmen are catching onto the liability Consentino presents to this town? Funny that it's not funny when he lies to them, but have allowed him to lie to everyone else for 40+ years.

Wouldn't it be funny if the Conman gets so upset that he unvails all that he has on them? Wouldn't it be funny if they all went down togeather? Do the Buldger Brothers live in this town? Sure do, just under a different name (s).

Anonymous said...

He's seems to have started doing this already. There's a disturbing posting where someone is hinting about scandals with each of the selectmen. I will ignore the posting.

Anonymous said...


Every now and then I click on this blog and I'm glad I am only one of the 20 residents that do, but here's a few facts

1. Friel's band of illegals who were working on the Kimball House disappeared when ICE Agents stopped in town.

2. Does anyone wonder why Fred has such a bad taste for APD in his mouth? I don't think its the A part, I think he hates PD, hmm maybe he had a bad expirience with police administration before. Please share with us Mt Childs before we dig deeper into your former profession and why you don't recive a retirement from LPD.

3. Mr Shoooooster you have been hanging with this BOS too long already, I have watched 25 yrs of selectmens meetings and never heard until this group how busy they are in their real life, that excuse is getting old.

Give the pd their free custodial help, whenever I drive by I see the man in green working, I stopped by once to get a wheel chair and he was very polite. I call it community service and wow Phil buys him lunch, what's the big deal?

November 23, 2011 1:34 PM

Anonymous said...

It's good to see that the BOS has found their spine again, but how long can we expect this to last? Is it just because there's a new selectman? Why all of a sudden is Childs speaking up.

Look at the previous post; someone claiming that Childs had a "problem" working for a police department and insinuating a threat to reveal it if he continues to speak out against the chief.

This is exactly the type of Mafia pressure that has been used to support the local corruption we've witnessed for years; threaten to expose the corruption, and reign in Consentino, and the dirt from your past will be revealed.

Here's what our selectmen, if they have the guts to do it, need to do:

1) Call Consentino in and write him up for not answering the certified letters; document it, and put it in his employment file.

2) Tell him, in writing, exactly what they want him to do with regard to hiring, cleaning the PD, etc.. The minute he doesn't do one of the things they say, call him in and write him up again.

3) Hire a lawyer knowledgeable about labor law to begin assembling the evidence of insubordination and inappropriate conduct throughout the years. Expect this whole process to cost the town up to $250,000. It's the best money we've ever spent.


That's what needs to happen.

Anonymous said...

I think they have all the ammo they need now. They can write him up NOW, for participating in and allowing the double dipping with Farra. They can write him up NOW for the way he acted on TV last week (I'm not an employee -translation - I don't listen to you guys). What about his wife talkign home paperwork without BOS permission?

Lots of ammo, do it now, worry about it later.

Anonymous said...

nothing will happen to philly . we will be having this covesation again in 2 years!!!!! this town blows the big one!

Anonymous said...


Innocent people get hurt, unjustly arrested,proscuted,found guilty with the police chief's help, land taken away, zba rules bent, illegal houses being built, while the bully arranges to take money from his (friends)? splitting it with the town and his 501 C account.

Billy Buldger and his midget brother in the legislature would LOVE to have Consentino's turf. It's a dream come true backed by a badge.

Wasn't it THE HEAD of the Boston FBI that tipped off Whitey Buldger that he was going to be arrested? Wasn't it the head of the FBI that drove Whitey to the HIT and watched as the informer was killed?

Yup, Consentino is the RICCO of Atkinson. Wanna bet who he hits next?

Wanna bet who will back him up with their protection?

Corruption is corruption no matter where it is located. It doesn't matter if it's Boston or Atkinson. The results are the same, and the more we turn our backs the worse it will get.

Get rid of the BUM before he gets one of US next.

Anonymous said...

Someone should contact our
new selectman Shuster and give him the e-mail address of the blog so that he will know the flavor or the town and hopefully get the encouragement he needs to stand up to Phil and take part in removing him.

Anonymous said...

Someone should have selectman Shuster get in touch with people that have had problems with the town, to get the real facts AS TO WHAT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR THE LAST 40 + YEARS.,

If selectman Shuster wants to be a real selectman, he needs to get as far away from the other two and the Conman, AS HE CAN GET. ( unless he wants to be part of the problem).

Selectman Shuster COULD BE a BREATH OF FRESH AIR, UNLESS HE dilutes himself with the FOUWLE AIR the other two and the Conman produce.

Selectman Shuster needs to get the STINK out of the POLICE DEPT. And THE TOWN HALL.

Mr. Friel only wants selectmen that don’t mind being UNP0PULAR to run for office.! Reading between the lines, is what Mr. Friel doesn’t SAY. It’s not a matter of being UNPOPULAR, (he did that to himself). It’s a matter of getting the corruption out of THIS town. Since Mr. Friel has shown he’s unwilling to do that for all the years he’s been in office, HIS ANSWER is to recruit people like himself.

Let’s hope that selectman Shuster will be someone that will fight for taxpayer rights! IF NOT he will go the way of POLITO and SAPIA, and it will be the same as when he came into office.

If Mr. Shuster (and family) is to sickly and busy with their daily lives to deal with the responsibilities of the office, then Friel, Consentino, Childs got the person they wanted elected.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You need a life to get over your obsessions.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we have a stalker on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Would you keep a person working for you if you couldn't trust to the point of having to send them certified mail? Isn't our police chief supposed to be a trustworthy person?

Any outsider looking in must think this nuts.

Anonymous said...

Consentino has earned his reputation of not being trustworthy. Why would anyone trust him from here on out? Why does he still have a chief's job? Why are selectmen allowing to remain a chief? Hmmmmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

Because he must have something on them, IMO.

Part of the problem is that these people don't realize that THYE have done this to themselves and THEY will be fired as a result. When it happens to the Chief, he will be looking for others to punish and others to blame. He'll never admit, even to himself that he brought this on himself. Everyone will have a vendetta against him, poor him.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to spin the contents of a certified letter. Only Consentino will try to do it and...........get away with it?

Who's he think he is, and Osborn?

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a show last night! Fed and the Chief do battle. fred digs his heels in and won't budge on an issue that saves the town money but since phil is asking he's just a stubborn b......d. I wish you were up this year for re-election Fred cause this is the year you would go down in flames

Anonymous said...

He'd win this year because he has stood up for what's right.

Can't wait to see the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Saw the meeting. Shuster blinked and blinked.

This guy wants everyone to like him.
Is the biggest flip flopper we ever had. Contradicts himself in the same paragraph. Loves to hear himself talk.

Try to give Con man his trustee back. What a joke.

The comes in one Kevin Donnoly. Evidently if you work at the police station you learn how to be a bully. The way that the talked to selectmen was exactly a Phil technique. Got poff, said some disrectful remarks, turned his back on the selectmen and stormed out.

Kevin the "bully" II.

Police should have integrity. This one doesn't.

Anonymous said...

They are all part of the problem. They should clean out the entire dept.

What was Kevin Donnelly in there about? Looking for a raise after he let the stolen car get away?

Anonymous said...

Can someone pput the Donnelly clip up on here or on youtube?

Anonymous said...

Hey Chief,

Do the elderly know that you bring the jail trustee in the car with you? Are they ok with this?

Is EA paying part of the trustee bill, or are you mingling budgets again?

Anonymous said...

What if the trustee is not so trustworthy and he takes one of the elders hostage, steals the Chief's gun and hit's him over the head? Then what? This is totally unacceptable behavior for town employees (and those squatting in jobs).

Anonymous said...

Kevin saw nothin', heard nothin', know nothing'...don't worry 'bout me, won't say a word.

Anonymous said...

I thought personal attacks were not tolerated. Why is the blog allowing attacks against our residents. I watched the meeting, I did not see the same view you are reporting.

I witnessed one resident volunteering his time trying to treat all fairly. The other a public servant fighting for the same rights others were given.

The bully attacks I see are only here in the double standard blog.

Anonymous said...

hey bloggers, talk about electioneering, did anyone see Mr Shooooooster last night on public tv announce his candidacy for selectman in March. His 3 minute campaign commercial should be sent to the AG's office immediately. Anyone have that on u-tube?

Anonymous said...

Didn't see a thing. You must be a crank, a trouble maker, you're always complaining to us and the BOS.

Anonymous said...

You may give opinion, fact, or evaluation, but ad hominem personal attacks will not be tolerated, or published.

Do as we say not as we do!

Anonymous said...

Why did he go to the meeting to ask for raises for the PD when they have a union? Why didn't the Chief talk for his staff?

I would have expected them to adhere to some protocol. It was unusual, and he was cranky.

Anonymous said...

Why? They never do anything about the other culprit, why do anything about this one?

Anonymous said...

Merge the Atkinson Police Dept. with the Plaistow Police Dept. They provide after-hour coverage already and the Town would save a lot of money by consolidating support personnel and using the Atkinson Fire Station as a substation for the Plaistow Police Dept.

Anonymous said...

We have to do something. The PD is out of control, no fiscal responsiblity. Get rid of dispatchers and have Plaistow to it all. Why are we paying double for just 20% of the time? Besides, it's nepotism and this is the reason nepotism is unethical.

I saw get CART too and the exchange of favors will be gone.

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the PD part timers. The Cheif is limited to what, 20 hours a week since he is underqualified.

What about limitations on the other cops, say Kevin for example, who was paid $35k in 2010. That means if he was limited to 20 hrs a week, he have to be making $35.00 an hour ! So what are the rules here? Do the PT police have limits on hours they can work?

Anonymous said...

child,s got thrown off the lawrence police for stealing that was many year,s ago he is still stealing by not doing hi9s job as a selectmen

Anonymous said...

More personal attacks, shame, shame, shame

Anonymous said...

I heard the record was expunged, and I heard the Chief was going around showing his record to people. This is a crime, ask the old sheriff.

Anonymous said...

It's old news that Childs is a felon; better question is what else the Conman has on him that might be more recent.

They both need to go.

Anonymous said...

The Chief has no right to use information he gets by virtue of his position to target anyone.

It's abuse of office.

MAcciard said...

Dec. 1, 8:45;

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Phil has ALWAYS used information obtained through the authority of the Pd against his critics!

That was an issue in my lawsuit. he spent dozens if not hundreds of man hours investigating me and my company. he ran a carfax on my work van from the day it rolled out of the factory. he called the previous owners to find out if they had ever installed a remote starter. he visited the former owner's dad in Salisbury to interrogate him. he called my customers and suppliers and told them I was "under investigation by the Atkinson Police Dept." I WASN'T! The detective knew NONE of this. It was Phil.

Just like he did to Dale Childs. he sent Bill Anderson to her house to take pictures of the Hampstead Animal control vehicle, then sent a letter ON OFFICIAL STATIONARY to the hampstead Selectmen telling them that she used the vehicle for personal business. When Dale raised hell over it, Phil whined that he was acting "as Phil COnsentino resident, not Phil COnsentino police chief"

As if any resident can use police officers to investigate someone, and use police chief stationary to compromise someone to their boss.


Read the site for more idiocies.

Anonymous said...

I read it all Mark. All I said was he had no right to do this!

Anonymous said...

Hey, why doesn't someone break into the PD and steal police stationary? Once they have it, they could write letters to anyone's employer to say they are being investigated by the APD and destroy their livelyhood! Sign the letter with Consentino's name and that will make everything legal.

Oh what fun we can have by following Consentino's example.

How about it selectmen? You wouldn't have any problem turning your heads if this were to happen to one of yours, right? It's perfectly right if the Consentino man does it to others, right?


Makes one want to puck!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What do you know? Msybe he does want to puck.

Let the person puck if he want's to.

Maybe they tried puking and like pucking better.