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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Phil's outrageous past dogs his campaign


As we all know a year ago Phil Consentino was FIRED from his position as police chief, and elderly affairs director. And he was fired for  cause. What most Atkinsonians do not know is what that cause was. He was fired pursuant to  a sexual harassment complaint from a female employee. It was investigated by a third party firm, and immediately upon the selectmen reading their findings they decided to fire Phil.

Her 8 page complaint detailed almost 5 years of repeated sexual harassment from Phil. YEARS, of innuendo, suggestive comments, suggestive gestures, touching her, smelling her hair, groping himself in front of her, staring at her while touching himself, were all painstakingly detailed in her complaint.

I would ask what kind of pig would treat a woman this way, particularly a woman who works next to his wife, but we now know the answer to that question.

In his typical dishonest fashion, Phil has claimed for a year now that he never got to tell his side. Initially he said he would fight his firing, for the first time he did nothing. At candidates night he got the opportunity to tell his side, he declined, opting instead to threaten and swear at those asking the questions. Once a bully always a bully.

In case you are wondering about the veracity of the females complaint, it was thoroughly investigated, he was fired, chose not  to  fight it, and to avoid prosecution Phil, the Town, and the victim settled out of court. She was paid $50,000, her lawyer another $50,000, and was sworn to non disclosure.

Now, Phil could have stayed retired and over time people would have forgotten, much like Bill Clinton, and he would have enjoyed the well wishes of  the town, but his ego would not allow that, he chose to throw his hat into the ring for selectman once again. So, Phil you have no one to blame for the questions and information becoming public but yourself.

Over the years of Phils tenure a police chief he has been the direct cause of no less than 9 legal actions. resulting in millions of  dollars in settlements and legal expense. He began his tenure as police chief by misappropriating funds according to the suit filed by former selectman Wayne Peak., this suit and Phil's counter suit for defamation tran for nearly SIX YEARS! Resultinng in, reportedly one of the largest civil settlements in state history, the case is sealed. He progressed onto to numerous labor actions, even being ordered by the NHPELRB to "cease and desist" from "bullying, harassing, and intimidating his officers" HE claimed once again he never got to tell his side of the story.

Over the years Phil has bullied and intimidated everyone who criticized his actions no matter whether they were inappropriate, or illegal.

Atkinson YOU CAN DO BETTER!!!! DO NOT elect Phil to be the boss over the woman he already harassed. It  is nothing but a recipe for future lawsuits.

Thank you

Mark R. Acciard

PS: Phil if you read this and get upset, or want to sue someone over it, you know where to find me. Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

The courage, of Mark Acciard, sets an example for all decent people in our town. Where would we be with out his truth telling, encouragement and risk taking.

I consider Mr. Acciard as great a leader as Thomas Jefferson, who was just after all a human being like us all but a courageous leader unwilling to compromise. Thomas Jefferson tells us in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS:

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

You, the people, know your responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Mark Acciard is the most honest and decent human being I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Mark is not only smart, but brave in the face of the political corruption we all face. Atkinson lost when he opt'd out and moved his family out of Town to avoid the vandalism and harassment so common in Atkinson, NH.

Mark Acciard said...

Thank you to Both of you, Although I am not worthy of comparison to Jefferson,Thank you.

As to moving, I was left with little choice. After my car was vandalized in my driveway, and my home spray painted, My wife decided Atkinson was no longer a safe place to raise our kids. The price of trying to enforce ethics on Phil. She and the kids moved to Derry, and I could not afford to maintain two homes.

Anonymous said...

You are most worthy. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Why did the officers stand by and allow a woman to be harassed and abused for years? Shame on you. You're supposed to be protecting people, not looking the other way.

Anonymous said...

hope you have some $ set aside for legal advice. good luck. those who live in glass house...well you know the rest. baseless entry with no facts. you cant hide behind the COI now because you have no disappeared. god bless this town. god bless the king

Anonymous said...

I do - how about yourself? Maybe you could go to night school, its more productive than stalking and blogging nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I read the blue flyer in the mail. Bill Innes is criticized and I bet my pet monkey his job is history after this election. It was a job with big salary and increases to come. But now all that its gone by-by. No doubt a part time police officer like Bill Bennet will polish up his badge, take over the TA job. Wanna bet?

Anonymous said...

you are a moron. the conperv is done. bennett is too.

Anonymous said...

Delib session 2015 will be a doozer. Can't wait to bring my popcorn and watch the fireworks. Cops runnin the board of selectmen. Eagle Trib guys stopped by officers at the door. People asking Questions about sexual harassment pounded down and out told to move otta town. Micro phones turned off. Cop selectmen telling cops to eject nasty tin foil hat troublemakers. Dragging em outta their chairs on their backs with hands in cuffs with their heels leaving black marks on the floor. Gerridy told to shut the funck up and do as he is told.

gonna be so cool. damn

Anonymous said...

To 7:30 - I doubt that you can read based on your posting. Bennett quit years ago, both the APD and the BoS. He's quitter and that's good for the Town. Now pay attention so that we don't have to keep embarrassing you.

Anonymous said...

That MRI report taxpayers paid for. How come selectmen hid the facts?. Why did they cover up about all of it??

To protect themselves, natch!! Ha ha. But they never figured on this selectman race and the big time settling up soon to come..

I wouldn't want to be you!

Anonymous said...

Consentino is finished. Flamed out, signs down all over Town. Now when will the little Mrs. go?

Anonymous said...

Really Anon March 10, 2014 at 7:07 PM?

Might want to check out:

Anonymous said...

OMG. I laughed my a$$ off. Then threw up

Anonymous said...

Atkinson: Don't Shake Hands With Phil During Business Hours

DateMonday, March 10, 2014 at 07:55PM

Things are coming to a head again in Atkinson, NH and it is the same old bald head - former Police Chief Phil “All Hands” Consentino.

Here is what happens when police, the courts, and the newspapers cover for bad cops.

Some copies of the out of court settlement between the Town of Atkinson and the female dispatcher who was sexually harassed by Phil Consentino have been placed in plastic bags and tossed in the appropriate front lawns.

A former resident who had to move out of Atkinson with his family has summed up much of the issue on the local blog, The Atkinson Reporter 2, which can be found here and on our web site.

Mark Acciard was bullied for years until his wife and kids left town for some peace, but that doesn’t mean Mark doesn’t have a warm spot for old Consentino the Latin Hand Lover.

A thug police chief bullies, threatens, and shoves people around for several decades then goes on a pervert spree with some poor woman trapped at the dispatch counter while the people who are supposed to prevent this type of behavior look on. That is Atkinson in a nutshell.

Normally, the out of court settlement with the perverted details about the handy chief would remain just that. But now the secret documents are going around town.

Oh, whatever will poor Phil do now that HE is a victim?

Let me try and explain what his options are based on his past “actions”.

1. He could go into a bathroom stall and moan and groan about it.

2. Phil might want to lean back in his chief chair exposing his discomfort with the situation.

3. The former police chief has the option of making some suggestive comments about his “plight”.

4. Viagra might work – someday, somehow, who knows, who cares.

5. If Consentino is really upset about the secret settlement getting into public hands he might take a few deep breaths – into some woman’s hair.

6. How about some dirty talk – not death threats – just good old fashioned, like Phil, dirty talk. Phil, after all, is an old-fashioned guy.

But if Phil complains to authorities that someone let the Complaint to the NH Commission for Human Rights #16D-2013-00128, out to the public, what are local officials going to do?

Atkinson has a track record of ignoring violations based on politics, with the help of local courts and the print media. Will they try to catch the perpetrator who exposed Phil, unwillingly, to public scrutiny?

Will everyone finally see who in town ignored the complaints of sexual harassment made by a town employee?

Are they suddenly that brave or stupid?

In any case, Consentino just might be elected Selectman in Atkinson tomorrow.

Then the comedy/tragedy starts all over again.

(I hope the new Atkinson Police Chief isn’t using that old chair?)

Anonymous said...

Hey Conman...........Getting a little "off hand" lately?

If you win today, what woman at town hall you got your eye on? Selectmen's secretary? Been there......done that?

Geezzzzzzzzzzz what a disgusting, PERVERTED OLD PIG you are.

Anonymous said...

Old saying:

You can screw the horse,
You can screw the cow BUT
Stay away from the PIG.....

ROL, ROL, ROL..........:)

Anonymous said...

By Ed Naile - a poem:

This is a story bout a man named Phil
He couldn’t get it up even - though he took his pills
And then one day he was act’n kinda rude
The dispatch chick then changed his attitude
Lawsuit that is
Legal gold
Well now we all know - that guy without his hair
Would lean way back in his creepy leather chair
His tiny little pistol was as limber as could be
So he tugged at his pants and he set the thing free
Loose was more like it
And no where to go
The bathroom stall is such a lonely place
The pervert Phil was such a big disgrace
He’d use it in his master plan to lure the gals inside
But it always wound up just himself - he took out for a ride
KY’s his brand
Jelly ya know
The girl in the office heard sniffing in her hair
She cried “Hey Phil, you don’t belong in there!”
“Back in your chair is where you ought’a be”
“You gotta thumb and four fingers, so don’t you pester me”
Phil’s run’n for selectman now
Don’t ya know
Our quaint little town - is in and out of court
We’ll be back real soon – Phil’s favorite threat is “mort’e”
So as we end our tragic tale about this local hack
Let’s pray Phil gets a sex change - cause he has a hefty rack.

Anonymous said...

It's one thing to attack the attacker but can you leave details of the victim out of it please?

Anonymous said...

15 votes and piggy gets in

Lets have a poll when the first lawsuit is filed!

Anonymous said...

Over 5000 registered voters in Atkinson roughly 1500 show up to vote on a beautiful clear day? You should be ashamed of yourselves to let a criminal back in office. yes I agree there will be complaints and possibly lawsuits but hopefully people will not be afraid this time.

Anonymous said...

It was clear that the townies were almost out voted!!!!!!!!!!! That's a good sign but the people would think differently if it was them, or their daughter or wife harassed!

I would only hope he would try any BS on me or my family. My attorney would eat this town for lunch!

Anonymous said...

He can sue you now and guess who will be paying for it??? Rack man is now in office!

Anonymous said...

its sad that maybe people have to sue the town or maybe him civilly in order to prove a point. that your taxes are going to be raised because of so many lawsuits. maybe then they will get tired of paying higher taxes because the town cannot run properly. and maybe then more people come out to vote the next time. people only come out when it hurts their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Ed Naile
Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Atkinson taxpayers now have a definitive example of who votes in your town and looking for 15 votes to change Atkinson for the better forever is within your grasp.
A lot of people came out to say no to the thug. That is a good start.
Groom your list and start contacting new people to add to your side. Consentino has exhausted every voter possibility he has getting back in a seat which will expose him at every meeting.
He did not take the common sense route and leave quietly - that will have consequences for him as a public person.
Ask for a re-count and look on the bright side. He has spent his goodwill votes and bought himself and Atkinson only embarrassment.

Anonymous said...
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