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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Seniors, you put the Sexual harasser-in-Chief back into Office

Seniors, I do not necessarily blame you. Your loyalties are admirable, if guided by his lies, and your ignorance of his past.

You know him as the nice man who  gives you rides. You do not  acknowledge that this was his JOB. that the townspeople funded this program that Carol Grant created for you.

Most of  you have never been pressured for votes and support in the cars like some have.

 Most of you have not been refused rides because you criticized him as many have.

Most of you have not been pressured to leave your estates to the "donation account" as some have.

Most of you are unaware that he has been ordered by the NHPELRB to "cease and desist" from "bullying, harassing, and intimidating" his employees.

Most of you are unaware he had to be Ordered by the Court to obey the law, then was found in Contempt of Court for willfully violating it. You probably believed him when he LIED about that order.

Most of you are unaware of his beginning his tenure as Chief by misappropriating funds, resulting in 6 years of legal wranglings with a selectman.

Most of you are unaware of his serial sexual harassment of female employees, even when they work with his WIFE.

Most of you are unaware of him pounding the table  in a meeting he was forbidden by Court Order for being in, and ORDERING his  officers to evict an elderly woman and her wheelchair bound son oout into the winter night without even allowing her to pause to put his coat on, for asking him questions.

Most of you are unaware of his following myself, my wife, and my son through town, or the incessant walk around vehicle inspections, or the frivolous tickets, NEVER given in hand, by Phil but served at my home by a uniformed officer weeks AFTER the alleged incident.

Most of you are unaware of the vandalism to my car and home resulting form his endless diatribes at selectmens meetings.

And Most of you are unaware that one year ago, he was fired pursuant to an 8 page sexual harassment complaint filed with the NH Human Rights Commission by a female employee, detailing almost FIVE YEARS of  continuous abuse, of gestures, comments, offers, innuendo, touching, and groping himself while staring at her, telling her "this  will  only take a minute"

Most of you are unaware that this was investigated by an outside agency, and he was fired IMMEDIATELY upon the selectmen reading their findings. You propbably believed him when he said he "retired", or that he "never got the chance to tell his side of the story" HE LIED, and you believed it.

You see, I can not  believe that the 801 people who voted for him knew any of this, because I can not  believe that you would put a sexual preadtor in an office where h is the boss over the very women he harassed.

Good  Luck Atkinsonians, because whatever happens you VOTED FOR  IT.


Mark Acciard


Anonymous said...

Maybe a vote against Mr Friel???
I don't think we have 801 seniors that went to the polls yesterday.
Just sayin............

Anonymous said...

We have 801 people who are not paying attention, or maybe are being just paid.

One of the issues in the complaint that got him fired was that he was paying an employees bills out of the donation account.

Is that where the funds go? To those he wants to take care of, elderly or otherwise?

Anonymous said...

Or sick of the current Bull Sh--
Now we can back to the old Bull Sh--. Either way, it was a lot more than seniors who have brought Phil back.

Alex Lippa said...

I'm looking for some comments for tomorrow's Tribune from Atkinson residents ON THE RECORD about Consentino being elected as selectman. If anyone is interested in talking to me today, please email me at or call me at 603-421-3842.

-Alex Lippa

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

There is no doubt Mark that this is an embarrassment. The fact that his arrogance prevented him from even making more than a 30 second appearance is also a slap in the face to the voters. Mr Friel, Shuster, Mitchell and Morse spent their day in the coral while Phil spent the day shoveling cow feces.

I find it quite ironic that Phil can advertise free manure on one sign and ask for your vote with the next sign, is this not ironic?

Anonymous said...

Should we expect a lawsuit to be filied, questioning Phil's ability to sit as a selectman given his dismissal from the police department?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

There are no words that be can said to
describe the outcome of the voters in Atkinson. This is a tragedy. The town is subject to all the grievous conduct
that plagued this town for so many years. There will be no surprises for
the coming year so watch for the Headlines about our town again.

Anonymous said...

Ed Naile
Chairman, Coalition NH Taxpayers

Please, do NOT respond to the reporter from the Lawrence Eagle Tribune.
But may of you know that his ON THE RECORD offer is only an offer of retaliation and abuse from the thug/pervert who was just elected selectman.
This is trap. You will not be quoted fairly.
I was in Atkinson, as was the Lawrence Eagle Tribune when several people tried to intimidate our photographer - with me sitting there.
They tried again outside.
The moderator violated our photographers rights by not allowing him to simply take photos - as the Lawrence Eagle Tribune did.
I mentioned this to the LET reporter sitting in front of me in the visitor section. No story reflecting what happened.
Has this paper or reporter ever done any legitimate writing about the thug or his his victims?
The story of Atkinson does not play out only in this blog.
I write about Atkinson in enough blogs and talk radio programs that it gets 2,000 hits per day.
Other papers in NH monitor these blogs to get facts and ideas for news - because CNHT is on the ground involved.
You don't need the Lawrence Eagle Tribune, sympathetic liberal judges, weak Atkinson officials,and a non-exisatnt Attorney General - unless you are a thug and a pervert like Phil Consentino.
Ignore that paper. They deserve no less.

Anonymous said...
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AtkinsonReporter2Monitor said...

We do not accept link here. Have a nice day.

Tim Dziechowski said...

Ed -

This reporter was in journalistic diapers when your photographer was having his tussle with the then moderator at town meeting.

Anonymous said...

The voters have spoken, maybe Morse and Phil can straighten things out, be sure to follow the money trail!!

Anonymous said...

Phil is off his rocker and is unfit for public service. He'll just cause more problems, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Half the voters don't know the truth when it hits then on the nose! I hope the next victim is a townie that voted for him..Maybe your wife or daughter............