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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Political flyer found at Atkinson mailboxes

February 28, 2014
There are several reasons why I
have decided to run for the elected
position of selectman, let me just list a
The way the BoS are making
decisions pertaining to the operation
of town government needs
to be
The purchase of gas and diesel
for all town vehicles was addressed in
a one nights discussion on were the
town will purchase its fu~l. The Board
Selectmen opened the discussion to buy the fuel from the state at the DOT garage in Kingston, N.H •••

The department heads were
never told about this move or even told
how much we would save, even after
numerous requests by the budget
committee. All the Town Administrator
would say is that we would most likely
save some money by making this
change. Why was such a fast decision
made on this issue with out Selectman
Baldwin being present? Now after
from some of the department
heads it looks like they are going to
scrap that idea.
The decision to try to by-pass
the voters on the police chiefs move
from part-time to full-time with out
going before the voters and just
include the needed funds in the
operating budget is a very sneaky way
of doing business.


I have been elected to the
Board of Selectman three different
times for a total of nine (9) years.
When the residents are notified that
the Board of Selectmen's meetings will
start at 7:30, than that is when the
meeting should start.
During that 9 year period I only
missed one Selectman's meeting. I am
right here in town avallable
I will fight as hard as I can to
keep the Elderly Affairs program up
and running and stop the constant
push to destroy the program that I
worked so hard to put in place. Our
town has received numerous citations and complements on our program.

All major issues and votes
taken by the Board of Selectman
should be discussed and voted on at a
regularly posted Board of Selectman's
meeting, and not over a cup of coffee,
or on a Saturday morning which we all
know is illegal.
Over the years I have received great
support from the residents and I hope
that support will continue through this
important election
Thank you

Phil Consentino
140 Main St

Candidate for the one (1) seat on the
Board of Selectmen


Anonymous said...

how dare they change gas stations, heck, i was still using my card.

Anonymous said...

The flyer says it all - uneducated, divisive and a liar. He did not start the senior program and the disconnected rambling is not at all fllattering.

Anonymous said...

The man complained that the cats would regularly block his access to the bathroom and made it impossible to cook or eat, as they would constantly swipe his food off the table. He also alleges that their insistence on sharing the couple's bed prevented him from getting any sleep.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

cat got your tongue?

Anonymous said...

We need a Selectpiggy and I approve this flyer.

This little piggy went to market; this little piggy stayed home; this little piggy had roast beef; this little piggy got none; this little piggy got sloppy; this little piggy got caught; this little piggy our new Selectpiggy.


Anonymous said...

This ego manic is a fool and so are his supporters or should I say moochers.

Anonymous said...

"I like him, he shoveled for me. He gave me a ride. He gave me free oil. "


Pardon me for yelling but these are things that you received from the taxpayers. NOTHING came out of Conman's pocket. Fools...

Anonymous said...

Well if a Selectpggy is what you want, the only Selectman candidate piggy is SCOTT MITCHELL!!!!!

GO SCOTT!!!!!!

Now if you want a hasbeencaughtpiggy, throw your vote away on CONMAN the barbarian.

Anonymous said...

Disregarding the veracity of the comments contained in the flyer, the big question is why wasn't there an explanation as to the charges leading to his removal as Chief. Until he is prepared to come clean about that issue he does not deserve a single vote for Selectman.

Anonymous said...

If he thought for one second that he was right, he would have gone to the newspapers immediately, and fought the allegation. He didn't and that is enough for me. I cannot comprehend anyone voting for him.

Anonymous said...

Atkinson Women’s Civic Club is sponsoring Candidates night on tomorrow night March 4th at 7 pm at Town Hall. I am a member of Civic Club and I happen to be chairing this event on behalf of Civic Club this year. This press release is on the last week’s Carriage Town news and our town’s website Home page, I sent email to my email list and it should be on the cable channel 20.

Atkinson Women’s Civic Club asked our town Moderator Jim Garrity to be present tomorrow night and we ask all the audience to write down all the question before those candidates appear and Moderator will pick and choose the questions. Civic Club had sent invitations to all the candidates and they each candidate will be allocated up to 4 minutes speech to state why he or she is seeking the elected office, which includes addressing 3 topics. Then moderator will ask questions; most likely to the candidates who have opponents

Anonymous said...

Candidates should boycott this staged event. This amounts to official oppression by the Moderator. This is a decision making event before voting and WE THE PEOPLE have a right to ask our own questions without cleansing or otherwise sugar coating or worst yet, omitting them. Would you allow this at deliberative session next year? It looks like a civil rights case in the making and a precedent. BOOOOOOOOOO

Anonymous said...

They've always allowed the public to ask questions and there were no problems. (other than the police chief shooting spit balls into carol grants hair). The only uncomfortable question is why he got fired. If he refused to answer or did answer, he's finished. Let the games begin.....or the lawsuits....

Anonymous said...

have you considered that this may be electioneering? consider that the moderator may want to ask favorable questions to a candidate of his liking and revealing questions to those he opposes. moreover, this could be a concerted effort by him and unknown others as a group.

Anonymous said...

You can write all you want about the man but if people dont show to cast their vote for another candidate he has the potential of winning because only the elderly come out to vote. if you are a person that goes out in any type of weather condition to vote please get your neighbors out there get them out to vote otherwise this town is going to hell. the devil has come to leave his followersand maybe cats too.

Anonymous said...

I'm registered, are you ( to vote, not for English class)? The devil has come to LEAD his followers, not LEAVE. BIG difference.

Anonymous said...

shooster the conman wanna be, VOTE NO TO SHOOSTER. Once you mentioned Consentino you were done.

Anonymous said...

Consentino got fired because of his behavior. However, he was never charged with anything. He got off easy. He was ready to retire anyway.

He does, however, have control of his charitable fund to which many folks still contribute.

I may call him for some oil!

Anonymous said...

If candidates night was put on by a private org, why was it on town property with the town moderator moderating and taking direction from the town administrator?
It was an excuse he gave to censor questions and he did. Civility was the excuse but the censorship was oppression.

Where were the civility police when Consentino mouthed "GO FUCK YOURSELF" to someone in the audience after the cameras were turned off? This is the jerk Garritty was protecting.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Grant asked about the alleged sexual assault and Consentino said he wasn't going to talk about what happened in the past. His words confirmed that this happened.

Anonymous said...

If the Conman was fired by the town why is he able to run for office? The thoughts of him doing so after all he has cost the town in money, national & state embarrassment . Is it not true that he isn't supposed to be able to be part of the towns politics after what he did to get fired for just cause? As suggested else where on the site the state should be notified to look into this .

Anonymous said...

Phil can run. Phil can win. But can Phil serve? I expect even if Phil is elected next week he will not get to sit at the desk.
So Phil,I ask: How can we miss you if you don't go away?

Anonymous said...

Hey, where was Mark A? -- CG and LA make up the trifecta of hate....

Anonymous said...

Are you are a kind and good neighbor?

Anonymous said...

Carol Grant and her family started Elderly Affairs, not Consentino as he would have you believe. She did it for free, no taxpayer funded cars, Police interference or secret fund drives.

Carol is a kind and generous person and this Town doesn't deserve her, she is too good for this town.

Mark Acciard was the best budget chair we have ever seen and he was bullied out of the town by Phil and other horrid people who vandalized his car and house over petty political nonsense.

Leon Artus spent months working with our budcom to remove waste, while Jack Sapia threw money back in, money no one asked for.

ayaz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

If candidates night was put on by a private org why did they use the ACTV and who paid for the camera crew?

Anonymous said...

Ask the thieving corrupt past to present officials to answer that. Better watch dogs are needed in town to be sure things are on the up and up. JMHO

Anonymous said...

Help save Atkinson vote consentino
Help save Atkinson vote consentino

Anonymous said...

4:05- what about the cats? Why are so many of those needed?

Anonymous said...

The comments from March 6,2014 at
930:AM are so true. These are the voters that did try to clean up the BOS. They still stand up for truth and transparency. The BOS does not like to hear this. The BOS has done many things to dissuade the truth from coming out. Please cast your vote and hope our town will be ,once again, a town we can all be proud of.

Anonymous said...

While cats can be curious they tend to run or go away instead of standing their ground . They are afraid of humans and other animals where dogs are not. Which are you ,dog or pussy cat? Right now I'm a puppy waiting to see a full size dog will take a bite out of the corruption in town. In all good conscience I'll vote for any one running except for the Conman. I hope the non elderly will come out in force to keep the Conman from getting elected.

Anonymous said...

Consentino's signs are everywhere in town,especially in front of new resident's homes, people who don't know his history. I 'got his number' shortly after moving here in '84. I called the police because my neighbor was beating his ex-wife in the driveway... he was a drug dealer and money launderer. THE POLICE DID NOT COME! I called the state troopers, they came! Old neighbor eventually went to prison, he was investigated w/o Phil's knowledge! TRUE STORY!

Anonymous said...

3/7 @7:26 a.m. , Please tell everyone you come into contact to NOT vote for the Conman. You seem to be an ,forgive me, older person and you must know younger ones that are the back bone of tax payers. Remind them that everyone pays taxes and they will until they move or die away leaving their kids to continue to do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Consentino's signs are also in front of empty homes and vacant land. Makes it look like more people support him. I just wonder why the Lions' club members are supporting him. I Thought members of the Lion's club would have more integrity. Very disappointed in that.

Anonymous said...

I overheard Phil leaning over and saying the wort MORT to a resident at candidates night The word mort in French means DEATH!!!!!! After this resident asked him questions he refused to answer. I hope this person files a complaint with the PD and has a restraining order put on him...We have no place for BULLIES!

Anonymous said...

several people overheard it and people saw him mouth go f uck yourself to the samer person.
we dont need this trash on the board.

Anonymous said...

saw the new and old chief having breakfast together this morning. Wonder what that was about??? he just runs the town he doesn't doesn't do to much jogging....I mean blogging

Anonymous said...

I bet a complaint was filed for the threat.

Mark Acciard said...

Phil you are lying again. What you NOW call sneaky is EXACTLY how you created the towns first full time Lt. position for Billy, never going to the voters or budget committee, just putting it in the budget, and how you bought the Ford Expeditions. Avoiding the voters and never getting budget committee approval, Hell never even getting the BOD approval according to Fred Childs.

Mark Acciard said...

To March 6, 8:17am; if only you could admit that Phil was FIRED for sexually harrassing a female employee regularly over a FIVE YEAR PERIOD!!! he groped, commented, made suggestions, and engaged in despicable behavior until finally she complained.

It was investigated by an outside agency, and he was fired. She was paid, it was settled out of court to avoid prosecution.

he SHOULD have remained retired where no one would have found out his actions. But his ego would not allow it.

he has only himself to blame for the bad press he is receiving. he should thank his lucky stars he is not in jail.

Anonymous said...

what concerns me is that other officers did nothing. donnelly, caggiano, farrar, baldwin, fiset, even jody witnessed these incidents and did nothing.

they should all be fired.

Anonymous said...

groped is a less offense word than saying he "M'd" in front of her and on the phone. the pig (no pun intended).

Anonymous said...

Atkinson’s Bully Boy Consentino Not Morte’fied!

by Ed Naile

Update on the thug from Atkinson:

Last night there was an open candidates night for Atkinson residents to ask questions of two people who are running for Selectman in that sad, sad, crooked town.

One of the candidates is the notorious thug and bully, former Police Chief Phil Consentino.

I have written about the guy so many times I honestly can’t remember all the issues. Google him.

CNHT was called for assistance in getting rid of this human liability back in 2009 by people in Atkinson who rightly feared for their safety because of the documented, unhinged actions of this part-time chief.

Phil Consentino is a problem by himself but as with many bullies he draws brown-nosing sub-bullies into his fold. I have had one of these punks in my face when I was holding a camera flash drive several other sub-thugs were trying to get from a local guy who was taking pictures for CNHT. Our photographer was so scared he handed me the flash drive.

Things did not work out for that bully or the former moderator that afternoon.

Still, the powers that be in the NH Attorney General’s Office, the courts, the Eagle Tribune, and the gaggle of voters beholden to Consentino, who runs a private elderly affairs scam/taxi service with used Atkinson Police Dept. cruisers, keep this low-life in Atkinson’s positions of power.

Back to last nights “candidate” forum.

Consentino and the other selectman candidate were asked if they were ever fired from any public position, as Consentino was last year about this time after the Town settled a sexual harassment case out of court. Needless to say, Consentino was not happy.

After the inquisition was over the former police chief walked up to a citizen who asked an embarrassing question about the firing and sexual harassment case and said, “Mort’e” to him.

This particular word means “death” in several languages.

My thinking is that the former chief is of Italian heritage so let’s go with Italian.

Mort nor mort’e mean anything in English, but far be it from me to question the vocabulary of a thug who has been shoving people around in Atkinson for decades.

Maybe the State Police know what saying “mort’e” to someone you are mad at means.

How about the NH AG’s Office, maybe they can find a way to define mort’e as a pleasantry or happy greeting.

The NH AG proposes that asking co-eds to remove their clothes in exchange for getting a speeding ticket dropped in New London is perfectly legal – that was a police chief as well.

Welcome to New Hampshire where we let bullies who run police departments do their thing against a select few citizens. So no help from that department is expected. We don’t want to break a proud tradition.

One should not endlessly criticize without at least making a positive suggestion now and then.

Here is my suggestion to stop the thug in Atkinson from having to be bailed out of another jam by the people who are supposed to protect the public:

Phil Consentino runs a scam in Atkinson called, The Elderly Affairs Program.

It is funded partially by town money and donations. He has to report, annually, to the Charitable Trust Unit of the NH AG’s Office, a part of the AG’s Office that is not tainted by past questionable actions such as defending crooked cops and elections.

The Charitable trust Unit could pull Consentino’s Elderly Affairs Program non-profit status for this kind of behavior, or for the mystery of where the $12,000.00 he claims to have given Atkinson went that they say they never received.

This would at least take away the voting block of free taxi service votes he uses to stay in power.

Without the free taxi service Consentino runs, the other gutless selectmen might be able to run a clean town for the first time in 30 years.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Personal threatening MUST NOT be condoned or allowed by the selectmen, town moderator or the atkinson police. A death threat is serious and the police should arrest, finger print and jail the criminal.

Anonymous said...

A Manchester Criminal Defense Attorney on Sentences for NH Criminal Threatening Convictions

Criminal threatening is a class B felony if the person uses a deadly weapon or threatens to use violence against someone. A class B felony is punishable up to 7 years in prison. Other criminal threatening acts are considered misdemeanors. The punishment for a misdemeanor may include fines, jail time, counseling, and restraining orders. The court chooses the appropriate penalty based on the facts of the case.

Obtaining a Manchester criminal defense lawyer to represent you is advantageous since they can to determine if the prosecutor has a solid case. He will thoroughly review the prosecutor’s case to verify if they are able to prove every essential element of the criminal threatening charges. If the prosecutor isn’t able to satisfy the burden of proof, your lawyer can request the court dismiss the case.

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Anonymous said...

Current New Hampshire revised statutes on criminal threatening.

I. A person is guilty of criminal threatening when:

(a) By physical conduct, the person purposely places or attempts to place another in fear of imminent bodily injury or physical contact; or

(b) The person places any object or graffiti on the property of another with a purpose to coerce or terrorize any person; or

(c) The person threatens to commit any crime against the property of another with a purpose to coerce or terrorize any person; or

(d) The person threatens to commit any crime against the person of another with a purpose to terrorize any person; or

(e) The person threatens to commit any crime of violence, or threatens the delivery or use of a biological or chemical substance, with a purpose to cause evacuation of a building, place of assembly, facility of public transportation or otherwise to cause serious public inconvenience, or in reckless disregard of causing such fear, terror or inconvenience; or

(f) The person delivers, threatens to deliver, or causes the delivery of any substance the actor knows could be perceived as a biological or chemical substance, to another person with the purpose of causing fear or terror, or in reckless disregard of causing such fear or terror.

II. (a) Criminal threatening is a class B felony if the person:

(1) Violates the provisions of subparagraph I(e); or

(2) Uses a deadly weapon as defined in RSA 625:11, V in the violation of the provisions of subparagraph I(a), I(b), I(c), or I(d).

(b) All other criminal threatening is a misdemeanor.

III. (a) As used in this section, “property” has the same meaning as in RSA 637:2, I; “property of another” has the same meaning as in RSA 637:2, IV.

(b) As used in this section, “terrorize” means to cause alarm, fright, or dread; the state of mind induced by the apprehension of hurt from some hostile or threatening event or manifestation.

IV. A person who responds to a threat which would be considered by a reasonable person as likely to cause serious bodily injury or death to the person or to another by displaying a firearm or other means of self-defense with the intent to warn away the person making the threat shall not have committed a criminal act under this section.

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous Blogger on 3/8/14 @ 10:29 AM:

You should really get your eyes checked or was or comment simply to stir more BS?